Best moments and best fighters in the books by Wolfheart

Wolfheart shares their opinions on the best fights and moments in the Warriors series. 

Artwork by Vialir

Hey welcome to my second article, first we are going to talk about the best fighters, if you haven’t read all the series don’t read spoiler alert

1. Lionblaze – Well this is obvious because StarClan gave him powers, but besides that, I think Tigerstar’s training helped him I don’t like that he doesn’t know when to stop.


2. Tigerstar – I know I know, I hate him, I mean who kills an apprentice to show the power of TigerClan? He almost killed Graystripe’s kits! etc.. but I think his ambition made him one of the strongest cats in ThunderClan, he has very good tactics and his claws help him a lot.

3. Firestar – I know some of you hate him, but I think he was the best leader, anyway he won against Tigerstar when he was attacking Bluestar and in The Last Hope he killed Tigerstar, although he was killed by a tree (seriously I mean he was invincible for 3 series and when he wins against his enemy he is killed by a tree?) In the first series he was practically invincible, he won against graystripe when he was a kittypet and almost won against Longtail.
note: Don’t you think leaders become more fragile after getting their nine lives?

4. Graystripe – Although he doesn’t appear in a lot of fighting in the books, he killed Darkstripe, and pinned Tigerstar down when he tried to kill Bluestar, I mean he survived all the battles until now, he is the last cat of the original trio!

5. Whitestorm – I mean he was almost an elder when he fought with BloodClan, I know he died, but he lived all the first series, he trained Sandstorm, she is a good fighter too (I love Whitestorm)

I think they are the best fighters of ThunderClan, post who did i miss?


Now the best moments in Warriors series (not all of them are good)
1. When Firestar made the trap in The Darkest Hour for the dogs (This is my favorite book besides Into The Wild)
2. When Firestar meets Graystripe
3. When Firestar became leader
4. When Leafpool and Crowfeather escaped
5. The fight with Sharptooth (I miss Feathertail though)
6. The time Sorreltail ate the berries
7. The battle in Eclipse
8. The battle with BloodClan
9. All the times that Firepaw discovered something about Tigerclaw
10. When Tigerstar died (I know its cruel)
11. When Cinderpelt was made a medicine cat
12. The fire scene with Ashfur
13. The fire where Yellowfang died (I miss her so much)

Brightheart is a great fighter too!!!
and another good moment was when Firepaw meet Yellowfang.

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