Summer Gathering Fanfiction/Fanart Contest

Flowerstream explains the fanfiction/fanart contest and reveals the prompt. 

Hello everyone! It’s the first day of the 2017 Summer Gathering and I hope you’re having fun and are prepared for the upcoming events (get hyped). Keep reading until the end to find out the prompt!

You will have until 7 PM UTC on 6 August 2017 to submit your creative piece, be it fanfiction or fanart. Remember you may only submit one thing (essentially, you may not submit both a fanart and fanfiction piece- it’s one or the other). Use this time to make your submission as great as it can be

Once you are finished, post your submission in the comments of this post. If it’s a fanfiction, post it as is, and use an image hosting site if it’s fanart- we personally recommend Imgur, though there are other websites out there.

Additionally, you may collab with someone else as long as they are on the same team as you. Otherwise, giving points would be a difficult task.

Be creative and have fun! If you have any questions, BlogTeam will answer them speedily. And now, without further ado, the prompt:

The Dark Forest has taken over BlogClan. Several cats are corrupted…including all of the mods. Whose side are you on, and more importantly, what will you do?



  • Okay. I finished mine 😛
    I’m just going to give the link
    It’s not my best but I’ll give it a go

    Click here

  • Jetclaw’s entry for the fanfiction contest:

    A/N: I was very excited when I read the prompt and quickly devised a plot I immediately fell in love with while I was at work today. Except, once again it decided to become extremely long and had to be written in under a day. I’ve managed to succeed. And I hope you all enjoy 😀

