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Why Firestar is super over rated by Rainpaw

Rainpaw discusses their opinion of Firestar.

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Hi! I’m Rainpaw and I’m going to tell you why I believe Firestar is super over rated.

First Rusty comes into the forest and joins Thunderclan which earlier had a prophecy about him (Fire alone can save the clan). Then Rusty becomes Firepaw, then Fireheart and eventually Firestar. Through out Firestar’s life, even when he was an apprentice he was able to speak to StarClan and have visions, where normal warriors never really spoke to StarClan except when they were chosen to go on quests. In the first series Fireheart saves Bluestar from Tigerstar and is the only cat that Bluestar trusts; and then saves ALL the clans from Tigerstars evil wrath. Already he seems to me way too good to be true.

Then again Firestar gets a prophecy from a cat who was leader of Skyclan and wants him to save SkyClan. Then he and Sandstorm go and save Skyclan and Skyclan upholds Firestar as their hero. Then in Power of Three, Firestar is so kind to all cats and never seems to loose his temper and seems so perfect. This really annoys me because the books seem to have every leader mess up except for Firestar who is so neatly perfect in every way.

Then Firestar’s daughter Leafpool’s kits, Jayfeather and Lionblaze are apart of a prophecy that will save the clans ….AGAIN. Then we find out that in order to be apart of the prophecy a cat has to be related to Firestar. So over rated.

Then in Omen of the Stars, Firestar is again for the THIRD or Fourth time( i can’t keep count) part of a prophecy where he is part of the three or the four powerful cats, since Firestar just HAD to be apart of it and saves the clans…….AGAIN.

Later in the great battle Spottedleaf gets killed, I personally think it’s so Firestar does not have to choose between her and Sandstorm in Starclan and Firestar can be a perfect StarClan cat and not have any problems. Now lastly in a Vision of Shadows Firestar yet appears AGAIN and gives the medicine cats a prophecy “Embrace what you find in the shadows for only they can clear the sky.” And later tells the cats to use their names to defeat the rogues and AGAIN help save the clans.

I have nothing against Firestar I do like him but he is really overrated and can get really, to fake for his own pelt. Thank you for reading my 2nd article and I really hope you enjoyed it! comment below and tell me if you think Firestar is over rated and if I missed anything. May Starclan light your path!

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  • Firestar was part of a prophecy. Cloudstar came to Firestar because he did not want a descendant of the cats that drove out his clan to save his clan. Firestar told the clans to remember their names because he was a Starclan cat. All Starclan cats deliver prophecies. The reason why he knew about Tigerstar’s ambition is because Ravenpaw saw what happened at the Sunningrocks battle, and told Firestar(he was Firepaw then). Firestar was able to speak to Starclan because he was part of a prophecy and was destined to become leader. For the power of three prophecy, the three are related to Firestar. This prophecy follows the ‘fire will save the clan’ prophecy. The last prophecy, ‘three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever’, is probably connected or related to the other two prophecies. No cat is perfect. Firestar had some flaws and made mistakes as leader, such as the time when Tigerstar tells Ivypool that Shadowclan was preparing attack. Though Shadowclan was not, Firestar launched an attack on Shadowclan, which took two of his lives. A Dark-Forest warrior was about to attack Sandstorm, Spottedleaf leaped into battle, and gave her life to the stars to save Sandstorm, as her last gift to Firestar.

  • Being honest I don’t think Firestar is super overrated , but I don’t think he was the forests savior or he saved the clans. If all the cats attacked Tigerstar alone they could’ve killed him. It didn’t have to be just Firestar that attacked him.

  • I agree. It easily could have been other cats that attacked and killed Tigerstar, but because it was Firestar’s destiny, it was he who killed Tigerstar.

  • I understand this. When he was the fourth cat I was like “Bruh! You just threw away a great chance to make Ivypool a prophecy cat!” Plus, you missed the fact that his daughters where given the ability to speak to each other over long distances.


  • To be honest, Jayfeather is much more overrated than Firestar. And being a part of prophecies doesn’t make him overrated, to be overrated, they need to be too popular than they should be, like Brackenfur, or Jayfeather.

    • I really think Firestar is a great cat and I do love him. he is my favorite character even though I am reading the New Prophecy He will always be a great cat to me. You are also right. Jayfeather is very popular. From Webpelt. (Hannah)


  • I can see where you are going with this and it does kinda seem a little off… but I really do like Firestar and he’s just one of my favorites in general. I’m sorry but I can understand why you feel this way and I guess I kinda feel it too after reading your article. I just still feel a history with Firestar that I CANNOT let go. He is just one of my favorites. :/ Nice article though

  • I also think that Firestar is a little over rated, like when he was a kittypet he beat a fully grown warrior. LIKE BRUH. I wish that they did not over power him

  • I respectfully disagree. I LOVE Firestar, perhaps more than one should, but I feel like he is NOT overrated. I know he is part of many prophecies and later delivers multiple, but that was his destiny. It could have been any cat in the “Fire alone…” prophecy, but Rusty, later Firestar, didn’t have a choice. He, like Dovewing, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather, was born into the prophecy. And as for the “Three will become four” prophecy, StarClan picked him, HE DIDN’T GET TO CHOOSE!! As for Cloudstar asking of Firestar to restore SkyClan, he was only chosen to save/restore SkyClan because he didn’t have the blood of those who drove Cloudstar’s Clan out (No offense, other cats…). Plus the “Three will become four” prophecy was connected to the “Fire alone…” prophecy. He is a great character and had flaws as well. 🙂

  • I very much agree with your statement. I have always thought Firestar was a bit much. Even in Light in the Mist my favorite book, he comes into rootspring to save the day…. AGAIN. Also he fights with Starclan against the dark forest in that book.