My thoughts for Dovewing: Tigerheart vs Bumblestripe by Miraclekit

Miraclekit discusses Dovewing’s choices for mates.

Art by MapleSpyder

I believe one possible reason for why Dovewing might have trouble deciding is because she is sort of shy. Plus even if she weren’t shy she would still worry about hurting one of there feelings. I’m going to tell you my thought about her and who she might choose and then I want you to decide and give me your thoughts.
Bumblestripe is the most reasonable choice for several reasons.
1. He’s in Thunderclan
2. Is sensible for the most part and eager to have kits.
3. Is not deputy and would be able to spend time with Dovewing.
Now the problem here is that Dovewing sort of only likes him as a friend and Bumblestripe is sort of taking a hint to this. He may possibly know who Dovewing also likes from the badger fight in Bramblestar’s Storm.
Tigerheart is the worse choice I think she could pick out of Shadowclan! I mean for goodness sakes, she has to like the deputy! Know things may go a lot smoother with them (except for when they bicker about things in front of there clanmates when there mad at each other) since Dovewing truly loves him. Now unlike Bumblestripe, Tigerheart can be a little bit mishevious and arrogant. Another thing due to how she actually loves him Dovewing is a little less shy and a lot more open to tell him things and be herself.
So now I have told you my thoughts about her mates, but not herself so that’s what I’m going to do now. Some people think of Mary Sue, but she is not. For one thing she chose to help her clanmates in the battle instead of keeping her relationship with Tigerheart. Also she is NOT perfect and only has two different cats she likes, just like Sandstorm, Bramblestar, And Squirrelflight for goodness sakes. Now as I told you she is very shy, She can also be a little sensitive since she was born with powers and then got them taken away. Now all those qualities don’t make her sound like a very brave warrior, but she is. She went to help get the water to start coming to the lake again and fought in the great battle. Not to mention all the times she has sneaked out of camp. I think Dovewing is a warrior to be proud of.
Now I have told you my thought now I want to here yours and who you think should be a match. Now I’m going to tell you mine, but you can’t base your decision off of it. Got it? Mine is Tigerheart and Dovewing because I liked Tigerheart as a kit and I think it makes the books more exciting. Bye!!!

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  • Yep. And Tigerheart is just another disposable Tigerstar clone. We’ve got so many that it’s annoying.

  • I disagree. Dovewing is being pressured on all sides to get together with Bumblestripe. As for Bumblestripe, he is a creep! I mean, just read the shattered sky bonus scene! He tries to take advantage of Dovewing grieving for Purdy, by trying to convince her to have his kits! When she is grieving for her friend! I mean, I do not like Tigerheart, but Bumblestripe is a creep! Although DovexTiger is horrible, DovexBumble is worse. They tried to be mates and that didn’t work out. Do you want them to be like Crowfeather and Nightcloud for heaven’s sake? I would prefer that Dovewing just not take a mate at all.