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Sorting Warriors by Sky

Sky sorts some of our favorite characters into Hogwarts houses.

Artwork by Snowfalls_art

Hi! Sky here. Today, I’ll be sorting warriors into their houses. I’m only sorting the main and minor-major characters of each arc but in the comments you can ask me to sort a character.
Let’s get straight to it!
ThunderClan – Gryffindor
RiverClan – Ravenclaw
WindClan – Hufflepuff
ShadowClan – Slytherin
I’m not so sure about SkyClan, but so far, no SkyClan cats have been featured in the book unless you count Twigpaw and Violetpaw, and even then, they were living in different Clan.
Just because the Clans match up with the houses doesn’t mean Clan cats match up with their Clan house all the time! Let’s look at the featured warriors of each arc.
Firepaw/heart/star – Gryffindor. Gryffindor all the way.
Bluestar – Uh…help me….Hufflepuff. She’s brave and smart, yes, but above all, she’s loyal.
Whitestorm – Gryffindor. Although secondly Hufflepuff.
Lionheart – Gryffindor. He’s brave, as he died in battle.
Tigerclaw/star – Slytherin, but Gryffindor is close. He was brave, but he was also really cunning and sly.
Darkstripe – Slytherin. Definately not Hufflepuff, he’s got no loyalty. Slytherin. He was really sly
Graypaw/stripe – Gryffindor with Hufflepuff chasing its tail!
Ravenpaw – Hufflepuff. Loyal, kind, Hufflepuff.
Sandpaw/storm – Gryffindor with Ravenclaw as a close second. She’s bold, brave, and sparkling, but she has inner wit.
Dustpaw/pelt – Hufflepuff. He’s very loyal and truly knows his loyalties.
Spottedleaf – Hufflepuff. Loyal, sweet, and kind.
Yellowfang – Ravenclaw. Grump, yes, but wise!
Cinderpelt – Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw second. She may have wit, but she’s truly a kind cat.
Silverstream – Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw second. She’s smart, but kind and loyal.
Tallstar – Hufflepuff. He knows loyalties. He’s also kind and helpful.
Brokenstar – Slytherin. He was manipulative, sly, and cunning.
Nightstar – Hufflepuff. Really loyal.
Mistyfoot – Ravenclaw. Smart and wise.
Stormfur – Gryffindor with Hufflepuff second. Bold and really brave, yet loyal.
(Do you realize how many cats were intrduced and became sorta main in the original arc?)
Brambleclaw – Gryffindor. He’s brave and leader-like.
Squirrelpaw/flight – Gryffindor. Bold, bright, sparkling with energy.
Leafpaw/pool – Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw coming close. She’s wise, but she’s really kind and chose her loyalties.
Feathertail – Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw second. She’s smart and wise, but kind and…wow, really loyal.
Stormfur – Gryffindor. He’s brave and bold, unafriad to do what he wants.
Crowpaw/feather – Gryffindor. He’s bold and brave and rather brash, even if he doesn’t show it.
Tawnypelt – Gryffindor. Ravenclaw second. She’s smart, but also brave and bold.
Ashfur – Slytherin. He was caring at first, but that was fake. It was obsession. And he tried to kill his Clan leader and didn’t get caught, so he’s sly and cunning.
Midnight – Yes. I’m doing our beloved ghost badger. Hufflepuff. Not onky is the Hufflepuff a badger, Midnight is loyal, accepting, and kind. Ravenclaw is second for obvious reasons.
Brightheart – Hufflepuff with Gryffindor second. She’s bold, but she’s really loyal and kind. Cloudtail amd Daisy just broke her.
Daisy – Hufflepuff. She’s kind and gentle, maybe a worrier more than a warrior.
Hawkfrost – Slytherin with a bit of Ravenclaw. Cunning and manipulative, but smart.
Onestar – Hufflepuff. He’s loyal, you gotta admit that.
Mudclaw – Gryffindor. He’s brash and bold.
(Not a lot of cats, most we’ve done already)
Jaykit/paw/feather – Ravenclaw. He’s smart, perhaps grumpy, but smart.
Lionkit/paw/blaze – Gryffindor. Brave, bold, brash.
Hollykit/paw/leaf – Ravenclaw, probably the most Ravenclaw of the litter. She actually sticks to the code, she’s smart, and really logical. She’s always prepared and has planned carefully before doing something.
Cinderpaw/heart – Hufflepuff with Ravenclawsecond, just like Cinderpelt.
Heatherpaw/tail – Hufflepuff. She’s actually loyal to her Clan.
Mothwing – Hufflepuff. She oushed aside her own personal problems and needs with her brother and being medicine cat for her Clan.
Breezekit/paw/pelt – Slytherin. Really manipulative…
Honeyfern – I SHIP HONEYXBERRY. GET OUT, POPPYFROST. Anyways…Hufflepuff. She was loyal, and kind.
(We’ve done the others)
Dovekit/paw/wing – Hufflepuff. She’s loyal.
Ivykit/paw/pool – Ravenclaw with Hufflepuff in place 1.5. She’s so brave and willing to sacrifice herself for her Clan, proving her loyalty. But above that, she’s actually smart.
Sol – I know, doing him kinda late. But he took a big part in this book. Slytherin. Cunning. Really cunning.
Mapleshade – I LOVE HER, SHE AND REEDSHINE SHOULD SWAP. I HATE REEDSHINE. AND APPLEDUSK. Anyways, Mapleshade is Gryffindor. All she wanted was to avenge her kits. All she wanted…she was really brave.
Sorrrltail – I COULDN’T BELIEVE SHE WAS DEAD. Gryffindor – so brave…..
Ferncloud – SHE FOUGHT WITH THE MIGHT OF LIONCLAN!!! Gryffindor – people thought she was lazy, but in truth, she was really brave.
Alderpaw/heart – Hufflepuff. He’s loyal.
Needletail – Slytherin. She’s sly. Come on, good characters can be in Slytherin! I actually cried when she died…broke me.
Twigpaw – Hufflepuff. She’s loyal and underdtanding.
Violetpaw – Ravenclaw. She’s smart and witty, she just doesn’t give herself enough credit.
Hawkwing – Gryffindor. He’s brave and bold, if not a little brash.
Leafstar – Ravenclaw. She’s smart and bends laws with reason.

So, what’d you guys think? Do you think differently?

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