The Super Editions, Worst to Best by Cometpaw

Cometpaw lists some of the Super Editions from worst to best.

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Hey, BlogClan! I, Cometpaw, the one you thought only wrote fanfics, am writing a fan article because I finally found the Submit Article button after two months of searching. 😒

So here we go!

The Super Editions: Worst to Best

#9. Firestar’s Quest.
I know opinions on Firestar is kind of split in two in the fandom- the people that love him, and the people that hate him. Sorry, Firestar fans, I’m with the people that hate him. I just saw him as nothing more than a Mary-Sue after The Prophecies Begin, and since this was after TPB he just wasn’t a fun character to read anymore. Enough Firestar-bashing- the biggest reason I didn’t like this one was because it had too much journeying and not enough Clan life, which is why I read Warriors in the first place.

#8. Bramblestar’s Storm.
I was really excited for this book to come out.
I really was.
Like really, really excited.
Then, my mom banned me from reading Warriors for a year (right before it came out), which was… fun.
And then, when I actually got around to reading it, it was a major disappointment.
Remember what I said about Firestar being a formerly good character? Same goes for Bramblestar. He was great in TNP and POT because of his stuggle between being loyal to Tigerstar and being loyal to Firestar. After he got his nine lives he just… deflated. He became a shallow character and a Firestar II.


#7. SkyClan’s Destiny.
I don’t hate SkyClan- not at all. I really like Leafstar but the thing that bothered me about this book, like FQ, was the lack of Clan life. It was all “OMSC, ROUGES OOOOOOOOOOO” and the rogues themselves were stupid. But the one thing that really ruined it for me were the names. Billystorm? REALLY?

#6. Moth Flight’s Vision.
I didn’t hate MFV. Not by a long shot. When I first started reading the book I fell in love with Moth Flight because I can relate to her on so many levels. But as time went on, Moth Flight’s little self-discovery whatever became more and more unrealistic. It’s NOT THAT EASY for someone who’s hated by the general public to make friends as quickly as Moth Flight did *coughcoughMicahcough*. I’ve tried to make it easy. it’s not that easy.

#5. Tallstar’s Revenge.
I have a lot of bad things to say about this one, but you’re probably wondering why I put it so high in the list if I hate it, so I’m going to tell you why. I put it so far up because I’m VERY happy that we got a backstory for Tallstar. He’s a great character and I’m glad we were able to explore his motives some more, and this book did a great job of it, I think. It also had an intriguing plot, with Sandgorse’s death and Talltail’s desire for vengeance on Sparrow. I know what that kind of anger feels like. I also know what it feels like to have to hide your true goals and what makes you happy from your parents. Now on to the cons. Just like FQ, there was too much journeying. I know that’s not a real flaw, it’s just my personal preference. I also feel like the runner/tunnler rift is just an excuse to get the Tall/Sand rift going as well. Also, I hate Jake.

#4. Hawkwing’s Journey.
The newest SE, right in the middle of the list. I won’t rant about the journeying, I’m sure you already know I hate that. Overall, this book was great. Hawkwing was a solid character (one of the only non-Sues). The torn loyalties were great (Cloudmist and Cherrytail staying with Barley and a bunch of others staying at the gorge.) No forbidden relationships, and when Pebbleshine *spoilers ahead!* got carried away by the monster I knew that was going to be how Violetpaw and Twigpaw came to be. I have no complaints about this one.

#3. Bluestar’s Prophecy.
I do not have enough good things to say about this book. Bluestar is awesome, and she went through so much and still acted like she was grieving the whole time! Way more realistic than I expected. Bluestar’s not a Mary-Sue and I love that about her. Snow/Thistle was a nice touch. Actually one of my favorite ships. *dodges tomatoes.* But this might be biased because this was the first SE I ever read.

#2. Yellowfang’s Secret.
Yes, I know I’ll get a lot of controversy on this one because a lot of people hate this book. Why? Is it just because of Yellow/Ragged? WELL I LIKE YELLOW/RAGGED! *dodges more tomatoes*. Controversy aside I also like it because of Yellowfang’s reluctance to becoming a medicine cat. Most of the time it’s all “HA YAH ILL BECOME UR APPRENTICE LOOK I MEMORIZED MY URBS GIMME A NAME NOW PLZ”. Yellowfang wasn’t like that. I also liked the ending. When I was younger I hated it because It Wasn’t Happy. Now I like it because it ties in with Into the Wild to well and gives Yellowfang’s perspective on that scene.

