Significant Cats in The Prophecies Begin by Bramblepaw

Bramblepaw discusses the significance of the background characters in the first series. 

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Hey guys! It’s Bramblepaw here, and today I am going to tell you about five significant cats in the Prophecies Begin arc of Warriors. This will exclude cats like Fireheart and Tigerstar, as the reasoning is obvious: they are the main protagonist and antagonist of the first six books of Warriors. Here we go!!

Number 5: Dustpelt
At the beginning, it was Dustpaw, the apprentice who tormented Firepaw throughout apprenticeship. But his significance came after his warrior ceremony. As the moons passed, he drifted away from Sandstorm, and became nicer to Fireheart. He ultimately proved his loyalty when he refused to go to exile with Tigerclaw, because of what happened to Redtail. He also was the cat that Fernpaw confided to when Brightpaw and Swiftpaw went after the dogs. If he did not exist, Fernpaw would have been too terrified to tell anyone about what happened, and Brightpaw would have died along with her friend. But the most important thing is that when he drifted away from Sandstorm, she realized that he did not see the inside of Fireheart when he was an apprentice, letting her see it because she did not want to impress Dustpelt anymore, giving in to all of the twists and turns on the path to become Firestar’s mate at the end.

Number 4: Silverstream
Yes, Silverstream became mates with Graystripe and died having their kits. But she cared about him when she rescued him, even though her entire Clan thought he killed Whiteclaw! If Leopardfur was there she probably would have let him drown in the river. This goes to show that even though RiverClan tries to steal Sunningrocks constantly and can be giant fox-hearts (I’m talking to you, Leopardstar), some cats can be good! And when she died and Graystripe joined RiverClan, it shows just how a great father he is! (She also gave Bone two more killers)

Number 3: Barley
Barley. A farm cat. Also Ravenpaw’s best friend. What can be more significant about him than that? I’ll tell you what! Barley is number three on my list for a reason. If it weren’t for him, Ravenpaw would have been scared out of his mind to stay there! What is worse: a terrorist as your mentor trying to murder you, or an empty barn with dogs who may or may not murder you? Barley taught Ravenpaw to avoid dogs, skills he needed anyways as a warrior. He provided Ravenpaw with a safe spot to tell Fireheart things that he wouldn’t say back at the camp, like how Tigerstar killed Redtail, and how Oakheart died in a rockfall. Time and time again, Barley provided Bluestar and Firestar a place to shelter during their journeys to the Moonstone.

Number 2: Gorsepaw
I bet you that now that Firestar plays with Gorsepaw in StarClan. Why? Gorsepaw is a symbol. When Fireheart rescued WindClan, he met Tallstar. Tallstar realized that the very cat that rescued them was the son of his old friend, Jake. The two cats instantly became friends. When Fireheart carried Gorsekit across the Thunderpath, the young cat instantly became a symbol of the new friendship between the two Clans. Later on in the series, ThunderClan would help WindClan out with problems, such as the battle they never fought. When Tigerstar murdered Gorsepaw, it was a wise decision if he wanted to make an impression to scare the two Clans into joining TigerClan. That is when he, in my opinion, also became a symbol of resistance.

Before we get to number 1, here are some honorable mentions:

Number 1: RAVENPAW!!!
Ravenpaw, the scaredy-cat. Ravenpaw, the most adorable cat in the first book. But is that it? Great StarClan, no! The following is a list of things Ravenpaw did that affected the arc:

Witnessed Redtail’s death
Clarified exactly who died of what in the battle
Sheltered WindClan
Prevented a needless battle
Sheltered the leaders traveling to the Moonstone
Was adorable

This is why Ravenpaw is such a significant character! Yes, I know. He was a main character! But only in the first book.


Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts? Did you agree? Let me know! Oh, and stay tuned for the New Prophecy!

May StarClan light your path,


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