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Goosefeather – Was he really that bad? by Sky

Sky shares their opinion about Goosefeather.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Goosefeather is sometimes looked to as the cat who broke Crookedstar’s jaw, went bonkers, or the cat who lazed in the den while his apprentice did the work. But was he really all that bad?
Let’s start by analyzing Goosefeather’s history.
Goosekit was the son of Daisytoe and Rooktail, brother of Moonkit. As a kit, he preferred listening to elder’s stories than play-fighting with the other kits. Stormpaw constantly bullied him, and Goosekit watched as his sister swooned over him.
Goosekit started having prophecies since he was a kit, starting from the one with Stormtail trying to kill him. He began seeing StarClan cats, and was accused of doing things he didn’t because of it.
When Swiftpaw went missing, Goosekit knew where she was and saved her.
Cloudberry soon discovers his secret, and she tells Doestar and plans on making Goosekit her apprentice.
Even though Goosekit is only four moons, he is apprenticed to Cloudberry, much to the disappointment of his Clanmates.
Pearnose is Goosepaw’s second mentor, and Moonpaw complains about Goosepaw’s differences. She flounders after Stormtail.
All the apprentices and Stormtail tease Goosepaw.
After a while, Stormtail sets up a badger attack on Goosepaw and he runs away. After a patrol comes to help him, he accuses Stormtail to no avail.
Goosepaw can see all prophecies and can see StarClan cats in real life. It is a curse.
All this proves that Goosepaw had an extremely difficult life because of his curse. He was bullied, almost killed, and had to suffer his sister choosing her boyfriend over him. As he grew and got his own apprentice, who he had predicted would become an apprentice, he got a reputation for being lazy – when all he was doing was resting with StarClan cats or trying to rest from his curse. When his Clan deemed him crazy and his prophecies useless, Goosefeather only tried to follow the mix of confusing omens. He could see the future of kits – and therefore treated some kits differently than others, say Bluekit and Tigerkit. This made him even more crazy in the eyes of his Clanmates.
All in all, Goosefeather was a cat who was deeply misunderstood. His curse tainted his reputation and caused him to be the butt of all jokes. He truly just wanted to be a loyal cat to his Clan and protect it, as shown when he foresaw the prey loss. His prophecies were all foreboding, and he slowly deteriorated and became the lazy and insane cat that Bluestar’s Prophecy shows.

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