Analyzing Starclan and the Dark forest- Is sending cats to the dark forest helping or hurting? by Prowlclaw

Prowlclaw analyzes the pros and cons of the Dark Forest. 

Artwork by Tiger Moon Cat

Hello! This is Prowlclaw with another article concerning the matter of sending cats to the dark forest. While you, the reader, might be thinking,”Of course they should go there! They did terrible, horrendous things!” But to that I ask you, what is the main purpose of the dark forest? I will explain in detail what the dark forest’s purpose is in a different article, but for know I will label it as just a place to store evil cats, not an eternal place of suffering, mostly because they don’t physically suffer there. However, they do mentally, by slowly going insane without knowing it. This was confirmed by the many examples of cats, (Thistleclaw, Mapleshade, and Crookedstar) who were going mad or turned mad because of their time in the dark forest. So, by this logic, Starclan should be the opposite, which is proven by none other than Ashfur. Before Ashfur went to Starclan, he was an anger filled cat with the intention to kill. Although, when he went to Starclan, he suddenly turned into a peaceful cat after he went there. So the question really is, can starclan heal these mentally ill cats?

While the simple answer is yes, it is actually more complicated than that. As you probably know, Ashfur was never trained by the dark forest, but “Why does this matter?” You may ask? Well, I believe if a cat is effected by the dark forest to a certain point, they cannot go to Starclan as a result. This would explain why some cats like Thistleclaw and
Antpelt couldn’t go to Starclan when they died. While many people would have viewed this as “Dying in the dark forest, keeps you in the dark forest.” It would work well for this theory, and make more sense then simply stating if they die there they go there.

In conclusion, this article shows some of the mechanics of the dark forest and of Starclan. One quick notice, stay tuned for my next article explaining how the dark forest works and how it sends cats there. If you enjoyed this article and want to add on to the theory, please voice yourself in the comments. Thank you!

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    • Maybe he didn’t go to the Dark Forest because he was a great cat afterwords? Maybe StarClan didn’t want him to mentally suffer when he had already suffered so much emotionally? Good question, Graypaw.

      Also, this is an interesting article!

        • 1. Don’t be rude.
          2. How is he a Mary Sue? He is a very flawed character. He pushed away everyone from his life, trained in the Dark Forest, and made the people around him suffer for a long time in Crookedstar’s Promise. In the beginning, he nearly stayed with farm cats and had little clan loyalty. Those are all flaws. Redeeming oneself doesn’t make them a Mary Sue.

        • Excuse me ?
          This was extremely rude, do not call someone stupid for simply expressing an opinion and trying to answer another’s question

          Also, Crookedstar is not a Mary Sue, as he has many, many obvious flaws such as he was jealous, impatient and much more !

        • That is really rude, Darkforestqueen. Respect everyone’s opinions. We can tell you disagree with her/him, but they are not stupid. How would you feel if I called you stupid for sharing your opinion. LEAVE PROWLCLAW ALONE.

          BTW, Nice article, Prowlclaw OwO

    • Crookedstar rejected Mapleshade and Dark Forest.
      He realized that Dark Forest’s overall intentions were that that of harming cats, not helping them.
      Crookedstar realized this after all the cats he was training to help( and to get them to love him) were dieing.
      That and he overheard Thistleclaw go murderous.

      Any cat( while alive) can reject Dark Forest and never go there again, in both dreams and after death.
      But as seen by Lionblaze and Ivypool, it will take a little while to get all influence of Dark Forest out of your system.

      Hope that was helpful,
      Purple Dusk

  • I think that the dark forest is way better than the goody two shoe starclan that is full of liars and cat who did worst things than tigerheart,hawkfrost,dark stripe,brokenstar and all the others.Bluestar,yellowfang,blackstar would be better suited to go to the dark forest.I think that tigerheart only did what he had to do and firestar is the mary sue of warriors.

    • Tigerheart hasn’t even died yet. Darkstripe tried to poison a kit. Hawkfrost plotted with his dad to kill Firestar and succeeded in taking one of his lives. And Brokenstar sent babies to war, blamed murder on the medicine cat, and killed his own father. If you wanna argue they were at ALL in the right, then get evidence first. As for Bluestar, she never murdered anyone. She took a half-clan relationship. That’s it. Yellowfang was punished enough, and even if she did belong in the Dark Forest, Starclan has nobody to blame but themselves for that. After all, they gave her the power that DESTROYED HER LIFE. And while Blackstar did kill Stonefur, he made up for it in a hundredfold in his later life. Sure, he lost faith in Starclan for a bit. Everyone doubts things sometimes. The only Starclan cat whom I believe deserves the Dark Forest is Ashfur. And I’m not even starting on the flaws of Firestar.

    • Why would any of the cats you listed deserve the Dark Forest? Bluestar wasn’t in control of her actions nearing the end of her life, Tigerheart/star isn’t even dead yet, and both Yellowfang and Blackstar managed to redeem themselves. Compare this to the characters who attempted to kill a Clan leader, poisoned a baby, and sent children into war and murdered their father, and I think it’s obvious who deserves which afterlife. And how is Firestar a Mary Sue? He’s a flawed and realistically written character. His general attitude made most of the other Clans feel threatened and as if he was trying to take over the forest, he left his own Clan disorganised and vulnerable when he refused to appoint a new deputy after Graystripe’s disappearance, sent some of ThunderClan’s most reliable warriors after Ashfur’s suspected murderer Sol, despite no one knowing where he actually was, (he could’ve been dead for all they knew) and there being little-to-no evidence that he was guilty of the crime he was accused of, and following up to that, he decided to let Sol stay prisoner in ThunderClan camp, which led to the rest of his clanmates feeling unsafe and anxious.

      I could go on, but how is any of this an example of a Mary Sue character? Would you rather he be a tyrannical dictator of a leader?

    • Uhhhhh so since when is lying worse then murdering literally five people, forcing child to fight and training with your evil father ?
      Bluestar was doing what she thought was for the good of her clan, and to be honest, I think in the long run it was good for her to give away her kits. Yes she broke the warrior code but she felt sorry for it.
      Yellowfanf literally did nothing ? She was punished enough with having Brokenstar, that was what StarClan sent as her punishment.
      Blackstar is more iffy, but I like to think he was dreadfully sorry in the end of it all.
      How did Tigerstar just do what he had to ? He was evil ! He killed multiple cats, just so he could gain absolute power !

      • actually, Yellowfang’s son Brokenstar was not a punishment. (there’s a whole article on that) and here’s a reason:
        Yellowfang was a warrior before she was medicine cat, so I think her case is less serious compared to other medicine cats who had kits. 😉 I’ve just re-read the first book of Warriors

    • // OPINION ALERT\\ I only understand Hawkfrost , cause 1. not his leader 2. Ashfur atemted 4 murders including HIS OWN LEADER and went to starclan 3. Firestar didnt LOSE A LIFE until after Hawkfrost died. Thats my opinion.

      dont get mad pls

      • Ok, but Hawkfrost still set the trap, and how is attempting to murder another Clans’ leader as opposed to your own GOOD? I mean, in battle, sure. That’s natural. Cats die in battle. Well, Warrior Cats do anyways. But this was MURDER. Hawkfrost came into ThunderClan territory and tried to murder Firestar. Not trying to be mean, but I’m not really sure how any of that is acceptable.