What If Sorreltail Was Still Alive? by Petalheart

Petalheart discusses what might have been different if Sorreltail was still alive.

Art by lionstrikewhiskers

Hey, fellow bloggers! Petalheart here. We all know and love our dear Sorreltail and take her in for who she is. When she died hiding her wounds, it was an awfully sad and heartbreaking moment. What if she was still alive? Here’s my article!

First of all, we know Sorreltail and Brackenfur have been mates for quite awhile. Brackenfur had grieved for Sorreltail, and we all know that it just wasn’t fair for poor Brackenfur. Brackenfur is an outstanding character, who has lost far too much as we all know. He has suffered much of losing Sorreltail, and I think if she hadn’t hid her wounds Brackenfur wouldn’t have to go through as much pain.

Losing Sorreltail has been extremely hard for Brackenfur, but then again, something has to happen in the book. Just to give it a touch and make it more interesting, I can see why the Erins killed off Sorreltail. I’m not saying nothing happen and the Great Battle was a waste of time. It really was something we can remember, that’s true. Sorreltail’s mother and father are already gone, so are Seedpaw and Honeyfern. Sorreltail’s family is getting smaller and smaller, and I think keeping Sorreltail would’ve been great. Though, her family isn’t the only one who is getting small, I think she deserved a chance. It was just tragic for her.

Sorreltail was one of our most ethusiastic characters next to Squirrelflight. Of course, we hate losing ethusiasm. Not that she was the only one who shared that, but showed it. Sorreltail was bright and happy, and she kept the Clan going with her happiness. I’d hate to loose that element as it is very important and it is taken seriously.

Sorreltail was brave and bold and protected her kits which had leaded her to death. She had gaven up years and years of full beautiful life just for 5 scraps of fur. I am not surprised she knew what future such small kits could have. She was a great cat to have, and possibly the prevention to the loss of more cats. Thunderclan would have a better-then-before future with her spirit running through the clan.

When Dewpaw explains about Sorreltail’s mark on the Stick of the Fallen, he says a remarkably true fact.

“… And this is Sorreltail. She hid her wounds because she wanted to take care of her kits, but she died just when we thought we had won. She was the bravest of all.”

That proves how much Sorreltail has done for us. She let her kits live, though two had passed. She knew that when she played the role of a mother, her kits came first.

She would’ve gave her life for any; that’s for sure. She cared as much as StarClan cared about the stars. She would’ve made a great strong warrior if she had been alive.

I have seen Sorreltail’s good knowledge and energy pass through Seedkit. In Dovewing’s silence, Seedkit says “We tried to wake up mother but couldn’t” or something along those lines. Dovewing takes Seedkit away from Sorreltail’s body, and Seedkit takes notice of how distressed Brackenfur was. She asks if they should stay and help their father.

I cant believe Seedkit, as tiny as she was, had done what a warrior would do in that very situation. If Sorreltail was alive, She could’ve maybe possibly prevented Seedpaw from drowning.

Since Seedpaw has been mentioned, I’d like to talk about her and Sorreltail.
If Sorreltail was alive, the Clan would have bravery and ethusiasm to keep the warriors strong and happy. Seedpaw’s strength and courage to save Lilypaw was absolutely taken from Sorreltail, and that bravery could’ve worked for Thunderclan a lot. Sorreltail made sure her kits made to be strong warriors, this was also seen in Honeyfern when she rescued Briarkit.

What I’m trying to tell you is Sorreltail’s kits and Sorreltail alone were all heroes. This energy could’ve kept going if she had been alive. Imagine how might’ve interesting the books have gotten if the ethusiasm and strength was full up to the top?

Sorreltail was an amazing character, and I would’ve loved to see what would happen if she was alive. She made a huge difference, and that’s all that matters. She is happy that she died proudly as a mother, strong and healthy.

Hope you enjoyed my article! Want more? I’ll be glad to write up another!

May StarClan light your path, always. Goodnight!

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