The Medicine cat code – Flawed? by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot discusses problems with the medicine cat code.

Artwork by AlbinoWolf58

Hey I am Snowyfoot everyone and today I would like to talk about something that hasn’t bugged me but stayed in my mind for a while.
The fact medicine cats can’t have kits.
I am a medicine cat and I have kits so this bothers me.
*glares at SolarClan and looks back at Stormykit and Sunnykit*

I would like to start out with the fact that they can’t is in my opinion, is unreasonable.
At the end of Moth Flights Vision, StarClan made all the medicine cat’s pledge loyalty to them and only them.
This was never set in stone, but it picked up as TRADITION.
This is a completely different thing!

So if you look at Yellowfang in Leafpool, in the readers eyes, they did nothing wrong, because we can understand their world more from thinking about it in OUR world.
Because if you think about it, the warrior cats books are like one big play.
On stage, the actors are in a WHOLE other world, doing what they have to by following the script.
But us in the audience, actually can step out if character and think about what’s going on.
This sums up how we think of Yellowfang and Leafpool perfectly!
But I said WE think that they did nothing wrong.

But now we have the Clans point of view.
They have been following this “tradition” so long cats began to treat it like part if the code.
So lucky Yellowfang, but poor Leafpool.
She was uncovered by her OWN daughter!
So Leafpool made her decision to step down from being a medicine cat.

But back to what I was saying!
But Leafpool did “break the code” one more time.
It says: A warrior can decide to become a medicine cat but a medicine cat can’t become a warrior.
So why didn’t they punish her for this too?
Because the medicine cat code, to me, seems like a bunch of spiritual traditions StarClan started with the first medicine cats.
I am not saying this has to be your opinion, but I would just like to say I am kind of disagreeing with PARTS of the medicine cat code. And for this while medicine cats can’t have kits, I would change that and say: they can’t until the have an expectably trained apprentice.
Who agrees?
As for my article today, I would like to talk about one more thing, the part that says: medicine cats must be able to interpret signs and omens.
*croud a people turns to Mothwing*
Now THIS is useful to the code!
If no cat was able to do this, danger would be coming from left and right for the clans.
Medicine cat’s are like the all knowing eyes of a Clan.
They are able to see signs no one can imagine!
But if we look at Mothwing, THATS breaking the code.
She lost her faith because of her brother, but she really could have shaken this.
She is an all around amazing medicine cat but she does lack what medicine cats are SUPPOSED to do.
StarClan couldn’t reach RiverClan until we are introduced to Willowpaw, or Willowshine.
She finally reconnects them to StarClan.
So if one medicine cat did break the code, no offense to all you Mothwing fans, it’s would be Mothwing.

Well that just about sums up my reasonings behind today’s paragraph and I hope you enjoyed!
See you later my fellow clanmates and don’t forget to write what’s right😂

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