Defending Millie by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw defends Millie on her actions.

Art by EpikBecky

Millie is a commonly hated character because she is called a bad mother, but is she a bad mother really? No.

First of all, Briarlight is crippled. How is she crippled? She broke her backbone. She also almost died three times, once by greencough (As a kit), once by adder, and another by the tree. Do you really think Millie would ignore that? Millie is also said to rude to Jayfeather. Millie also previously lived her life as a kittypet. She isn’t used to death and injuries.

“Millie gasped. “What do you mean? Broken bones mend.””Not backbones””How do you know that?””Littlecloud had a warrior with the same inury” (Jayfeather) told her.Briarpaw was craning her neck to him.Jayfeather didn’t answer. He died didn’t he?” Briarpaw whimpered.” -Fading Echos, page 174

As you can see, Millie was trying her best to stay calm, but Jayfeather couldn’t reassure her. It’s a miracle Briarlight lived. Millie is doing the right thing by caring for Briarlight. Millie yelling at Jayfeather is just her grief. Millie only yelled at him one time, and everyone’s saying it like she yells at Jayfeather all the time. The worst Millie ever did to him was yell at him, she didn’t try to kill him like a certain Windclan cat.

Millie: “If your warrior ancestors are so powerful, why don’t they cure her? If this had happened in my old home, my housefolk would have fixed her.”
Graystripe: “Millie? Is that what you really think?”
Millie: “I don’t know what to think. I only see my kit, broken and helpless, struggling through each day, with death stalking her like a fox….”
Graystripe: “But she’s alive. She’s here with us.”

Millie: “She has to watch her littermates living the lives of warriors, while she just yowls and coughs and drags herself to and from the fresh-kill pile!” -Night Whispers, page 97.

Next up, the infamous tunnel. Like I explained so in my previous rant, Blossomfall had no right to drag Ivypool along with her to the tunnels. Blossomfall could’ve been killed, she already suffered from a concussion. Millie had a right to yell at her. All parents yell at their kids. Why is it such a surprise? Whitewing acted glad to see her because doesn’t know what her kits get into. Briarlight is already almost dead, Millie doesn’t want to see the corpse of her dead kit. If Millie hadn’t yelled at Blossomfall, Blossomfall would’ve seen it as a way of attention and would’ve repeatedly get lost until she dies. Millie saved her life, but you’re all to busy hating on her. Blossomfall could’ve hunted prey to survive the harsh cold leaf-bare, but instead went against her leader’s words and drag Ivypool with her, who isn’t even her friend!

Millie does not hate her kits, it’s been confirmed by Kate Cary herself. Blossomfall training in the Dark Forest is not her fault, and if it was, Bumblestripe would be in the Dark Forest and it would be Blossomfall’s fault for Ivypool training in the Dark Forest. Imagine if you were Millie?

Now aside from that, she’s hated for being a Silverstream replacement. I guess Sandstorm is a Spottedleaf replacement, Turtle Tail and Slate are Storm replacements, and so on. Before you say Millie looks exactly like Silverstream, read this quote.”She’s silver with blue eyes, as she’s based on a real cat belonging to one of my co-workers, James. He’s a huge fan of Millwall Football Club, which is based in London. So Millie’s real name is Millwall!” -Erin Hunter Chat 4

