Medicine Cat Elections, Day 10: First Round Results!

Hey all! It’s Russetfeather with the election’s first results!

Hello everyone! I’m here to announce the top four finalists in BlogClan’s 2017 Medicine Cat Elections!

Now before I reveal the results we’d like to thank all 29 candidates who ran. It was really touching to see how much all of you cared for BlogClan and it’s members. We hope, successful or not, you continue to share your kindness and positivity with all members new and old.

Now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..

The four finalists that will continue into the second round of voting are:

Flowerstream, Iceflower, ShiveringRose, and Wavesplash!

Congrats to the finalists and all candidates! The second round of voting will commence tomorrow!

Russet out!




  • Go Wavey, Icy, Flower, and Shiver! I know that whoever wins will be perfect for the role.
    “Congratulations.” – angelica schuyler

  • Eee, congtratulations!! Everyone who ran would’ve been absolutely amazing, and each of the four finalists are completely deserving of the position. Good luck in the elections to come! May the odds be ever in your favor. 😉

    • ” It’s Russetfeather with the election’s first results!” That it’s? It should be it’s, because it’s is the shortened version of it is, so technichally it should be It is Russetfeather with the election’s first results! Its refers to something or someone without a gender or other pronoun, like “The dog ate its food.” 🙂

  • Wow, great job, everyone! I’m so happy for you all! I knew that I wouldn’t win when I ran for the position, so I’m honestly not surprised at all. I know you all would make great medicine cats, so may the best BlogClanner win!

    • Thank you, Shimmer! 🙂 You were a wonderful candidate, your campaign was very alluring. 😀 Congratulations on running – it takes a lot of courage!

      • Thanks so much, it really means a lot to me! 😀 It’s so hard to choose between you four candidates, two of which I voted for. You’d all make stellar medicine cats. I’m glad I got to run, at least, and I’ll be sure to try again next year- though I’d probably only get one vote from myself again, lol.

        • I’m sure you would get plenty of votes! You did wonderfully this time, and should you decide to run in 2019, you’ll do even better! 😀

    • You would’ve made a great medicine cat Shim, don’t let it get you down. 🙂

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