(SPOILERS) ShadowClan Medicine Cats by Lionpaw

Lionpaw lists all the known ShadowClan medicine cats.

Artist unknown (Source: Free Realms Warrior Cats Wiki)

So i really wanted to make ShadowClan’s Medicine cats so i could finally move on to other clans.So let’s start!
I really love PebbleHeart.PebbleHeart was the first ShadowClan medicine cat uand i love him so much!He was so serious but so kind and wise.I love how he loved his littermates,OwlEyes (star) and SparrowFlight,he loved them so much and that reminded me of me and my siblings.We actually have very similar personalities as PebbleHeart,OwlStar and SparrowFlight.
I talked about him a bit in my article about ShadowClan leaders.I LOVE HIM TOO!He was so sweet and lovely!He was a great medicine cat!
MossHeart was very intelligent.I loved when she stopped the fight between WindClan and ShadowClan.
I like him too.He was very kind and a good medicine cat.
I think he was a good medicine cat but i can’t really say much about his personality.
I don’t really know much about him.
I don’t know much about her too so…
I love her!She was so wise and nice and cool and a very good mentor!I was so sad when she died.
She was so wise,one of the best medicine cats both ShadowClan and ThunderClan have ever seen.I cried twice when she died.I was also so sad when RaggedStar didn’t pay attention to her,and seeing BtokenStar exiling YellowFang was so heartbreaking.YellowFang is truly the best medicine cat on this list.
I love him!He was so sweet and nice!He is one of my favorite medicine cats!
He was such a great medicine cat!He was so wise!I really liked him.I was also very sad when he died.I really loved him!
He was a great medicine cat!I was also very sad when he died.
I won’t really rant about her that much because she just became a medicine cat but i think she cares about ShadowClan a lot.
So i don’t have 350 in this article…What will i do now?Okay it actually passed two days and i finally know.My favorite ShadowClan medicine cats are:RedScar,MossHeart,SageWhisker,YellowFang,RunningNose and LittleCloud.
Tell me your favorite ShadowClan medicine cats in the comments!
Btw we have two more clans left,WindClan and RiverClan,wich one should i do next?
Okay i have enough words.Bye!

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