Were there three tribes? by Emberpaw

Emberpaw shares a theory about possible Tribes hinted at in the books.

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Whats up guys its me Emberpaw with my first article (CHEERS!!!!!) Anyways I was reading enter the clans and something caught my eye it was when rock was speaking and he says: “They live in four clans unlike our THREE TRIBES.” And after that it says: “I used to travel to the moonpool with the TWO OTHER HEALERS”. And that got me thinking so now i am sitting here writing this article. as we all know (if you don’t leave and read the power of three series) the tribe got kicked out because the twolegs where building the quarry (thunderclan’s camp) and the workman’s house (abandoned twoleg den) are still there.It even says that the twoleg den didn’t look abanded the shiny stuff (glass) was still there.And then they leave the lake go to mountains become tribe go to forest become clan,leave forest come back to mountains (momentarliy) go back to lake (BOOM MIND BLOWN) that was kinda off topic sorry. Anyway what happened to the other two tribes and where did they stay well the tribe of rushing stayed in the forest as jayfeather tells us so maybe the others where in river,shadow or winds territory. But as we see in the lake map there was construction too. they would probably have to move because of the cottage and the stream (yes there was construction there check again) Maybe the other tribe might have went to Skyclan’s gorge but where driven out due to rat probelms and became kittypets maybe some went to the sea and became tribe of roaring sea maybe they became rogues or kittypets. maybe some went past the tribes mountains and the clans f forest (KA-BOOM MIND BLOWN AGAIN) that’s all i got let me guys know what you think down in the comments P.S i shall i lot more articles i had a bunch of theory’s that i’ve been dying to get out but my friends don’t read warriors so i have a bunch floating in my mind here’s a sneak peek why is tigerstar evil and i had a brain fart and i cant remember the rest they’ll probably come back to me in five minutes until then BYE!!!!

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  • Wait a minute… that one old cat (I forgot his name. Toad, maybe?) in Hawkwing’s journey did say a large group of cats passed by his home, assuming he’s telling the truth I wonder if they could be another tribe.