Warrior cats mistakes. (Warning! some spoilers) by Streamkit

Streamkit points out some mistakes and oversights in the Warriors series. 

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There are actually quite a bit of mistakes i notice in Warrior cats. here are some of them;

In Hawkwing’s Jorney Hawkwing’s mother is Cherrytail and his mate is Pebbleshine. Pebbleshine’s father is Sparrowpelt. Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt are littermates so Pebbleshine and Hawkwing are kin and mates.

On the cover of Warriors The New Prophecy: Midnight, Brambleclaw is drawn with green eyes even though his eyes are amber.

On page three hundred-twenty-eight of Crookedstar’s promise, it calls the fresh kill pile ‘the fresh kill pie.’ Here is exactly what the sentence says: ‘He ducked out of the den, looking around the clearing, relieved when he saw Oakheart picking sleepily through the frosty remains of the fresh-kill pie.’

In Bluestar’s Prophecy on page two hundred-thirty-one the Riverclan Leader Hailstar reports for WindClan instead of RiverClan at a gathering. Here are the sentences that have the mistake: ‘Hailstar padded to the front. “WindClan has increased patrols to remind the barn cats to stay off our land.” He looked expectantly at Pinestar.’

In Secrets of the Clans it says that Moth Flight was following a feather to find the moonstone, but in Moth Flight’s Vision it says that she was following a moth to find the moonstone.

On page two hundred-six of Moth Flight’s Vision, Dappled Pelt is called Dappled Leaf. and on page twenty-two of Moth Flight’s Vision, Spotted Fur is called Spotted Tail.

In the prologue of Tallstar’s Revenge, Heatherstar is getting her nine lives and on her eighth Thrushpelt calls her, Heatherstar, instead of her warrior name.

In the allegiances of Bluestar’s Prophecy Foxheart is called a tom, even though she is a she-cat and on page Twenty-two Snowkit is called Leopardkit.

On page one hundred-fifty-three in The Darkest Hour, Tawnypaw is said to have amber eyes instead of green and on page one hundred-thirty-seven in Dawn, Dustpelt is spelled Duspelt.

On page ninety-six of Bluestar’s Prophecy, Stormtail is called Stormfur and in Dawn, Mousefur calls leafbare winter.

On page four hundred-sixty-seven of Moth Flight’s Vision, Bubbling Stream is called Bubbling Spring and on page sixteen of Code of The Clans the word all is spelled ill.

In the allegiances of Omen of the stars, Cloud with Storm in Belly is called Cloud with Star in Belly.

In the Ultimate guide, it says Leopardstar made Mistyfoot her deputy before Stonefur. However, she made Stonefur her deputy before Mistyfoot.

On page one hundred-sixty-three of Bramblestar’s storm, Mistystar is called Miststar. In the Ultimate guide it says that Cinderheart became a warrior apprentice alongside her brothers but she only had one brother.

In page one of Battles of the Clans, hello is spelled Hallo. In page seventy-seven and seventy-eight of secrets of the clans, Mosskit is called a tom.

Now my fingers are hurting from typing for 2 hours and a half and i wanted to say thank you for reading my article. Have a great day!!

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  • At the end of Tigerstar and Sasha: Into the Woods, Tigerstar is plotting with the ShadowClan cats about the dogs and killing FireSTAR, but the dogs were supposed to kill both FireHEART and Bluestar (At least I think that was his plan), but they only killed Bluestar. The timeline was off at the end of the manga though because Fireheart didn’t become Firestar until Bluestar died, and she died because of the dogs…

    • No, he was plotting to bring BloodClan to the forest, which was when FireSTAR was leader. Also, in The fourth apprentice, In the allieancesm nBumblestripe is called Bumbleflight, and in omen of the stars, Blackstar is said to have 1 black paw, when all his paws are black.

      • Srry for all the typos. Just wanted to say a few ore things though. In into the wild, Bluestar is called Blusetar. And in Eclipse, Hawkfrost in mistakenly called Firestar. On page 8 of The darkest hour, Fireheart is called firestar before he gets his nine lives.

  • Nice article!!! I love learning about all the different mistakes, and having a good laugh over them. 😛

  • Omg, finally someone else who sees those mistakes! I found a couple myself: Like in Firestar’s Quest, Brambleclaw receives his warrior name before Squirrelflight and Leafpool are born; but in Ravenpaw’s Path, Squirrelflight and Leafpool were born and Brambleclaw was still called Bramblepaw. XD

  • It was pointed out to me by a friend who started warrior at the same time as me, who I am still trying to get on to blogclan, that Heavystep was killed in the end of the first series and was still in the alligences in midnight.

  • On the cover of The Fourth Apprentice, Dovewing(kit,paw’s) eyes are green but Erin Hunter says in the books they are blue, then gold.😑

  • In Bramblestar’s Storm, when Graystripe retires as an elder, he says “I will never forget Silverstream or Stonefur. I still find it hard to believe that my daughter Mistystar is now the leader of RiverClan.”
    Wow, your kit is older than your mother!

    Also, in Into the Wild, Graypaw refers to Spottedleaf as young and pretty, then Darkstripe as neither. This makes the implication that Darkstripe is older than Spottedleaf, but Spottedleaf is Darkstripe’s Mother’s littermate, making that impossible.