#1. Crookedstar’s Promise.
You all saw it coming, I know you did. Crookedstar’s Promise is AMAZING. Not only did it take place in RiverClan but Crookedstar’s journey to self-acceptance is funny, heartwarming… and had great fight scenes. The protagonists were lovable and the antagonists were fun to hate. May you burn in the Dark Forest eternally, Rainflower. Plus, I loved how everything tied in with BP. This was by far the best Super Edition of them all.
I dare you to better, Tigerheart.

So there you go… my ranking! What do you guys think? Which SE was your favorite? Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe! 😛
~Cometpaw the Musical

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  • Best to Worst Super Editions IMO

    #1: Bluestar’s Prophecy (always)
    #2: Crookedstar’s Promise
    #3: Moth Flight’s Vision
    #4: Firestar’s Quest
    #5: Tallstar’s Revenge
    #6: Yellowfang’s Secret
    #7: Hawkwing’s Journey
    #8: SkyClan’s Destiny
    #9: Bramblestar’s Storm

    I actually had Tallstar’s Revenge as my least favorite on my first reading. The whole book was AMAZING which is why I was so upset at the ending because it was so anti-climatic. On my second reading tho I realized the rest of book still had better plot than others and even after the ending Tallstar still had depth tho it could’ve been better.

  • My list of super editions best-worst:
    #1:Crookedstars Promise
    #2:Moth Flights Vision
    #3:Bluestars Prophecy
    #4:Tallstars Revenge
    #5:Firestars Quest
    #6:SkyClans Destiny
    #7:Yellowfangs Secret
    #8:Bramblestars Storm
    #9:Hawkwings Journey

  • That was a really good list. I personally hate Tallstar Revenge. It didn’t captivated me for half a second. I think Firestar’s Quest would rank a little higher. My list would be from worst to best:

    #9 Tallstar Revenge
    #8 Skyclan’s Destiny
    #7 Moth Flight’s Vision
    #6 Firestar’s Quest
    #5 Bramblestar’s Storm
    #4 Hawkwing’s Journey
    #3 Bluestar’s Prophecy
    #2 Yellowfang’s Secret
    #1 Crookedstar’s Promise

    To me CP waas easily the best and I though I love Firestar in TPB he did become a Mary-Sue ( or Gary Thu)

  • For me? My favorites to least favorites
    1. Squirrelflight’s Hope-(Forever and always-Love you Squirrelflight!!!)
    2. Crowfeather’s Trial
    3. Hawkwing’s Journey
    4. Yellowfang’s Secret
    5. SkyClan’s Destiny
    6. Tigerheart’s Shadow
    7. Bluestar’s Prophecy
    8. Crookedstar’s Promise
    9. Tallstar’s Revenge
    10. Bramblestar’s Storm

  • The only special editions i read were bluestar, firestar, yellowfang and crookedstar. I put them
    3. Firestars quest. I hate him i hate travelling and i only liked skywatcher which wasnt even a character i like much.
    2. Bluestars prophecey. I liked how realistic with emotions she was and not like in the main books where they forget the person is dead the next day and dont care. This recovered my liking of bluestar after reading how boring she was in TPB. I dont like bluestar and oakheart much.
    Yellowfangs secret had yellow and raged which i hate but i loved that book and feel sorry for her. I only like her cuz of this book and not cuz of main series where she is annoying. I honestly thought she wanted to become med cat before reading it and i love how it ties to into the wild.

    I only want to read mapleshades book cuz of how she explained her story. I cried (its rare for me to cry at movies and book) who didnt? Im angry rainflower was allowed to give him a life but other than that i love him. He is my second fav character cuz of this. I love it. I feel sorry for him and how he is just upset makes me sad. Its so good and i can talk forever about it. Also i like the connections with bluestars prophecey.

  • Idk. I really like all the super editions, but one that stands out to me as bad is SkyClan’s destiny. It was just overall boring, I mean I had to try three times to get through the whole book. And not much even came of it, except Leafstar learning to ‘follow her own wished’ or whatever. Also the names… just no

  • Great article! My favorite super edition is Bluestar’s Prophecy, followed very closely by Crookedstar’s Promise.

  • Tigerstar’s Shadow: I read it, and it is in no way amusing if you don’t like Tigerheart or Dovewing. I don’t like either, but I read it anyways.

    Yellowfang’s Secret: I am not yet done reading it, but it is pretty good so far. You end up likeing and hating characters, like any good book.
    Like: Yellowfang, Cloudpelt, Runningnose, and Brightflower.
    Hate: Sagewhisker, Brokentail, Raggedstar, and Foxheart.