Ranting About Ashfur by Sky

Was WC better off without this villain?

Okay guys…I’m going to be talking about one of my least favorite characters, Ashfur. Well, not talking, ranting. Major spoilers for Twilight and Sunset and Power of Three series.
Now let’s get started…

Many people have made articles with terrible reasons defending Ashfur. In every single one of these articles, I flip through it, go, “same, bad reasons as the last article,” and favorite every comment that has Ashfur hate written all around it. Why? Because all of the reasons are mistake-ridden and are, more or less, the same. Let’s look at some common ones.

The one that basically is the trunk of the tree to them all is “He had low self-esteem!” If he did, it’s his own problem. He had a sister, friends, and a foster brother to lean on. Normally in these arguments, the Ashfur-defender goes on to say that he was like Bluestar. And I gotta say,,,,dude, did you read Bluestar’s Prophecy? Bluestar lost EVERYTHING!!! Her mother died in battle for her Clan, her father immediately moved to a cooler she-cat, her sister died, and she had no true friends she could confine in. She had to give up her kits for the good of the Clan, her loyalty to the warrior code forced her to leave Oakheart, and all she had left was Whitestorm. I can hardly say the same for Ashfur. Ashfur had Ferncloud, Cloudtail, PLENTY of friends, and gave up NOTHING AT ALL for the good of his Clan. Another thing I commonly see is, “He lost his mother and father to the cat who’s son napped at his girlfriend!” He never showed any real affection towards Whitestorm. I feel like Whitestorm was just helping Brindleface have another litter after Redtail died. Okay, Brindleface I understand, but he should have gotten over it like Cloudtail. I know that Brindleface never left Cloudtail’s heart, but Cloudtail learned to make peace with her death. And it is cruel to judge anybody by their parent’s actions. Bramblestar turned out to be the cat that Firestar hoped he would be, not a copy of Tigerstar. Brambleclaw wasn’t napping at Squirrelflight, Squirrelflight chose him! Also, Squirrelflight and Ashfur were never official like Bramblestar and Squirrelflight were. When Squirrelflight chose Bramblestar, she still wanted to be friends like before with Ashfur.

But instead, Ashfur went insane!

Another thing I see is, “Squirrelflight should have chosen him!” All I can say is…really? You’re judging his actions on the life decisions of another cat? Put yourself in Squirrelflight’s paws: You love Bramblestar. Ashfur loves you, but you want to draw the line at friends. You try to say it nicely. He starts going insane towards your family. Now let’s get back into your own paws. Nobody should make life decisions based off of the actions of other cats. Squirrelflight had EVERY RIGHT TO CHOOSE BRAMBLESTAR, and frankly, I’m glad she did.
Some people say, “Ashfur really loved Squirrelflight! She should have seen that!” And do what? Break up more slowly…? Uhhh…..

Ashfur defenders say, “Ashfur deserved happiness! He is kinda like one of those people who love so much they can’t give up!” That’s right! And when someone breaks up with him, he goes klonkers! Ashfur might have deserved happiness once, but trying to murder four innocent cats and get two cats banished made that vanish. He is one of those weird, obbsessed, stalker dudes who enjoys making the cat he so-called “loves” AKA “is obsessed with” feel his pain because they don’t share his feelings.

Let’s talk about the original three and the secret and such. Let’s see what would have happened had Ashfur succeeded in his plans.

Firestar: Dead

Brambleclaw: Exiled by the Clan

Leafpool: Exiled

The original three: Dead

Squirrelflight: Pain-riddin, suffering.

See? If Ashfur played his cards right, he would be haunting Squirrelflight’s dreams like Squirrelflight haunts him. Ashfur is a serial killer who should litterally go to the Dark Forest. He tried to murder four innocent cats, get two banished, and was way to rough with Lionpaw JUST BECAUSE LIONPAW WAS SQUIRRELFLIGHT’S SUPPOSED SON. He was worse than Thistleclaw and Mapleshade, and definately worse than Tangleburr, Brightflower, and Lilywhisker(those three need to go to StarClan).

In conclusion….The WC world is better off without this gray-furred killer.

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