Summer Gathering: Bramblefire’s BlogClan Booth!

Welcome to the first BlogClan Booth of the Summer Gathering! Today’s spotlight is on Bramblefire, who has produced an excellent array of top quality artwork!

My biggest inspiration has been the cats themselves. As I’ve read Warriors for the past six years, I’ve been dazzled by each cat (Especially Crowfeather and WindClan), and art has given me that chance. Each cat is able to come alive and differ from e previous given it its own personality to match in the books. Crowfeather’s gentle yet grumpy personality has always captured my attention and he is easily the cat I draw the most.

The cats themselves don’t take too long to produce (an hour at most) but its the thrill of capturing previously visioned scenes that really excites me. Scenes that I couldn’t draw before became possible with practice and now I draw fanart almost daily, still attempting to catch each feel of the scenes I read six years ago.

Use the arrows on the left and right to scroll between pictures, and click on the pictures to see high quality versions (it’s worth it!)

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