Prophecy Talk by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot answers some popular questions about prophecies and their use in stories.

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Snowyfoot: Hello Students and welcome to my article, prophecy talk. I would like to discuss this because I very much dislike over use of them. *glares at Snowyfoot’s Box if Overused Prophecy Books*

Student: How do people overuse prophecies?

Snowyfoot: good question! Well when people write about these, it does give the main character a rise point. If it’s gonna be this huge prophecy, then only use one through out the book. An example would be As a wave of war between Clans grows stronger, the Silver Cloud will put an end to it. This would mean a cat named Silvercloud has an ability to stop the war amongst the clans. But I would not use the cats full name. But let’s say during that battle period, Silvercloud has another prophecy, then another, then another, then ANOTHER, wouldn’t that be super annoying? Because if it goes on and on people forget about the main prophecy and I bet the writer would too! Then what’s the point of ending the war?

Student: ooh ooh ooh! Why do most prophecies involve cats with powers?

Snowyfoot: Nice one! Cats like myself can be born with them or granted them through a prophecy. Depending on what the prophecy is, cats might need to have a special ability to fufill it. Let’s look back on the power of three! That one would definitely need powerful cats. But here’s the exception. Powers go along the lines of Chekhov’s Gun, that means that if in the story the person has a GUN they have to use it by the end of the book. Powers are like that too. If a cat has a power, they have to use it in terms of the prophecy by the end of a book or series. Let’s say a prophecy was Sweet Greenleaf is coming, but things are sometimes to good to be true. Storms will Rage and Sun will burn, but the hero From within has a will of Gold. Goldenpelt will be our character. So this would mean StormClan and SunClan are at war and Goldenpelt can call upon her ancestors to help fight for her clan. But when the final battle of the war comes and she hasn’t used her power to do anything, then what good would it be? Do you get my point?

Student: Yea! But I have another question. Is it better prophecies are strait forward or not?

Snowyfoot: This is a great one to think about. If it’s strait forward, sometimes it gives the receiver time to prepare for the “Chosen One.” If the receiver is the chosen one though, that may be a bit boring because one, they know exactly who it’s about, two, they know how to prepare for it. That would take the mystery out of a prophecy, wouldn’t it? But let’s look back to Fire alone will save the clan. This was pretty strait forward if ask me. The receiver knew exactly what it meant, I kind of figured out who it was for off the bat. But that is to say we did not know who the main character was. We only knew him as Rusty.

Student: Look! *bell wrings* Its time to go….

Snowyfoot: well looks like we are out of time! Till next time class. Apprentice Students. Dismissed.

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  • I like this article, and I hate prophecy-overuse too! (Firestar got way too many prophecies)

  • Interesting way to make an article and I love it. I agree that prophecies are often over used (I’m guilty myself) but they do seem to be a Warriors staple.

  • Firestar got too many prophecies. Now it is time for Firestar to give Bramblestar too many prophecies.

  • Great article! One thing I don’t like about prophecies is when the “names” are capitalized – it drives me nuts. But I’m nitpicky like that. 😛 You described very well how a prophecy would be used!

    Has there ever been a prophecy without any powers?

    • I don’t think the “Fire alone…” prophecy, the “Before all is peaceful, blood will spill…” prophecy, or the “When the fire burns out…” prophecy include powers, though the “Before all is peaceful…” prophecy was only with Hawkfrost, Brambleclaw(star) and Firestar when Brambleclaw killed Hawkfrost. The “Fire alone…” prophecy pretty much existed all the way till “The Last Hope” which I thought was pretty cool. It seems like “Bramblestar’s Storm” was there to sum up “The Last Hope”, “Dovewing’s Silence” was there for the gap in between TLH and “Bramblestar’s Storm”, and AVOS is like a sequel to “Bramblestar’s Storm”! We don’t know much about the “When the fire burns out…” prophecy yet though… I think the prophecies work pretty well for Warriors though… The “names” probably shouldn’t be capitalized, but I think the only time it has been in Warriors was with “Fire alone…” and “Fire” was the first word in the sentence anyway so it doesn’t really matter 😛 Unless it was written like this:
      “Firepaw,” Spottedleaf whispered, “fire alone can save our Clan.”

  • Nice article! 😀 It drives me nuts, too. I especially hate when the prophecy includes the characters name; because then there’s pretty much zero surprise to the story.

  • Great article! I’d like to say, however, that some prophecies are so vague they keep you guessing till a certain point in the books(s), or seem obvious but aren’t *coughcoughpercyjacksonandtheolympians* ^^
    In my opinion, straightforward prophecies make for boring reading, unless carefully engineered.
    I feel like prophecies are the ‘important’ signs, hence the powers. Omens are less powerful and sign a change.

  • Great Article!! I was very interested in it because I have a Prophecy in my FanFic. I think it will be interesting how the cats interpret it. Here it is:

    Where the river ends, the wind stops. Where the shadows fall, the storm fades. The sky will crack and the stars will fall. And the cry of a kits first pain is heard over a black thorn. -Woofstorm (he came up with it)

    The main character is Thornkit and it is about her life. I have some brilliant ideas for it.

    • follow the river and i find a lost clan with power of wind or lost windclan go by moutain under shadow rockslide revels secret cave with herb that heals sickness or portal where the cat can enter starclan without dreaming the sky will seem like its craking and there will be dimonds in the rockslide that seem like the stars will fall

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