Misunderstood “Evil” Warrior Cats by Maplefrost

Maplefrost analyzes the motivations of the “evil” cats of the series.

Artwork by MossclawArt

I understand if you hate him, but I do have some grief for him. We understand that he was blood thirsty, threatened Bluefur multiple times, etc. but the only reason he began despising Bluefur was Snowfur’s (his mate) death. He really did love Snowfur, and when he was around her he treated her to the best of his ability. He was so kind to her, and that’s what made me fond of him. After Snowfur died, Bluefur began acting like Whitekit (Thistleclaw’s son) was her own kit. She cared for him, hated leaving his side, and scolded Thistleclaw for teaching him basic fighting moves. If I lost my mate, and the cat who seemed guilty of my mate’s death began slowly taking my son away from me, I’d get pretty mean and bad too. To end it, Thistleclaw and Snowfur never met again, for they chose different paths in the end, It would be awful to find your mate’s dead body and not know that you’ll never meet again.

This cat probably took the hardest blows of them all. Do I even have to explain why she deserves grief? She’s happy with her mate Appledusk even though she’s Thunderclan and he’s Riverclan until Ravenwing HAD to tell everyone who the father of her kit’s was. Her best friend Frecklewish turns on her, and she’s exiled along with her kits. She has no where to go, so she goes to Riverclan only to have all three of her kit’s drown in the river. After she arrives in Riverclan with her three dead kits Appledusk betrays her, regretting anything that had to do with her and blames her for their deaths. Mapleshade then realizes that Appledusk had been basically cheating on her with Reedshine. Darkstar refuses Mapleshade a home and turns her away, not allowing her to stay with her kit’s bodies. In the end, like Thistleclaw and Snowfur she follows a different path then her kit’s.

I don’t need to say much. He was constantly harassed and bullied by his littermates, was attacked for no apparent reason by Tigerpaw in the forest while exploring, and was once again bullied and harassed by cats who lived in the two-leg place after running away from home. All he did was want to show everyone he wasn’t a weak pip squeak.

He lost his brother Tadpole during a flood when he was clanless with his Mother Sasha and his sister Moth(flight). Not too long afterwards, his mother took him and his sister to Riverclan and shockingly left them there without warning. He was then forced into dreams with his father Tigerstar who constantly manipulated him into his own ambitious power hungry ways. Really Hawkfrost didn’t actually intend to become evil. He was actually really kind and protective when he was a kit.

The cat has suffered through major family issues. His father Crowfeather never treated him like a son, for Crowfeather never wanted kits with Nightcloud. He still rather of had kit’s with Feathertail. Nightcloud was never a motherly figure to him, she was harsh. After he found out Lionblaze and Jayfeather were Crowfeather’s kit’s making him their half brother he felt betrayed and alone thinking Crowfeather never was loyal to him and NIghtcloud causing his jealously levels to rise. His mate being Heathertail, Lionblaze’s previous crush, caused him to also feel betrayed. Especially when he catches Lionblaze eyeing Heathertail or Heathertail eyeing Lionblaze. (This was before Lionblaze became mates with Cinderheart). I understand why he has these urges to work with the Dark Forest cats, wanting revenge.

That’s all the cats that I find misunderstood. Comment below if you want me to do any more of these types of articles. Bye!

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  • What about snow tuft? He was just training then died then what about dark stripe,owl paw,Brokenstar,tiger star,dark tail,mud claw,one eyes ,rain flower,apple dusk , holly leaf , black star ash fur, etc etc etc?
    look here from more cats ( warrior cats who are evil )

    • Almost all those cats are actually evil and deserve no grief. Tigerstar isn’t misunderstood and only did bad! Brokenstar, Darkstripe, Ashfur, hate them all!

  • Thistleclaw was very evil. He never shows true grief for Snowfur’s death, and then goes after Spottedpaw(leaf) like a creep. Plus, he murdered cats and influenced Tigerstar to be who he was. AND, he trained in the Dark Forest, trying to trick Spottedpaw(leaf) and Whitestorm into becoming like him. Grief gives him no excuse for any of these actions.

    • Yes! He was an evil villain deserving no sympathy! He trained in the Dark Forest, was a creep, made Tigerstar who he was, and as you said, could’ve made Spottedleaf and Whitestorm, some cool cats, bad like him!

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