    Jetclaw yawned stretching her jaws open wide tongue sticking out a little before the yawn ended and she closed her mouth rasping her tongue over her muzzle afterwards as she refocused on the shapes of Flowerpaw and Robinpaw sparring in the training hollow in front of her. The sunlight filtering through the leaves of the trees around them, a gap illuminating the two training apprentices. Jetclaw focused on the bright light trying to awaken her fuzzy mind. She didn’t remember having trouble sleeping last night, and Flowerstream hadn’t mentioned anything when they got up that morning…
    “Rough night?” Sundance asked the ginger she cat sitting beside Jetclaw under the tree, Jetclaw’s apprentice Fallenpaw looking up from where she’d been tracking a beetle at the edge of the hollow.
    Jetclaw sighed pawing at her right eye, “Yeah, must not have gotten much sleep last night…” She muttered shaking her head to focus on Flowerpaw and Robinpaw; Flowerpaw having almost gotten Robinpaw pinned when the gray and russet apprentice managed to slip free of Flowerpaw’s grip.
    “Their form is getting a lot better,” Jetclaw glanced towards Sundance who nodded.
    Rustling from Jetclaw’s side heralded Fallenpaw, who came trotting over after the beetle she’d been chasing escaped into the bushes nearby. Jetclaw turned her head partially towards her apprentice “Once they’re done I’ll take you through some moves and then you can try your paw at taking on Flowerpaw,”
    Fallenpaw looked up at Jetclaw excitement glittering in her eyes, “Okay!” She meowed before refocusing on Flowerpaw and Robinpaw who had separated and were circling each other in the hollow.
    Sundance purred about to comment, when a caterwaul interrupted the pleasant scene. Jetclaw and Sundance bolted to their paws, Jetclaw’s ears swiveling around for any traces of sound. Sundance beckoning the 3 apprentices close Robinpaw and Flowerpaw obeying and moving towards her, Fallenpaw staying frozen by Jetclaw looking around wildly for the source of the sound.
    “Was that camp- “
    Jetclaw’s claws unsheathed as her ears pricked forwards detecting running paw steps and breaking branches and twigs heading right towards them. Jetclaw crouched ready to spring, when a familiar voice cried.
    “Help!” Then Stoatpaw exploded out of the bushes her tan tabby fur bushed out to the point she almost looked twice her size. Her eyes were wide and wild as she looked around wildly before spotting the shocked Jetclaw and Sundance rushing over to them, “Help! Camp-Something, Everyone-I-Chasing-Help!” The young she cat meowed quickly her whole frame trembling unable to form a complete thought.
    “What-“ Sundance meowed looking to Jetclaw, who tensed.
    “Get them back something else is coming!” Jetclaw ordered shoving Stoatpaw back as she saw a flicker of movement beyond the gap Stoatpaw had made in the shrubbery surrounding the hollow. Jetclaw stalked towards the small gap tail up and eyes narrowed back arched.
    A moment later a blur of black and white leapt at Jetclaw. Jetclaw didn’t have a chance to get a good look at the cat as the cat lashed out at her with sharp claws, slicing into Jetclaw’s cheek.
    Jetclaw hissed blood beginning to drip down from her cheek, but she didn’t hesitate in retaliating. Before the cat could move again she grabbed onto the cat’s shoulders and shoved the cat into the dirt and bit down hard on the cat’s shoulder shifting to begin clawing the cats side digging into the black pelt underneath.
    The cat beneath her screeched and rolled squashing Jetclaw underneath but rather than let go, Jetclaw adjusted her grip to keep clawing at the cats back and sides with all four paws her jaws remaining gripped onto the cat’s shoulder. She could taste the iron taste of blood across her tongue, but Jetclaw didn’t let go.
    The thrill of battle was pulsing through her, her heartbeat pounding through her ears as she and the other cat struggled. The sound almost drowning out the voice of Sundance who was screeching something.
    Jetclaw didn’t know what could be so important that Sundance was going to try and talk to her when she was in the middle of dealing with a threat. The black and white cat finally moved off Jetclaw ripping free from the grip Jetclaw’s teeth had in their shoulder. The cat staggered back a few feet and Jetclaw quickly recovered her feet and glared at the cat, who glared back with bright lime green eyes. Jetclaw barred her teeth bunching her muscles about to spring when teeth grabbed onto her scruff and yanked her back.
    Jetclaw twisted about to lash out with her claws, freezing when she saw it was Sundance who was pulling her back.
    “What are you doing?! The enemy’s over there!” Jetclaw yowled struggling trying to break free from Sundance’s grip without hurting her.
    “That’s not an enemy!” Fallenpaw cried, Jetclaw turning her head towards the small cat who was looking wide eyed at the snarling black and white cat Flowerpaw standing beside her ears pinned back as she looked wide eyed at the black and white cat. “That’s Icy!”
    Jetclaw blinked and turned her head and blinked eyes widening when she realized she was right. In the heat of battle, she hadn’t recognized the black she cat with the white belly as Iceflower. But to be fair, the Iceflower snarling at Jetclaw bore little resemblance to the friendly and cheerful Iceflower she was most familiar with.
    Iceflower’s black fur was puffed out, eyes glaring daggers at Jetclaw, then she let out a laugh, “What’s the matter? You all out of steam?” She asked curling her lip at Jetclaw.
    Once Sundance had pulled Jetclaw back to the point she was a tail length and a half away from Iceflower; the ginger she cat released Jetclaw and came up beside her to look at their vicious clanmate in confusion. “Iceflower! What’s gotten into you?! It’s us! Sundance and Jetclaw! We took the apprentices out- “
    “Yes, trying to steal away our apprentices, we’re aware,” Iceflower meowed sharply eyes narrowing. “Did you really think we wouldn’t notice,” Her black tail lashed behind her, taking a step towards them Jetclaw tensing and arching her back hissing.
    “What-? No! We’re your clanmates, why would we take apprentices from BlogClan?” Sundance protested eyes wide, “Iceflower what’s wrong with you?!”
    Iceflower chuckled, and Stoatpaw let out a soft whimper as shadowy wisps flickered around Iceflower’s eyes before they returned to normal. “I’ve been enlightened like the other senior warriors, we’re going to bring about big changes to BlogClan, starting by enlightening every single member.” She meowed Jetclaw and Sundance’s ears swiveling around detecting multiple pawsteps advancing towards their location.
    “Hmm, obtaining enlightenment huh… Maybe that isn’t such a bad idea.” Jetclaw mused sheathing her claws. Fallenpaw gasping and Sundance looking at Jetclaw like she was insane. Iceflower’s ears pricked forwards and she drew herself up looking satisfied. It was in that instant that Jetclaw moved. With the speed, some might say was reminiscent to that of her namesake, she crossed the gap between her and Iceflower raising one of her sheathed forepaws and bringing it down hard on the she cat’s head.
    Iceflower let out a gasp, before crumbling to the ground from the blow. Jetclaw drawing back, making sure Iceflower was down for now before turning towards the others.
    Sundance and the apprentices were looking at her wide eyed, and Jetclaw flattened her ears.
    “Well don’t just stand there!” Jetclaw cried the approaching pawsteps drawing nearer and nearer pounding like the pounding of the tan and black she cat’s heart. “We’ve got to move!” Jetclaw meowed darting forwards tossing Fallenpaw onto her back and snatching up Stoatpaw’s scruff and taking off out of the hollow. Fallenpaw squealed and flailed on her back, almost sliding off completely, before the apprentice dug her claws into Jetclaw’s fur hanging on tightly as Jetclaw bolted.
    Racing pawsteps and quick breathing on her tail made her glance back; Stoatpaw squeaking and curling into a ball covering her eyes from the jerky movements. Jetclaw let out a breath of relief as she saw Sundance, Flowerpaw and Robinpaw following after her. Just barely able to keep up.
    “What are we going to do?” Sundance asked glancing back towards the way they had come.
    Jetclaw focused ahead, “Run,” She ground out around Stoatpaw.
    Sundance nodded picking up her pace so she was a tail length behind Jetclaw but already she was starting to breathe hard. Jetclaw’s ears swiveled around as the forest blurred past them, the trees starting to thin a little.
    ‘If we carry on in this direction the cover will get poorer and poorer,’ Jetclaw thought narrowing her eyes as her gaze swept over the area as she ran. ‘We’ve gotten a pretty big lead on our pursuers, and if we keep up at this pace Sundance and the apprentices are going to fall too far back and be easy pickings. We need a hiding place,’ Jetclaw thought glancing to the right where the forest was still fairly thick, and she nodded her head in that direction. ‘We’ll look there,’ She hooked her tail in that direction to signal to Sundance, Flowerpaw and Robinpaw where they were going.
    Jetclaw adjusted her trajectory beginning to cut right still heading to the border of BlogClan but the foliage began to thicken around them once more.
    Soon they were jumping over the roots of a tree that they used as a marker for their territory leaving BlogClan territory completely, and it was here that Jetclaw began to slacken her pace and slow down. She came to a stop when she spotted an old fox set that they could try to use to hide if they needed to. Breathing a little hard and fast, Jetclaw set down Stoatpaw who was quivering and still had her eyes covered. Jetclaw lifted her head to turn it and pull Fallenpaw off her back when her neck twinged making the she cat wince. Her neck aching from carrying Stoatpaw all that way.