Next, let’s talk about Millie in Bramblestar’s Storm. Already we see Millie on a patrol with Berrynose, Rosepetal, Spiderleg, and Amberpaw.”Nothing frightens you, Bramblestar” Berrynose responded. “I’m leading a border patrol. Do you want to come with us?” As he spoke, Millie and Rosepetal pushed their way through the prickly wall, closely followed by one of the new apprentices, Amberpaw” -Bramblestar’s Storm, page 9. We then see her worried about Briarlight when the camp floods, while all Graystripe does is help Briarlight get up with other cats. He doesn’t even worry about her! Then later, Millie reassures Minty when she comes into camp. She talks about how much she loves Thunderclan and Graystripe and that she made the right choice to come here.”I wouldn’t change a thing. Except that I wish my daughter Briarlight hadn’t been injured. I’ll never leave ThunderClan, but I’ll never forget that there’s another way to live, either.” I never knew Millie felt like that, Bramblestar thought, with a pang of guilt that Millie had never been one of his favorite cats, with her perpetual fussing over Briarlight. I’ll show her more respect in the future” -Bramblestar’s Storm, page 189. Millie is seen many times comforting the kittypets. She is worried when one of them goes missing. Bramblestar’s Storm shows us Millie is nicer than we think she is.

“Bumblestripe had a mate while Blossomfall had nobody to care for her”

She had Graystripe, Bumblestripe, Ivypool (Who she should apologize to for two things) and Briarlight.

“What about Frostfur? She didn’t act like Millie with Cinderpelt”

Two things. One, she should’ve cared for her more. Two, Cinderpelt only had a broken leg, not a backbone.

“Millie is still a horrible mother for only caring for Briarlight”

Rainflower is hated for ignoring her injured kit. I guess every mother with a crippled kit is automatically a bad mother, like Frostfur and Meadowslip.

“Blossomfall was only jealous”

What about Thornclaw, Brightheart, and Brackenfur? Cinderpelt broke her leg, and they weren’t jealous. Neither were Sorrelcharm and Pigeonwing when Deadfoot got all the attention for his twisted paw. Crookedstar ended up being a great cat with a hateful mother.

“Millie should pay attention to all of her kits.”

One, they are warriors who can take care of themselves. Two, what about Graystripe?

“Millie and Graystripe don’t even love eachother”

“Wherever you are is the right place for me to be.”-The Sight, Page 330

Graystripe: “I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this…or when to say this…for days now. Millie, I…I know I’ve been hard to deal with. And I know this life can be hard. But I couldn’t have made it here without you. You saved my life, but…more than that…you saved my soul. You found me when I was lost, and you brought me back to who I really was. I’ve already said I want you to join ThunderClan with me, but I need you to know how I feel…And I hope you’ll feel the same way. Millie…I want you to stand by my side…as my mate.”

Millie: “Graystripe…to be with you…that’s what I’ve wanted since I first laid eyes on you.” -Warrior’s Return, page 87.

“Millie never goes on patrols”

“A gray pelt was moving beneath the bushes below. Graystripe. Lionblaze tasted the air. Cloudtail, Squrrielflight, and Millie too. It must be a dawn patrol” -The Last Hope, page 88

“Millie isn’t loyal to Thunderclan!”

“I wouldn’t change a thing. Except that I wish my daughter Briarlight hadn’t been injured. I’ll never leave ThunderClan, but I’ll never forget that there’s another way to live, either.”-Bramblestar’s Storm, page 189.

“You can rely on my loyalty until the day I join StarClan, and you must believe that I will live and die to protect ThunderClan. But I don’t want to change my name. I have always been Millie, and I see no shame in it.” -Dark River, page 86

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  • Okay, this is a great article and all, especially since I’m already a fan of Millie, but the art is what I’m here to comment about, for good reason. I noticed that you credited the artist as ‘Swiftbriar’, but in fact, the art belongs to me (and it’s old at that).
    I’m not sure where you found what you thought was the original, but the true original upload of the art can be seen at my DeviantArt, here; and I really wish I’d had the sense to actually watermark my art back then. But if wherever you found it has an upload date, I am 100% sure it was upload AFTER December 14, and that should be solid enough proof that that artwork truly does belong to me.
    Now, had you not credited another artist, I would have been fine to let it slide because, as I said, it’s an old piece and I’d rather not be known by something I drew over three years ago. However, this drawing in particular has been subject to art theft multiple times before, probably because there isn’t much Millie fanart otherwise, and I hate seeing other people get credited for art that they didn’t draw. I’m not telling you to take it down (after all, the world needs more Millie defense posts anyway), but I would appreciate it if you could change the credit (if it’s possible to edit articles here, I’m not sure it is) and tell me where you found the stolen piece so I can question them about it.

