Medicine Cat Elections, Day 11: The Final Round of Voting!

Welcome back, folks! In case you missed it, we’re holding elections to find the new Medicine Cat of BlogClan, the new representative of our community!

Now the first round of voting is down, it’s time to get cracking on the second and final round!

Firstly, I want to thank all the candidates who have taken part and committed to their campaigns, as I’ve said before (and I’ll no doubt say again), you’ve all done such a fantastic and impressive job.

Secondly, congratulations to the finalists who have made it this far, and thank you to all the voters who have turned out for this event!

As we head into this final round, you have a single vote which you can use to support the candidate who you think is best fitted for the role. At 11:59pm UTC on 13th July, voting will close and we will begin the process of electing the newest Medicine Cat of BlogClan. The new Medicine Cat will begin their duties in October 2017, and continue in their role until October 2019.

Place your vote wisely and carefully, and, once again, enjoy the feeling of democracy!

Thanks for following this election so closely, you guys!

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Voting is being more carefully monitored this time, so be sure only to vote once; we can see any shenanigans afoot.


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