    Fortunately for Jetclaw’s aching neck, Fallenpaw was able to jump/slide off Jetclaw’s back and land with a thump on the ground. Sundance and Flowerpaw came up after her panting hard.
    “So-so fast,” Flowerpaw dropped onto the ground flanks heaving.
    “We had to move fast,” Jetclaw meowed, “They were practically right on our tails,” She moved to a tree with a few low branches and jumped onto the tree trunk and clawed her way up to the branch and peered out into the distance, ears pricked towards the territory. She couldn’t see or hear any of their pursuers… yet. “But at least now we have some distance, and this abandoned fox set should do for a hiding place if they do come this way.” The tan and black she cat jumped down from the branch and landed with a soft thud. “Also, I can smell the BlogClan markers so the wind’s changed and we’re downwind, so unless they’ve summoned Cloudtail from the books we should be in luck,” Jetclaw meowed, noticing Sundance looking around.
    “That’s all well and good,” The pale ginger she cat retraced where they went putting her forepaws on a boulder to boost her height and look around, “But I think we’ve lost Robinpaw,” She meowed ears lowering.
    “What?!” Jetclaw meowed eyes wide she turned towards Flowerpaw who’s ears were lowered and her two colored eyes wide, “What happened to Robinpaw! She was supposed to be right by you and Sundance!”
    Flowerpaw looked down scuffing her paws in the dirt, “She-she was right behind me, I-I-I thought she was still with us-“
    Jetclaw growled shaking her head and turning back to the territory, “Fox Dung! I have to go back for her!”
    “Wait!” Sundance jumped in front of the tan and black she cat stumbling from getting her weary muscles to move so fast. Jetclaw stopped to keep from ramming into her friend. “You don’t know what you’re getting into! If you barge in you could get taken over by whatever has affected our clanmates too! Then what will we do?”
    Jetclaw narrowed her eyes, “They’re affected by some sort of thing that they’re calling ‘enlightenment’, I don’t know what it is, but all I know is Robinpaw’s stuck back there along with who knows who else.”
    “But we have someone who might be able to tell us more,” Sundance reminded her turning her head and nodding towards Stoatpaw who was beginning to recover from being carried so roughly.
    Jetclaw let out a sigh tail lashing, before heading over to Stoatpaw, “Stoatpaw, I need you to tell me everything you know about this, what happened before Icy started chasing you?”
    Stoatpaw shivered sitting up and wrapping her tail around her paws. She looked down a moment, mouth opening and closing before she looked up at Jetclaw. “There was… I don’t know a darker feel to the camp. Like there was something ominous going on. The deputy didn’t come out to set up patrols so some cats took it upon themselves to go out and start hunting, patrolling and training,”
    “Yeah, Owlwater was quickly snagged by Frostfeather to go on patrol,” Flowerpaw meowed nodding. “It’s why I had to come with Jetclaw and Sundance,”
    “But after most of the patrols, and groups left, the remaining cats started acting… weird.” Stoatpaw meowed ears lowered. “Some of them wouldn’t wake up, while others were kind of wandering around kind of dazed and confused,”
    “When did Iceflower start chasing you?” Jetclaw asked.
    “Well… things started going bad when Cakestar and most of the older senior warriors called out all the cats, and said we had to… accept enlightenment,” Stoatpaw meowed shaking her head ears lowering, “I was sitting by Winterpaw at the time, and he said something…mouse brained,”
    “Typical Wint,” Jetclaw muttered ear twitching. “So Wint put his paw in his mouth and questioned everything that was going on, and then enlightenment was exposed as a bad thing,”
    Stoatpaw nodded shivering, “It got to the point where all the ‘enlightened’ cats had shadows around their eyes which freaked everyone out, and then they said that since we couldn’t accept enlightenment quietly… We would be forced to,”
    Jetclaw and Sundance exchanged looks, as Stoatpaw shivered, “Winterpaw and I were sitting in like the second row… and when the others tried to get us, they ended up crashing into cats in the rows closest to the front instead. Shiveringrose made a concerted effort to get to Winterpaw, but Lionpaw and Gladepaw jumped on her and tried to fight her…” Stoatpaw bowed her head, “I-I didn’t see what happened to them because Winterpaw and I were shoved out of there by Wavesplash and Sapphireheart… Wavey took Wint, and Sapphireheart tried to stay with me… But she got tackled by Flame and shouted at me to run, and that was when Icy chased me to you guys,” Stoatpaw finished her whole body shaking. “It was the worst!”
    Jetclaw’s eyes narrowed and she began to pace, “That means there’s patrols out there that might not be affected by enlightenment,” She mused.
    “And Robinpaw!” Flowerpaw cried.
    “So, what are we going to do?” Sundance asked glancing back in the direction of the clan territory.
    Jetclaw’s eyes narrowed. “The apprentices should stay here, and you should stay close by. Stoatpaw is there any way to find out if they’ve been… enlightened?”
    Stoatpaw shook her head, “Besides them acting different than they’ve acted before and the shadows around their eyes? No, not really,”
    Jetclaw nodded, “All right, I’ll make it work,” She stopped pacing and turned to Sundance, “I’m going back to find whoever I can and send them back over the border, the apprentices should hide here while you keep an eye on the border and check for any cats I send your way.” Sundance opened her mouth to protest but Jetclaw turned away before the ginger cat could get a word in, “Look for the ones scared out of their minds, those are the ones most likely to be ‘unenlightened’.” Then the tan and black she cat turned and left.
    “Jetclaw!” Sundance called after her, the ginger she cat making an attempt to give chase but her exhaustion from trying to chase Jetclaw last time had clearly tired her out. “Ugh! StarClan save you Jetclaw!”
    Jetclaw gave a flick of her tail to signal she’d heard Sundance before she disappeared into the foliage heading back towards the BlogClan territory.
    She slowed down as she neared the border, ears pricked and mouth open for any scents, she was still downwind from the border and any cats on that side of the border, but that could change in a moment. She paused to make certain and then nodded to herself, there was no one ahead in the immediate vicinity but once she crossed the border she’d have to-
    A twig cracked behind her, making Jetclaw whirl around to find herself face to face with Fallenpaw.
    “Fallenpaw!” Jetclaw hissed, “What are you doing here?” She demanded.
    Fallenpaw lowered her gaze and shuffled her paws, “I want to help Robinpaw and the others,” She meowed lifting her head and looking Jetclaw dead in the eyes, “And you shouldn’t go alone, you carried me out of there, at least let me fight alongside you,”
    Jetclaw sighed her ears lowering, “Fallenpaw, don’t be like me, I’m brave to the point of being a mouse brained, I want to get every cat out that I can. An effort that will likely lead to me succumbing to whatever got the others,”
    “Then you shouldn’t go alone,” Fallenpaw meowed puffing up her chest, “I know you’re really brave and probably not scared of anything, but I don’t want you to be alone. And I-I can be another set of eyes and ears, and my stalking has improved a lot! And- “
    “All right, all right you can come,” Jetclaw muttered shaking her head as she looked towards the border, “But from this moment forwards talking is to a minimum and you do everything I say no questions asked, understood?” Fallenpaw nodded the black she cat shivering with anticipation. “All right, time to pull a jail break.” Jetclaw meowed before slipping across the border, Fallenpaw a black shadow trailing after her.
    They didn’t encounter any patrols or any other cats as they went through the territory, and they also encountered surprisingly little resistance on their way towards camp. But once they got close, was when it got dicey.
    There were guards and it took every ounce of Jetclaw’s skill to get her and Fallenpaw past them and into the inner boundaries of camp. And it was there that Jetclaw found out why the territory was so empty. She and Fallenpaw were forced to climb a tree to avoid detection as Jetclaw told Fallenpaw (the best hiding places are up, you always forget to look there). From their viewpoint in the tree they had almost a bird’s eye view of the camp.
    The majority of BlogClan was surrounded by a group of cats that were acting like a bunch of zombies, their eyes focused straight ahead towards the cats they surrounded.
    “Why are they doing that?” Fallenpaw asked Jetclaw, the tan and black she cat narrowing her eyes as she peered into the group of cats. Her heart sinking as she spotted Robinpaw amongst them.
    “I don’t know, they’ve got them all corralled with their enlightened ones acting as the corral,” Jetclaw muttered, unnerved by how the group seemed so lifeless. Like all personality had been removed and their whole mission in life was to pen in their clanmates. There was shifting from Cakestar’s den and Flowerstream and Emberdawn emerged guiding Rosefur who’s eyes had flicks of shadows flickering around them, the she cat’s head bent low and her whole-body language looking like a cat who’d had the worst day ever.
    Jetclaw narrowed her eyes at Rosefur, as Flowerstream leaned in and whispered to Rosefur’s ear and Rosefur straightened up the shadows fading from her eyes replaced by a blank look and then the cream colored she cat moved and became a part of the corral as Flowerstream and Emberdawn moved towards the cluster of cats trapped in the middle.
