Medicine Cat Elections, Day 6: The Fourth Hustings!

Welcome back, folks! In case you missed it, we’re holding elections to find the new Medicine Cat of BlogClan, the new representative of our community!Applications are now closed, and it’s time for the rest of the candidates to get their chance to speak to voters!

Welcome to today’s hustings! We’ve got a lot of candidates, so today we have 6 people to answer your questions! You’ve probably got the gist of how this works by now, so let’s get cracking!

Answering your questions today, we have Flameshine, Honeypelt, Willowlight, Robinpaw, craftxbox and Iceshard! Please be as welcoming and supportive to them as possible!

Just like before, candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and other members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, for example: why do candidates want this role, what do they hope to get out of it, how have they helped BlogClan, and how do they hope to change BlogClan for the better?

As with the last few days, I really want to extend a thank you to all our candidates. You’ve done a fantastic job so far, and I think I can speak for all of BlogClan when I say we’re proud of you all.

Another thank you to Shiv for the posters! Still top quality!

With that all said, I’m going to hand the floor over to our candidates and to you, BlogClan!

Don’t be afraid to repeat questions from the last few days!


Considerate, enthusiastic, cheerful

Hi guys! 😀 I’m Flame. I joined BlogClan nearly three years ago, and I’ve absolutely loved every second of it. Knowing all of you is absolutely wonderful- everyone is so different and unique, but kind and friendly as well. We’ve all united under our love for the same amazing book series, and BlogClan has had such a big, positive impact on my life. I’ve met friends that I’ll always remember. As for why I’d like to be elected medicine cat? Well, this community is so brilliant, I’d love to help out in any way possible, from welcoming new members to working on projects. I’m a member of the BlogTeam, I run a Name That Apprentice game with the lovely Flo, I help out with the Wiki, I moderate comments, and I hope to revive the BlogClan Book again in the summer. Well…. the re-re-revival. 😛 I feel like being elected medicine cat would allow me to help out more. Being elected would be such an honour, it’s difficult to put into words. I’ll just say that I’ll give it my all, even if I’m not elected; I just want to support BlogClan and all of its brilliant members in any way I can. Thank you so much for reading, guys! And I have just one more thing to add, my new slogan… You can’t spell lame without Flame.


Reliable, friendly, welcoming

[I’d like to be Medicine Cat] because I like to welcome people and make new friends, and I love the warriors comunity and Blogclan itself.


Helpful, determined, caring

I’m not as qualified as many of the other people running, but I’d like to try to become medicine cat because I’d really like to contribute more to the community. I can do that without being medicine cat, yes, but being medicine cat would allow me to help BlogClan even more than I can as a senior warrior. I’ve been on BlogClan for 1 1/2 years now and I’ve been pretty active the whole time. I haven’t been quite as active as I could have been on the blog, but I’m making an effort to be more active and I’ve always been active, helpful, and welcoming on the wiki. I’ve contributed to the wiki a lot. I code and design its themes; I welcome every new member there with a message explaining everything they need to know about the wiki; I host every wiki gathering; I’m often on chat and always willing to help out new members. On the blog, I’ve written a Trailing Stars chapter, as well as becoming a senior warrior recently. I’ve always been helpful to new members and I’ve helped out with some stuff (like that Month’s Round Up in Cats) and I’d like to be able to help out more as medicine cat. I would like to help out even further and I could do that as medicine cat. Helping out the community I love like that would be a great honor and I’d love to be able to help in any way I can.d ol’ speech that we can use in posts.


Funny, nice, helpful

I want to be part of the lovely community that gives newcomers a smile every day and gives older bloggers a reason to stay. I would like to help ones if they need it, and I want to make sure everyone is happy. If one is not I will make them. (Make them happy, that is.) I also probably wont be accepted, mostly because I have only been here ten months


Nice, smart, cool

i would like to be the next medicine cat. shiver suggested this to me. vote for me today.


Positive, reliable, creative

I would like to become BlogClan’s medicine cat because as of July 30th, I will have been on BlogClan for 5 years!!! I’ve always wanted to be a part of the blog team. When I read that the Medicine cat is responsible for being a friendly face to welcome and warm the BlogClan community, I felt my personality matched the requirements. I’m a positivity guy, and I don’t see the point in worrying. So I hope that my great attitude will give new members a nice welcome.

We’ll also be doing a bonus Hustings tomorrow morning for the final candidates, with voting commencing in the evening! Stay tuned!


Kate’s child. Quiet agent of BlogTeam, lurking in the shadows. (picrew by @makowwka)


  • I’ll just reuse my questions. (AKA LAZY ME.) 😛
    1. What are some reasons BlogClan should vote for YOU?
    2. Write a message that you would probably write on the Say Hi Page to a new member as the BlogClan medicine cat.
    3. Use one sentence to describe why one of your fellow candidates would be a good medicine cat (from this hustings).

    • You don’t have to, I won’t even end up in the second part.

      Hi, I’m Robinfeather, out medicine cat! You can call me anythong from Ro to Robbie to Robin. I really hope you enjoy it here at BlogClan, the people are amazing here! If you want to just hang, go to the tavern! If you want to play a game, go to the warriors game page or fan name generators page! If you want to read, go to the Fanficion page! If you have any questions, you can asky anyone here!

      Wavey is responsible, she has been here long, and she has proven herself to me. (That’s who I’m voting for :P)

    • 1. I put this on the first page, so a more detailed explanation is there, but I’m determined, helpful, and want to make BlogClan better. I’m good at resolving arguments and I am experienced with drama because of my experiences (I know things like why drama is started etc.) so I can resolve it better

      2. I don’t quite have time right now to write it out (running on borrowed time between vacation elements) but I’d want to welcome them, then explain about how BlogClan works and the different pages and generally everything they should know. I’d like to eliminate any confusion on commenting or articles and such.

      3. Flo is active and has been here for a long time, becoming a mod, and she has always been responsible and helpful.

    • vote for who you want to vote for, make your own decisions.
      hi. my name is craftxbox. im the medicine cat. ask me any questions if you need.
      willowlight is a nice person. they also have written the most letters in their speech. i would chose them as a good medicine cat.

  • Couldn’t think of anything very creative so…how ambitious are you on a scale of 1-10? 😛

  • Well, i’m tired and can’t think of anything, so…

    What would your advice be to the new members of BlogClan?

    If you don’t get the position, what would be your hopes for the new medicine cat?

    • I’d tell them where to go for what if they ask, and I would answer any questions about the blog that they have.

      Wavey or Shiv, Shiv is really nice, and Wavey is responsible. Someone with one or both of those traits would be awesome.

    • Don’t be scared! BlogClan is welcoming and accepting of people of all ages, genders, sexualities, etc. Don’t be afraid to be you!

      I don’t know. So many people deserve it, like Icy, Flo, Flam, Shiv, etc.

  • I would like to ask a question for all candidates. 😀

    If you got elected, what’s the first thing that you would do??

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