Top three reasons why Hollyleaf should have been the third cat instead of Dovewing by Smokyflame

Smokyflame shares 3 reasons why they think Hollyleaf should’ve been the Third cat in the prophecy.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin

Hi guys! Smokyflame here, and today we will go over why hollyleaf should have been the third cat. Now, I’m not a huge fan of hollyleaf, although she is much better than dovewing…
Anyways, enjoy!
(1) Dovewing’s emotional breakdowns
Dovewing has been known to have emotional outbreaks, or explosions, or whatever. EXAMPLE:
When the three lost their powers, jayfeather didn’t even notice his were gone, or showed no sign that he did. At the time, he was treating fox- what’s-his-face, don’t think I don’t have that fact down. But still, even after fox leap died, jayfeather got made at little dovey for rambling on and on about not being able to hear the boys trot after her, blinded by how pretty she was.( OBVIOUSLY PART OF DOVEWING’S SILENCE) . I know that hollyleaf has some emotion issues, too, but she could have learned to shut them in her head. Besides, I think it was the not-being-in-the-three- part that made her crack. She always felt that she was not being included with her brother’s chats, and if they had spoken to each other more, maybe hollyleaf would have confessed that she wanted to kill ashfur. Then Smartie jay feather could have given her some good reasons to NOT kill him, and she would listen to him, and then the gathering drama wouldn’t have happened. With dovewing, she just pools her emotions inside, and doesn’t tell any cat about them, not even to her sister, who was her best friend until dovewing learned about her powers. Then they go join the dark forest because they don’t fell that their good enough, and eventually start to yell at her for keeping simple secrets. Then dovewing cries in self pity.
(2) sibling skills
Out of jayfeather, lionblaze, and hollyleaf, hollyleaf was the binding of the group. She was like the spine of the group,or the nose of a shark. My point is, when hollyleaf was presumed dead, then actually died, the brothers didn’t speak to each other as much, and even fought. If hollyleaf had been in the three, she wouldn’t have spilt the secret at the gathering, and they would have stuck together and figured out solutions together. For obvious reasons, dovewing isn’t good with having a sibling, (IVYPOOL) , so she was more distant from the three. Siblings are very close until one keeps a secret and hurts the other by not telling them. Hollyleaf, jayfeather, and lionblaze, were all very close siblings. They never kept secrets from each other, and when they did, they were small, forgivable ones. My point is, if the three had a more bonded group, one who had grown up together, they could have prevented more deaths in the final battle.
(3) inexperience
Dovewing was a young apprentice when she was told of her powers. She had just started training. When she told firestar about the beavers, and firestar told the clans, they just sent random warriors into random lands from a random apprentices “dream” . Hollyleaf’s character was all about planning, thinking, and safest routes to a goal. The sent clan cats walked right in without a plan, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, rippletail dies. 😭. Hollyleaf would have thought about all of the possible outcomes, picked the best one, backtracked, and told the group how they were gonna break into the beaver’s house. Dovewing never thought before she spoke too. She said all the wrong things in front of ivypool, eventually causing her to fall into a pit of jealousy, and train to kill the clans.

Well, thanks guys for reading my TOP THREE REASONS WHY HOLLYLEAF SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE THIRD CAT IN THE PROPHECY!! I hope you guys enjoyed. If you like dovewing, unlike me, please don’t take any of this personally. I needed to criticize her for the sake of the article. PEACE!

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