    “What did they do to Rosefur?” Fallenpaw asked quietly.
    “I don’t know!” Jetclaw hissed back tail lashing, as Flowerstream and Emberdawn pulled Witchheart from the group and brought her towards the den. “I’d need to get closer to find out.” She cast a look around. “There’s no way we can jump from tree to tree without attracting attention, I’m no SkyClan cat,”
    Fallenpaw looked around, “We could try sneaking up on them, I might just be small enough I could squeeze through those close gaps.” She meowed nodding to the bramble bushes and barrier that protected the camp.
    “Yeah but you won’t be able to get close… They’re on the lookout for anything, and you’d have to get down from this tree and get over there without being seen. Things would have to go from zero to chaos really fast,” Jetclaw meowed peering down at the corral cats. “IT’s obvious the corral cats know they’re supposed to keep cats IN but what I could do is jump down and force my way in and break the line. There’s a lot less cats by the bramble barrier, if enough cats force through it can be broken. Plus, it’ll give you the chaos needed to find out what’s happening.”
    “But what about you?” Fallenpaw asked
    Jetclaw turned to Fallenpaw her ears twitching, “Focus on getting the info, that’s what’s important Fallenpaw, find out how they’re doing this, or what is ‘enlightening’ our clanmates.” Jetclaw meowed. “I’ll do what I do best,” Jetclaw meowed moving to get in a good position to drop down on the corral from above. “I’ll fight for what I believe in, and run like the wind,” She meowed, she glanced back at Fallenpaw who moved to the trunk of the tree to begun descending, “Once I drop, you get moving, whatever you do-don’t get caught, StarClan be with you Fallenpaw,” She meowed before shifting her focus back onto the ground below.
    Fallenpaw dipped her head, “And with you Jetclaw.”
    Jetclaw nodded sparing one last glance back at her apprentice, and then the tan and black she cat dropped from the sky.
    Jetclaw dropped down and landed on Shiverfur, the pale grey tabby unable to react as Jetclaw practically smushed her into the ground with her landing. Jetclaw didn’t give her body a chance to settle fully before she leapt onto the next cat in the line pushing their muzzle into the dirt before whipping the cat next to them in the face with her tail.
    For a moment everyone was just confused, then Wavesplash seized control of the situation as Jetclaw ducked a clumsy swipe from Blitzpaw and knocked the apprentice back with a kick to the belly.
    “Scatter!” Wavesplash yowled, “Apprentices, run, warriors break the lines!”
    At her words, the corralled cats bolted outwards. Some made for the gap Jetclaw had opened, others crashed into the cats who had been corralling them. The cats coming to life and fighting against those unfortunate ones.
    Some guards headed in the direction of Jetclaw but Frostfeather and Frostflower came in and used their shoulders to knock a smaller cat flat on their back. The two Frosts continuing on, the cats behind them jumping over the fallen cat like gazelles over a fallen log.
    Wavesplash launched herself onto Russetfeather knocking her down, with Winterpaw jumping in to assist by cuffing the russet cat’s ears.
    “Look I’m helping!” He meowed before he delivered a solid blow to Russetfeather’s head that made her go limp under Wavesplash.
    Wavesplash winced and looked towards Jetclaw who was moving fast to take out the sluggish corralling cats, she darted around swipes delivering trips, kicks and distractions as she weaved around them using every bit of speed she possessed she paused when she began to tire and most of the corral cats were hitting themselves trying to get to her.
    Then she spotted Wavesplash standing near the defeated Russetfeather with Winterpaw sitting on the downed she cats head. For a heartbeat, the tan and black she cat feared the russet she cat might’ve died, but a second later and teeth in Jetclaw’s shoulder from her pause (which was from Lionpaw who Jetclaw knocked off with a swift buck and kick combination), confirmed that Russetfeather’s chest was still rising and falling. But Wavesplash and Winterpaw were still not moving.
    “Get moving you two!” Jetclaw hissed darting over to them and grabbing Winterpaw’s scruff and getting him off Russetfeather’s head, so he didn’t wind up squashing her skull or something on accident. “It’s only a matter of time before they- “
    Yowling sounded as Flowerstream and Emberdawn erupted from Cakestar’s den, Jayfrost, Iceflower, and Shiveringrose joining the two along with several more guards and the newly converted Witchheart.
    “Uh, yeah that’s definitely our cue to skedaddle!” Winterpaw meowed, Jetclaw headbutted him forwards before she did the same with Wavesplash.
    “You two get moving, I’ll get as many out,” Jetclaw barked glancing around seeing several small clusters of cats escape out of the camp.
    Wavesplash blinked, “Are you- “
    “Mousebrained? Yes, now go!” Jetclaw snapped before twisting and darting towards some of the stragglers who were still in the corralled area. The senior warriors were leaping into the fight and taking down some of the stragglers already. Jetclaw had to find Fallenpaw and get her out before it was too late. Jetclaw ducked letting Flame sail over her as she rushed in the direction of Cakestar’s den. She spotted Fallenpaw who was stumbling away from the den eyes wide fur bushed out like she’d seen a ghost.
    Unfortunately, Jetclaw wasn’t the only one to spot Fallenpaw, Kat was barreling towards the apprentice and Jetclaw realized what she had to do. There would be no more running, it was time for battle.
    Jetclaw yowled and rushed in Kat twisting to look at her just as Jetclaw came in at her side. The two colliding and rolling into Fallenpaw sending all three of them crashing through the bramble barrier just behind Cakestar’s den. They fell apart into a heap, brambles scattered around them, Jetclaw shoving Fallenpaw back before leaping towards Kat, realizing too late she might’ve miscalculated her attack.
    Kat remained on her belly, and utilizing the move Bluestar used on Firepaw, caught Jetclaw in the chest with all four paws and threw her back. Jetclaw hit the ground and rolled back onto her paws wincing from the impact shaking off the dust, fighting back a sneeze.
    “Jetclaw I know what it is! IT’s the Dark Forest!” Fallenpaw cried. “They’re entering our clanmates minds and breaking them down inside until they’re nothing but empty shells,”
    “Oh, I’m far from an empty shell,” Kat hissed rearing up over Fallenpaw, Fallenpaw’s ears flattening eyes going wide as she looked up at Kat.
    “Well you’re about to be shell shocked!” Jetclaw snarled forcing her weary limbs to move rushing in and jumping a crazy leap of faith over Fallenpaw and slamming into Kat’s stomach, Kat coughing from the blow. The two falling together, Jetclaw pressed her legs into Kat’s belly to jump off her, but a flailing paw from the large white cat caught Jetclaw in the head making the tan and black she cat see stars. Jetclaw hit the ground a half tail length from Kat who squirmed to recover her paws.
    “Jetclaw!” Fallenpaw cried darting over to Jetclaw only to freeze as Jetclaw turned and fixed her with a glare.
    “No! Fallenpaw you need to run!” Jetclaw hissed.
    “But I can’t leave you!” Fallenpaw protested.
    “Wavesplash and Sundance need to know what they’re up again, you’re the only one who know and I trust them to be able to fix this.”
    “But we need you!” Fallenpaw cried legs shaking as she shot furtive glances towards Kat who was groaning and beginning to pick herself back up again, “You’re strong, smart and brave. You’re tough and stand up when we need you,”
    “Any cat can be smart, strong and brave.” Jetclaw meowed, “Wavesplash and Sundance can be that, and so can you. But you can’t be that if you stay here, then not only will we lose this fight, we’ll lose the war. If you leave, I may lose this fight, but you’ll win the war. I need you to win the war for me. Can you do that for me Fallenpaw?” Jetclaw asked pushing herself up as Kat began to move towards them.
    “Enough talk!” Kat snarled bunching her muscles and she leapt at Fallenpaw.
    “Fallenpaw use that dodge skill Robinpaw and Flowerpaw were practicing! Dart under her before she hits the ground! You’re faster go!” Jetclaw hissed her legs shaking and head throbbing, her vision beginning to get foggy.
    Fallenpaw nodded and rushed forwards Kat was beginning to come down from her leap the she cat shifting her weight forwards to try and come down on top of Fallenpaw. But Fallenpaw used her momentum and slipped onto her belly sliding on the flattened grass, moving like a worm slipping out from behind Kat just as Kat came down on bare earth instead.
    “Go Fallenpaw!” Jetclaw yowled as Fallenpaw shot a furtive glance at her mentor narrowly ducking in time to avoid Kat as she twisted around trying to swipe the black she cat. “Just run!” Jetclaw cried, grunting as a cat jumped onto her sending her crashing into the dirt. “Go!”
    Fallenpaw darted away from the senior warriors that were now heading towards them, she looked back one last time. Then the young apprentice’s eyes hardened and she nodded taking off, “I will make you proud,” The young she cat vowed as she ran as fast as her little legs could carry her.
    Satisfied her apprentice would get away Jetclaw shifted her focus back onto the fight going on around her. She forced her paws back underneath her, grunting as the cat on top of her tried to force her muzzle into the dirt and smother her. Black was beginning to swallow her vision and her head was swimming, but she’d be darned if she went down without a fight.
