Could Ivypool Have Been A Totally Different Cat? by Leafsong

Leafsong shares an interesting headcanon about what could have been.

Artwork by SnowyCity

Hello, Leafsong here! I’ve decided to make a second article. Come to think of it, I forgot what my first article was about. I think it was something about Crowfeather, and his lovers or something. I still had my old name, Shadowdapple. Anyway, let’s not get sidetracked. So, I was thinking… “Could Ivypool could’ve been a different character if her life changed a little bit?” Then, BOOM, the idea was born. In this article, I’ll be describing her REAL life, then her made-up life. Okay, so it all begins when she is born…

Ivypool is a kit, a normal kit. She plays a lot with her only littermate, Dovekit. Those two are very close. “Ivypool was Dovewing’s only littermate and, like Squirrelflight and Leafpool, the sisters were closer than hairs on a vole’s pelt.” (Page 47 of the Ultimate Guide) Then, they become apprentices. Dovepaw finds out that she has powers, and is part of a prophecy, but doesn’t tell Ivypaw, on Jayfeather and Lionblaze’s orders. She hears the brown animals (beavers), that are blocking the rivers, and bringing a huge drought to the Lake. Dovepaw comes back, and is a different cat, remembering her journey, and sticking closer than Ivypaw remembered to Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Ivypaw felt useless, and ignored. One night, a “StarClan warrior” named Hawkfrost came to her in a dream, and started teaching her. In this new dark environment, Ivypaw shone. She worked hard, and was sought out for praise by Hawkfrost. Finally, Ivypaw feels wanted and important. She brags to Dovepaw, and Dovepaw tells her not to go back, for it is an evil place. Ivypaw tells her she is just jealous. (I can’t remember if they’re Dovepaw and Ivypaw, or IvyPOOL and DoveWING, so I’ll just call them by their warrior names from now on.) When the Dark Forest leaders tell the Dark Forest cats what they really want to do—kill the Clans, for sweet revenge—Ivypool swears she will never return. But Jayfeather, who has followed her into her dreams, tells her she NEEDS to return because she needs to spy for the Clans. Ivypool is reluctant, but finally she agrees, while Dovewing is pleading her not to. Brave, loyal Ivypool went back, and stayed very loyal until the Dark Forest cats attacked the Clans. There, Hawkfrost was about to kill Ivypool for her disloyalty, but Hollyleaf stepped in, and she got killed instead. Later, Ivypool is known as a loyal warrior. In the end, everything works out, but here’s what MIGHT happen if we changed her story (this would affect the Power of Three. Hollyleaf would still be a part of it, and let’s just say Ashfur never lived….thats hard to do, cause im a AshXSquirrel shipper)

Ivypool is a normal kit. She plays with her only littermate, Dovekit. Dovekit and Ivykit are inseparable. They become apprentices together, and are good friends with Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, because Lionblaze is Dovepaw’s mentor. As a result, Ivypaw never goes to the Dark Forest, and once the Dark Forest cats attack—which no one knows, because Ivypool isn’t there to spy—the Clans get defeated, and the Dark Forest rules. Ivypool becomes a rogue, alongside Dovewing, and some other loyal Clan cats. The rest of the Clan cats become slaves to the Dark Forest. Sandstorm speaks of a Clan called SkyClan, and the group of Clan cats make a long, tired journey. They reach SkyClan, and SkyClan accepts them, saying they would repay them for helping their Clan. Therefore, the band of rogues led by Darktail are defeated by SkyClan AND the help of expert warriors. In the end, SkyClan lives happily ever after, and the Clan cats—though still deeply shooken—live in SkyClan. Ivypool becomes an elder, and soon joins StarClan. She leads a rebel to the Dark Forest, and free her old Clanmates. A long time later, the Clans soon become strong a healthy again; they are made up of scattered Clan cats, some SkyClan cats who have come back, and rogues, loners and kittypets.

Okay, there it is! Hopefully, you liked the article, the made-up version, in my opinion, wasn’t the BEST, or the most LOGICAL, but it was quite fun to make up. Until the next one, fellow BlogClan Clanamtes! Leafsong…signing out.


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