Sunny-D Explains Warrior Cats’ Pelt Colors by Sunpaw

Sunpaw explains the basic genetics of Warriors.

Artwork by Human Warrior Cats

Hi BlogClan! Having taken a break from this website, I came up with an idea! To explain cat pelts colors! Some of them are very confusing, but I’m a determined person! Let’s go!
1. FOR MOST OF WHAT THE CATS LOOK LIKE, I REFER TO MOONKITTI’S “I spoil Into The Wild for everybody” UNLESS THEY AREN’T IN THE VIDEO. (Like Bluestar’s parents)
2. I WILL BE USING THE WIKI FOR INFO ON PARENTS AND WILL BE USING MOONKITTI’S FOR PELTS THAT SEEM REASONABLE! (for example, Moonkitti’s theory about Tawnypelt being a golden tortoiseshell.)
For starters, let’s do some of the cats of Into the Wild! I’ll be using the allegiances so please don’t yell at me about Redtail being the deputy even though he’s alive for like five seconds of the book.
Bluestar: a dark blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes
Her father is Stormtail and her mom is Moonflower. On the wiki, he is a dark blue-gray tom with blue eyes. And this is where the people smarter than me start screaming, Bluestar has light blue-gray fur because It is a combination of her mother’s white (with black stripes) and her father’s dark blue-gray fur. The white from Moonflower must have lightened the dark blue-gray. She must have also gotten her blue eyes from Stormtail. Next!

Redtail: He’s a bit of a doozy, but me looking to Moonkitti for answers, he has red coming from his tail to a little bit of his torso, cream markings, paws, and that muzzle thing where there’s a small stripe going up his nose but doesn’t go all the way up to his head. He also has red hair tufts and two red stripes coming off of the cream stripe thing on his nose. His parents were Swiftbreeze and Adderfang and honestly, I have no idea how they created such a cat… So for Redtail let’s look at the wiki’s version! Dark brown with red-orange spots, paws, and tail, with amber eyes! Adderfang and Swiftebreeze are his parents. Adderfang is responsible for the brown, while we go back to Swiftbreeze’s mom, Flashnose. She could have passed down genes through Swiftbreeze and have them be present in Redtail. As for the eyes, both of his parents have yellow eyes, but his are amber. Explanation? Ehh..Combined? That or unnamed grandparents could have given it to him through his parents. Thinking about this gives me a headache, NEXT!

Spottedleaf: Ah, Spottedleaf. The cause of many shippers’ wars. She’s Redtail’s sister, but Moonkitti’s design has cured my headache! There are dapples of black, light orange, and dark brown on the middle of her forehead and on her back. Her tail is striped with said colors, she has a cream underbelly which spreads to a mask and a spot on her left eye. The other eye has a spot like the left, but dark brown. Her base colors his dusty brown and she has amber eyes! Her eyes are the same case of Redtail’s, while the light orange and cream come from Flashnose, the black comes from Swiftbreeze, and the brown from Adderfang. Thanks for not being like your brother, Spotted. NEXT!

Lionheart: A golden tabby with darker yellow stripes but light yellow paws, belly, underside of tail and neck floof. Speckletail is his goldenness and tabby, while his grandparent Stagleap seems to have thicker fur, so that’s where all the floof comes in. His green eyes? Uh, unnamed great-grandparent!

Tigerclaw: Brown base, black stripes, and cream belly that stretches to his muzzle plus cream paws and under tail. Amber eyes. Boy, what a guy. Leopardfoot and Pinestar are his parents. Pinestar’s parents are Sweetbriar and Oakstar. My theory is that Tigerclaw got his dark brown coat from Oakstar and his stripes and white paws from Sweetbriar. His amber eyes came from Oakstar, and the black on the stripes came from Leopardfoot. That was easy!

Anyways! Thank you so much for reading and few more things to remember:
I didn’t base this off of actual ways cats receive their pelts in real life! I just thought about how the cats could have received their patterns through their parents, and extended family from there. Of course, what the cats look like in my interpretation could look different from yours. I just used the most explainable ways. If you’d like for me to continue this, please tell me!
And with that, I’m out!

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