    She managed to force herself up an inch before another cat dropped down onto hind quarters and Jetclaw looked up just in time to see Flowerstream’s cold eyes boring into her soul before the silver gray she cat brought her paw down on Jetclaw’s head and sent the tan and black she cat into darkness.
    Jetclaw opened her eyes to a dark forest wreathed in shadows, fog seemed to coat every inch of the place, it had a wet musty smell to it, and no sunlight could pierce through the thick canopy of leaves above Jetclaw’s head.
    Jetclaw grunted shaking her head, pushing herself up. Her wounds for the most part forgotten, the she cat turning to the source of the sound of pawsteps a familiar ragged and scarred tortoiseshell she cat with amber eyes stalking out from the shadows and glaring at Jetclaw.
    “You let her get away!” Mapleshade hissed stalking towards her. “You let so many of them get away, victory was within our grasp,”
    Jetclaw snorted drawing herself up, “Oh please, if it was that easy it wouldn’t be any fun.” Jetclaw retorted shaking her fur.
    Mapleshade barred her teeth and curled her lips, “We had an agreement,”
    “And I didn’t violate it,” Jetclaw meowed, blue eyes flashing as she slashed her claws across the ground dark and dusty leaves getting flung up from the action “If you can recall what it was exactly we agreed on,”
    Mapleshade growled, her tail lashing, circling Jetclaw. “I haven’t forgotten,”
    Jetclaw blinked in confusion when she found herself in a dark and shadowy forest. She craned her head back and peered up at the sky, shivering at the sight of the dark and impenetrable leaf canopy above.
    “So, this is what the dark forest… They weren’t kidding about the dark part,” Jetclaw muttered ears lowering tail flicking side to side as she glanced around.
    “Oh, it’s not the shadows of the forest you need to fear,” A sharp voice broke through the din and gloom of the forest. Jetclaw turned towards the source and spotted blazing amber eyes peering at her through the darkness, “But the darkness of those who lurk in the shadows,” A very familiar ginger and tortoiseshell she cat emerged from the shadows her eyes glittering when they moved over Jetclaw considering the tan and black she cat.
    Jetclaw blinked and drew back a step, “Mapleshade,” She meowed. “I’d say nice to make your acquaintance, but I’m getting the feeling you’d sooner eat me than have a civil conversation,”
    Mapleshade scoffed, “What, I’m not allowed to speak with someone who understands?” She asked walking to stand beside Jetclaw who drew back ears now flattened and eyes wide as she looked at the Dark Forest she cat. “Who understands the desire to punish those who have wronged the innocent?”
    “You took it too far,” Jetclaw meowed simply, “Ravenwing and Appledusk deserved retribution I will grant you that, but Frecklewish was grieving her brother and you took advantage of that. However inadvertent it was,”
    Mapleshade curled her lip then she sighed, “Yes, I suppose I did take it a little too, far. But I didn’t bring you here to talk about me,” She rested her tail on Jetclaw’s flank Jetclaw flinching at the contact, “Let’s talk about you a moment,”
    “What’s there to talk about?” Jetclaw asked.
    “You have so much ambition, so much potential. But all of it is boxed away to stay on the straight and narrow,” Mapleshade meowed. “You’re a warrior but you let others pull you back and keep you from using your claws,”
    Jetclaw shook her head, “Sure, I wouldn’t mind being able to cut loose sometimes… But it wouldn’t be worth it. Hurting those I care about, and hurting those around me just because I couldn’t control my frustration and anger,”
    “So instead you turn those painful emotions on yourself,” Mapleshade meowed tsking, “You should just cut loose, I could show you how. I could show you how to achieve greater power, greater freedom, greater satisfaction than you’ve ever felt before. Tell me Jetclaw what have you always desired?”
    Jetclaw blinked slowly, “I- “
    “Close your eyes, and envision your biggest dream,” Mapleshade meowed.
    “I’m not making any promises with you,” Jetclaw eyed Mapleshade shifting back.
    “I ask no promise from you, just tell me what you desire,”
    Jetclaw’s tail twitched and she glanced away looking into the distance and she took in a deep breath her eyes slipping closed. “I dream of being important, I dream of doing something that makes others say ‘Jetclaw you really helped, you made a difference, you’re my hero.’” Jetclaw whispered her eyes opening, “I want to make a difference in my clan,”
    “You want to be their hero,” Mapleshade meowed brushing her tail along Jetclaw’s flank.
    “Well, maybe not their only hero, I just want to be known for making a difference in BlogClan and being an integral part…. Where if I was suddenly gone, I’d be missed,” Jetclaw meowed glancing down the shadowy fog seeming to move in by her vision and starting to obscure her view
    “Oh Jetclaw,” Mapleshade purred lifting Jetclaw’s muzzle with her paw. “I can give you that opportunity, you just have to help me, I’ll make sure that your clan recognizes just how important you are,”
    Jetclaw nodded for a moment before she shook her head her eyes narrowed, “No, evil always fails, but… I can get the best of both worlds,” Jetclaw meowed the tan and black she cat beginning to pace missing the gleam in Mapleshade’s eyes. “I can get the ball rolling, set everything in motion, and then as things begin to go wrong. When BlogClan is in danger, I’ll come in as the first wave to give them hope. Hope that we can triumph. I’ll be seen as their fallen hero when the second act comes around,” Jetclaw mused nodding her head. “Then in the second act, I’ll be just another puppet being yanked along, a victim subjected to your whims, making me innocent of any crime I commit,”
    “Indeed, Indeed,” Mapleshade meowed stalking towards Jetclaw blocking her path. “So, does that mean you’ll help me?”
    “I’ll help you, I’ll get you your foothold into BlogClan,” Jetclaw meowed, “But I’m not doing all the work for you,” Jetclaw said. “I’ll lead you into Flo’s dream, she was enjoying a nice dream about Rockwell I think,” At Mapleshade’s perplexed she elaborated, “Word through the forest is it’s a rock she draws for the clan to enjoy,”
    “How does that help me?” Mapleshade asked.
    “Well I was dreaming about you and your story when I went to sleep,” Jetclaw said, “I’m guessing you need some know-how of what I’m dreaming to get in. So, I just gave you the key to Flo’s dream. From Flo, you can get your claws into the other senior warriors, but if you’re going to get BlogClan that’s on you. However,”
    Mapleshade sighed, “what?”
    “Some get to escape, and they escape with me,” Jetclaw meowed. “I want an opportunity to play the hero to the fullest, before I am able to enjoy this whole being a villain shtick to the fullest,”
    “Done,” Mapleshade growled, “Anything else before we get the work started?”
    “Yeah, I don’t remember any of this when I wake up. As far as I’m concerned once I wake up I know nothing about any of this when things start happening. The only time you reawaken my memories is when we meet again, only after I’ve fallen to your forces,” Jetclaw meowed.
    Mapleshade rolled her eyes, “Also done,”
    “Then let’s go get this hostile takeover of BlogClan started,” Jetclaw purred barring her teeth, Mapleshade chuckling the shadows swirling around the two she cats ensnaring them completely in darkness.
    /End Flashback/
    “You’ve now facilitated what could bring about our plan’s failure!” Mapleshade hissed getting into Jetclaw’s face amber eyes blazing into bright blue.
    “Oh, your plan’s going to fail,” Jetclaw meowed impassively sitting down and wrapping her tail around her paws looking around the dark landscape around her. “It’s just a matter of time, see, I know evil never triumphs, good always does… eventually. Oh, evil might have its day, but it never lasts. It’s basic storytelling, you have your acts that build up to the climax before everything falls into place. We just completed the first act where I fell from being the hero BlogClan needed to being amongst the corrupted,”
    Mapleshade growled, “This isn’t some story for you to tell,” She meowed warningly
    “Ah but the second act is the most fun, what happens next is out of my paws,” Jetclaw meowed sitting down and holding up her forepaws, “Either the BlogClan cats I’ve left behind will rise up and take back their clan, or you will lead the corrupted BlogClan members to defeat them and take over BlogClan. I’m curious to see which one will happen, but what I’m looking forwards to is either way I win. You win, I get to be chaotic and enjoy true freedom for a while longer, they win, I am welcomed back a hero for my efforts but I still get to have had my fun. I win either way,” Jetclaw said lifting her chin blue eyes sparkling
    Mapleshade glared at her growling lowly, the forest seeming to grow even darker around them. “Enough chatter, there is work to be done to gain back the ground you lost us,” She meowed heading deeper into the dark forest, Jetclaw hesitating a moment before she rose to her paws and moved to follow after her.
    ‘But the reality is the real victory will be in seeing who’s going to rise up from this conflict. Who will grow to become the hero this conflict needs to be resolved, Fallenpaw? Wavesplash? Winterpaw? Sundance? The possibilities are endless and I look forwards to finding out which one it’ll be. But every good hero, needs a good villain. Now it’s time for me to play the part of an excellent villain,’ Jetclaw thought chuckling as the darkness of the dark forest swallowed her up as she followed after Mapleshade.