    • Hi, Stormgaze! The art featured in this article was uploaded to this site a while ago (September 26th of last year) and I’m not entirely sure where the uploader had gotten it from since Russet nor I were article tsars at that point.

      After a little bit of checking and digging, I do believe that the false source name was completely and utterly my fault. I was trying to find the source of the the uploaded picture; the picture was first uploaded for an article by a BlogClanner named Swiftbriar, and, as image sources weren’t a thing that was done back then, I gave it a source that ended up being incorrect. I’m still trying to figure out how I could’ve made such a huge, glaring, what-the-pineapples-were-you-thinking mistake.

      Never fear, we are able to change the source (it’s just an image description anyway) without taking down the article, and, even if you asked to change the image entirely, we wouldn’t have to take the article down.

      As for the Millie fanart, one google image search is basically the answer you need.

  • (Oh crap I just realized an article with all these points :c)

    IKR???? Honestly Blossomfall is so annoying urgh, YES she is an attention seeker! Finally, someone understands. Seriously, shift the hate from Millie to Blossom.

    • Blossomfall just wanted love from her mother. What’s wrong with that?
      You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

  • Brilliant article!! I was just rereading The Sight and suddenly felt new respect towards Millie 😛

  • Sorry if this seemed like a double post on defending Millie (My other one with Silverstream was posted way after this one was).

  • I like this article! I don’t hate Millie but I favor Silverstream over her. (just by a cookie crumb)
    But there’s something I disagree with you: not being used to grief and death does not give anyone rights to be rude to someone.

  • Great article! I am mostly neutral on this topic as a lot of others (firestar, spottedleaf, dovewing, etc) but for some reason with Mille, I always was thinking somewhere back in my head “she really loves her kits”. I don’t know. I think I’m going crazy. Anyway… good article. 5 cats! 😸😸😸😸😸

  • Sparktooth and Ebonypaw… I totally agree! Everybody says “Silverstream is amazing! Silverstream is the best! Go Silverstream!” And Millie? “Millie sucks! She didn’t love her own kit! She stole Graystripe from Silverstream! I hate Millie! Go Silverstream!” *Sigh* Well I am here to “Explain, Complain, and Entertain” so I guess I can do some Complaining. Mille gets all the hate, while Silverstream is in LaLa land getting affection and love from the fandom. My question? What did Silverstream do to get all the support? Fandom: Well she- Me: Hush child. Get ready for the most boring part of your LIVES. Ahem. Silverstream is the daughter of a leader *1* Silverstream has a full on dramatic death in front of her mate *2* Her so called “Mate” is the legendary Graystripe. *3* She has kits that are part Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, and Skyclan *4* Hold on. Go back to the fourth one. Did you get that? All clans exept for Shadowclan. *Slowly claps* Yaaay… *5* Do I need to go on? *6* My case? Millie is a good cat. Millie had to work to get into Thunderclan. *Silverstream didn’t* Millie has kits that are Part-Kittypet, Part-Thunderclan. *Silverstream’s kits have all blood exept for Shadowclan* Millie had a kit that got crippled. *Silverstream’s kit DIED* Millie is loyal to Thunderclan *Silverstream goes off with Graystripe, being disloyal to Riverclan* Millie had parents that lived a long happy life *Silverstream’s dad had a crooked jaw, she was the only surviving kit in her litter, and her mother died of greencough* Fandom: *crickets chirp* Me: I rest my case in fresh moss. Hehe. Thank you and goodnight!

    • lol. Great way of explaining it, Echobreeze! Watch out, Silverstream! Millie’s gaining supporters! XD

      • Yeah! What Sky said!
        You sit and weave your lies, like a fox trots through the night.

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