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Lupinepaw updates their past Dovewing article with a new point of view. 

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this is kind of a remake but that was because my old self was all about liking her so here it is a Dovewing article

She’s quite the mary-sue, and also is very rude. She whines despite being Hollyleaf’s replacement.

Now, what do you imagine a mary-sue as? Do you imagine them as a cat that is loved by all and that has never broken a rule or had conflicts? Mary-sues/gary-stus are any beings that are way too perfect, like for example, they never have had a hard time. They have always been happy. So now, let us see whether Dovewing is really a mary-sue or not.
Loved by two:

People usually look at the part where she is loved by two toms. It is quite like saying that Graystripe is a gary-stu, for being loved by Millie and Silverstream (okay i better get off that silverstream then died yes but he got two lovers). Having two lovers doesn’t make you a mary-sue, it can be a little hard, as you want to be with one of them only but you don’t with the other, but without wanting to hurt their feelings, you don’t admit it.

Some usually exaggerate the amount of lovers Dovewing has. Some tell her to make her decision already. She desires to be with Tigerheart, but Bumblestripe also loves her, for a few reasons. Think well. There is a couple or more things wrong with the relationship.

>> Forbidden relationship – Dovewing is from ThunderClan, and Tigerheart is from ShadowClan. Being from different Clans, their ship isn’t supposed to be allowed, but they both break it anyway.

>> Upsetting the other one – I haven’t read Warriors for a while, but I’m pretty sure Dovewing really didn’t want to damage Bumblestripe as much, due to her love for Tigerheart. In my opinion, this at least shows that she still has good character traits. Don’t you think it would be better for Bumblestripe to have a mate that loves him as much as he does to them?

In my view, being admired by two really isn’t as good and of a fantasy. It caused Dovewing quite a conflict, because she didn’t want to stress out Bumblestripe (I believe).

Does nothing:

Many people decided to believe that she is a waste for doing nothing while her sister, Ivypool, spies on the Dark Forest. They add in that all Dovewing is doing is picking out who should be her mate. Again, I haven’t read Warriors in a while, and I really don’t have as much memory of Omen of the Stars. But I’m sure she has done plenty of benefits, not just mooning over toms and waiting for a meteor to shake Earth and make coconuts everyone extinct.

>> Normal warrior duties – I’m sure that this is extremely obvious, but I’ll say it anyway. Normal warrior duties, such as hunting prey (using her powers and feeding ThunderClan more than other warriors) and patrolling could be easily given as an order directed to Dovewing.

>> Spying – She could still use her unique senses to track down the answers to mysteries and see if Ivypool was safe.

Hollyleaf replacement:

ehhh i accidentally pasted something when i tried to copy it so it got erased so im just not gonna write much

>> Her abilities isn’t her fault. You can’t just scream, “Bless me, StarClan! Give me your powers so I can regret them later on!

>> The chosen mary-sue! Picture that in Hollyleaf.

She whined until the gophers mutated with rats!

Many have read about how she whines about her being the one chosen to have unnatural senses, but then complains about her loss of power. Add some more thought into this. What would you do if you became deaf after more than a decade of hearing has passed?

>> She was really used to these powers. From kithood until warriorhood, Dovewing has remained with these powers. She really wanted to be normal along with her sister, Ivypool, then Ivykit / paw, and probably want to be stress-free. She didn’t feel ready to face all these problems, because she was special, and the only one who faces the experience, without someone mentoring her and sharing their knowledge with her about far sight and hearing. But then, when she was a warrior, after the dead and living battle, she lost her special, unique abilities. She no longer has what she has had for months, ever since birth. She suddenly feels completely normal, and because of the far senses she had, she feels blind or deaf. She only hears a small range of noises and activities, about 15 feet of sight, instead of what could be like many miles away.


I was putting my entire mind for some parts and then it sometimes blanked out, so some things might not make sense. I’m not a true Dovewing fan, but I support her. I disagree with many things people say about her that involves with mary-sueness and a terrible, selfish personality (oh and if you think she is terrible to ivypool read extra closely and make a triple spectulation i probably didnt spell that right but whatever). So I took up some complaints and tried to spin them around, but I’m not sure if I even made sense. Many people simply say Ivypool does more than she has ever done, but I quite disagree, since Dovewing has done as much as Ivypool did. I’m not being against Ivypool (and i only hate her apprentice self, warrior is way better), I’m only saying that Dovewing is equal.

Death, usually made of wood i haven’t written a article for ages so if i messed up then epicfail

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  • I don’t really like Dovewing. Ivypool and Hollyleaf are way better and I wish that Hollyleaf or Ivypool had a power instead of Dovewing. Also Hollyleaf is my favorite character.

  • Honestly, I adore Dovewing. I totally agree with all you have said here. I mean, without Dovewing, I’m pretty sure the clans would have died of thirst, meaning NO MORE WARRIORS! We need to give Dovewing more credit. Also, if Dovewing hadn’t heard Sol planning an invasion of Thunderclan with Windclan, who knows what would have happened?

  • Thank you! I agree with all of these! Dovewing is my third-favorite cat, and she deserves way more love. Don’t let the Dark Forest’s manipulation of Ivypool, or your wishes that Hollyleaf or Ivypool had been one of the three rather than Dovewing, make you like Dovewing less; Dovewing as a character had nothing to do with being part of a prophecy, it was the Erin Hunter team’s choice. It was a pretty great plot twist, and I am glad it happened. (And, in my eyes, Dovewing seems more fitting to be one of the three anyways, being more modest and, in many ways, more mature than the other two… and she’s certainly more capable of handling pressure than Hollyleaf — love to Hollyleaf.) And before you say that Dovewing was bad to Bumblestripe… uhm… *cough cough* I’m pretty sure it was the other way around, my dudes. She was very nice to Bumblestripe, even taking him as her “mate” at one point because she felt she had no other option, and she really didn’t want to disappoint him! But, guys, Bumblestripe is a literal creep, in my opinion. Not leaving Dovewing alone, trying to pressure her into the relationship… Ew. Ugh. Last but certainly not least, she didn’t want powers and wanted to be normal, unlike more selfish Ivypool (who I might no longer hate, but my point stands), and then, when she lost her powers which she had finally begun to accept (think about that), felt like she was going blind and deaf, her normal way of life taken away from her.

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