    (I hope this didn’t cut anything out it was 13 pages long XP and some credit due to my friend ShadowofheartsXIII for the idea of the dark forest’s ‘corruption’ being considered ‘enlightenment’ from the DF)

  • The Beauty of Blogclan
    Dark Forest
    Maplepaw Hazelpaw Sunnykit Eagleclaw Rosefur Gigglepaw LionPaw Kinkpaw Ravenpaw Fallenpaw Dark Shadow on Water Shiverfur Darkpaw Softpaw Lionpaw Shimmerfrost Mossball Foxpaw Robinpaw (Robindawn) Foxtail Streampaw (Streamshadow) Snowlight Sapphireheart Gladepaw Blitzpaw Jetclaw Leaftail Juniperpool Birchfoot Willowlight Shivering Rose Iceflower Flowerstream Flameshine Russetfeather Emberdawn Witcheart
    Brightstorm Rainpaw Echopaw Flashtail Stoatpaw Mossfluff Hunt that never ends Sage Whisker Swanpaw/feather Freespirit Lupinepaw Sky Mintfeather Pantherheart Icetail Dewpaw Willowpaw/step Wavesplash Darkpaw(Ivy) Wrenpaw Flowerpaw Brightkit Rainpaw/leaf Airwave Sorrelpaw Sundance Bramblefire Butterflyflower Aspenpaw Frostpaw Fawnpaw Amberstorm CakestarSpirit (Snakespirit) Foxshadow Winterkeep Goldenfawn Winterpaw Flamepaw

