Naming The Cats Outside The Clans by Sky

Sky gives non-Clan cats warrior names.

Artwork by Ukariwarriorcats

Hey everyone! It’s Sky here, naming the cats outside the Clans. I will only be naming the cats that were actually featured for a bit.

Princess – she is sweet and gentle and caring, and if given the chance, would have been a good warrior and queen. I think she should have Soft or Sweet as her prefix. Her warrior name would be Softsoul, Softfern, Sweetspirit, or Sweetfur.

Smudge – he probably would not have made a good Clan car, but if he were in a Clan, I’d imagine him being a Purdy-like elder. He was a good friend, but a bit obnoxious. He also had dreams from StarClan. I could see him with a Patch or Breeze prefix. Patch for his fur or Breeze for his personality. He could have been Patchfur, Patchbreeze, Breezepatch, Breezeheart, or Breezefoot.

Jake – he is a good friend who would have made a great Clan cat – something he passed down to his son. I think he would have been Flameheart or Flamefur or maybe Blazeheart or Blazefire.

Bumble – a soft, kind, gentle cat, she was scorned for her kittypet roots. I think she would have been a good queen. I’d name her Quiet Sky or Shining Heart

Tom – the bully that I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate! Okay, we’re going off topic. But he would have not been a very good friend to anyone, but maybe that warrior who no one likes for multiple reasons. Maybe Dirtbutt or something for him…But we’re off topic again. Okay, maybe Copperblaze or Copperfur because of his pelt. Or Copperclaw or Copperslash…

Flower – she’s kind and frightened easily. I think she’d be Shiverheart or Flowerpelt.

Cody – she’s so kind, and was understanding and supportive during the Clans’ time of need. She deserves a name like Braveheart or Bravepetal.

Sasha – she was so strong and loyal. She should be Liftflight or Larkflight

Jacques and Susan – the attackers. Ugh. I think Fangfur or Blackpelt and Palefang for them, respectively.

Jingo – she was awesome and brave, loyal to her group, and definitely not selfish. I think Darkfeather for her, probably Darkstar cuz she’s a leader.

Snowdrop, Jigsaw, and Seville – brave and interesting characters, willing to lend a helping hand. I think Snowdrop stays Snowdrop, since it’s like a warrior name already. Jigsaw – Tawnypatch and Seville – Leafpad

Bob – he was a bit funny to me and a good guider. He could have been Gingerstripe or Gingerstorm.

Zelda – she was so sweet and innocent…I think Streamwish or Streamheart.

Max – the part when he died for nothing was terrible. I think Beeheart or Beeflight.

Loki – the questioning one. I think Bouncefoot or Bouncetail suits him,

Violet – she had the heart and spirit of a Clan cat. I like Violetdusk or Violetfang, perhaps Violetclaw.

Barley – poor Barley. My heart goes out to him. I like Chiveheart or Puddlefoot.

Stick, Coal, Cora, and Shorty – I love this loner group. Stick is Stickfang, Coal is Crowshade, Cora is Featherflight, and Shorty is Shorttail.

Well, that’s it! I hope you liked it. Tell me what you think in the comments! Ciao!

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  • There’s also Velvet and Fuzzball who came to ThunderClan to escape the storm in the River of Fire. Velvet’s a she-cat who’s pretty cautious but she was a stray for some time so she knows a little about herbs and hunting and living in the wild. Fuzzball’s a tom who’s her friend and he is one of those always exited people. He’s really into things and really wants to know everything about clan life. He asks Alderheart for a job to do, and hearing Jayfeather moan about his bellyache, he sends Fuzzball to do chores for him, it’s sooo funny 😂

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