Is Pebbleshine in RiverClan? by Clampaw

Clampaw presents an interesting theory about the whereabouts of Pebbleshine. 

First post so I’m sharing my very far-fetched theory, hope it’s not a bore :’3

This all started when I noticed Shadepelt. You’re probably wondering who Shadepelt even is, and the only completely confirmed answer I can give you is “dead.” But this, yes–very early, is where I must stray from what we surely know.
In The Apprentice’s Quest, after the medicine cats share their joint vision, a RiverClan apprentice spoke up to say that she “found some really beautiful blue feathers that [she] decorated her nest with in a shady glen,” then asks if they may be important, prompting her tabby mentor to whack her. This would at first seem to be simply comedic relief, but I investigated the two after I realized that it would be a good place to put some inconspicuous foreshadowing.
As it turns out, the only RC she-apprentice with a tabby mentor is Shadepaw (later Shadepelt/nose) and her mentor Duskfur. First off, this makes Shadepelt seem a lot less of a beebrain, because, be honest, if your name was part of a prophecy, you would overanalyze too. Anyways, seeing that both her name and her mentor’s fit into the prophecy / SkyClan (“what you find in the shadows” + while Duskfur has existed for a while, her name in this instance could reference Duskpaw) I feel that Shadepelt may actually have some relevance despite her demise.

So onto Pebbleshine: By now she is presumed dead (though that’s how it was from the start), though as I have come to expect from this arc, Show Me the Body or it Didn’t Happen. I think most of us can agree that she is at a very high risk of returning to the story, though, given her mode of departure. So last we see of Pebbleshine, she is being driven away on a truck with a bunch of chickens. Now hold on; the poultry is integral.

Shadepelt claimed not just that the feathers were blue, not just that they were beautiful, but that they were a “Really Beautiful Blue.” This would rule out typical birds like bluejays/bluebirds, since those wouldn’t warrant such praise, being ordinary as they are. So it’s something that doesn’t live in the Clan area. Which is why I propose that they were rooster feathers: roosters have some blue-green feathers with that nice iridescence, which would probably stun an apprentice who had only seen solid feathers before. It’s also notable that there is a thunderpath passing by what appears to be a glen in RiverClan territory.

So there you have it: I think Pebbleshine has at least passed by RiverClan territory, and, given all the commotion that has been caused in RC recently by The Kin, I would say it’s about the time that, if she is alive, she’d be coming out of hiding. Sadly, though, this would leave questions as to Twigpaw’s and Violetpaw’s abandonment…

But thanks for reading, I’d like to hear if you find any logic errors, which I’m sure there are >w>

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