    Once, there was bloodshed. Something came over Blogclan. Some went to Starclan, others went to the dark forest. This is what happened.
    I woke up in the dark forest camp. Yawning, I padded over to my mentor. “Menty, what are we doing today?” I asked. “We decided that without a mascot, Starclan will be weak, so we’re going to try and kill Mo.” Sapphireheart told me. I padded out of the den, pacing in the clearing, waiting for command to attack. Then Hazelburrow shouted, “All right, let’s do this!” And padded out of camp with the clan following behind. Padding softly on the forest floor, we got to their camp. We were met with uncontrollable rage. I leaped onto a dark back, jumped down and clawed a tabby in the eye in a whirlwind of rage. Then I saw Iceflower. She was fighting against Robinpaw. “Iceflower!” I screeched. ‘How could you!” We kept fighting, but we were outnumbered. Thanks to her, the battle was lost. And Mo was invincible which made things harder. We decided that the only way we could win was a battle of pure force. Those weaklings wouldn’t stand a chance. When we were padding to their camp over the moor, however, they met us there. On the moor, battles are pure force, no special tricks used. We fought. I don’t remember all of it. I just remember blood and pain, fur ripping beneath claws. Most passed out from exhaustion. Others just stood watching over the fallen, should the enemy revive. We spent days just lying, exhausted. What did we gain? Nothing. Eventually we went back to normal, in our camps. But there were so many traitors. One day you’re a friend, next you’re an enemy. I lost track of all of my former clanmates. There were countless battles. Then one day something happened. No one remembers what, but we started to merge. There were hostilities, then grudges then there was no violence. We cared for each other. We joked together. Gatherings became contests and fun, driving us apart to bring us together. And Blogclan became beautiful once again.

