BlogClan Summer Gathering: Teams and Booths Organisation!

Hello friends! It’s time to organise those good ol’ teams as we prepare for this weekend’s events!

There’s just a few days left until the BlogClan Summer Gathering, which is taking place this Saturday and Sunday (two day Gathering!). So, in order to get ready, it’s time to prepare the Teams and the BlogClan Booths!

Gathering Teams

Every Gathering, we split the community into Teams which compete in contests across the event, with the victor being announced at the end of the Gathering. The whole thing is intended to be a bit of fun, so don’t worry about winning or losing, it’s all about hanging out with the blog community!

This time the two teams will be StarClan and the Dark Forest! Shiver is cooking up some top notch artwork to go alongside these two Teams, and we’d love to find out who wants to go on which.

Use the form below to apply to be on one of the two Teams; if you don’t mind which Team you’re on, just mark the “No preference” box, and we’ll assign you to one of the Teams. We cannot guarantee you will end up on the Team of your dreams if the numbers end up being unbalanced (we want both sides to be equally populated with people), but we hope to make as many people as happy as possible!

BlogClan Booths

This Gathering we’re trying something new: the idea behind BlogClan Booths is to give you guys a space to show off your Warriors fan works – you know, things like fan art and fan fiction. Your work will be published in your own special post at some point during the two days of the Gathering. There are 6 total Booths available, with 3 on Saturday and another 3 on Sunday. Below is the form for you to apply for one of these Booths!

As this is the first time we’ve done something like this, we’re not sure how many applications we’ll receive or what the general BlogClan reaction will be, so let’s go on this journey together, eh?

In your Booth you can display either fan fiction, fan art, or a combination of both. Alongside this we hope you’ll write some text to explain your works; things such as your inspirations, methods and how long they took you to produce. Just a nice bit of backstory into your creations would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

Without further ado, take a gander at the form below; please don’t just rush the process, we’d love to take time over what you have to display:

Tune in this Friday for the schedule of events!



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