  • It was a dark and stormy night when they came. The Dark Forest.

    I poked my head outside the apprentices’ den to find an army of shadowed figures. Ghostlike whispers echoed faintly over the violent wind, and shattered moonlight revealed onimous stares.

    I shivered, but it wasn’t because of the icy coldness seeping into my fur. What were they doing there? Who were they in the first place, anyway? They definitely aren’t BlogClan cats! I thought, utterly confused as I blinked rain out of my pale green eyes. What was going on? Should I go tell the mods? I probably should; that’s what a responsible apprentice would do.

    Making up my mind, I tiptoed out of the den and sprinted through the rain as unnoticeably as I could. Lightning pelted the sky and I grimaced as a tree most likely caught fire somewhere outside of BlogClan territory. Don’t think about that now, Wistep. Focus on your job.

    My paws finally skidded to a stop in front of the mod den. By now, I was soaked ears to tail-tip with rainwater, and my teeth never stopped chattering for a moment. Great, I’m going to catch a cold, I realized dumbly. You’re such an idiot to run in a freezing rainstorm; you’ll never be the best! My conscious roared at me. I flinched, but this wasn’t the time to inflict self-hate and under-confidence on myself. Another day, maybe, if there was even another day after this.

    Stumbling in, I collapsed in the den and attempted to catch my breath. My lungs were battered and my throat felt like it had been carved out. It probably is, my sarcastic, quirkier side commented in my mind. Ha, not funny, I shot back, doing a mental roll of my eyes.

    Meanwhile, a very tired mod woke up in all the noise I was making and was currently standing in front of me. “What’s wrong?” Emberdawn asked, a worried look on her face. “You look like you’re halfway to death, Wistep! Do you need to see the medicine cats?”

    “No,” I mumbled exhaustedly. “Look… look outside in the clearing, please.” Embix gave a searching glance at me before sighing and padding out into the rain. I hope she knows who those cats are, I prayed. But I have a bad feeling about them.

    When Embix came back, I noted she wore the weirdest expression on her face. Now it was my turn to ask, “What’s wrong, Emb? Who are they?”

    “I know who they are,” she murmured quietly, leaning forward to stare into my eyes. Blue against green. “The Dark Forest,” Emberdawn whispered in a hushed voice. I gasped in shock, rooted to the spot. “But for some reason, they seem like they’ve changed. Even Mapleshade was really kind.”

    “What?” I said, raising my voice. “Are you serious? The Dark Forest being KIND, after all of the things the Clans did to them? Why are they even here?”

    “They said that they wanted a second chance,” Embix explained. “Also, Wistep, please lower your voice. We need to talk things out, but not now.”

    It was too late. Mods muttered inaudible things and groaned groggily. “Why in the name of StarClan did you have to wake us up?” Icy mumbled tiredly, peering at me.

    “Yeah,” Flame agreed, rubbing her eyes.

    “What’s going on?” Hazelburrow demanded. “Why are you here?”

    “Y-you won’t understand,” I replied weakly. “T-the Dark Forest is here. And… they want redemption.”

    Silence fell upon the crowd of mods. You could hear a pin drop in the eternity of quietness.

    “You… you’re joking, right?” ShiveringRose asked, her eyes flickering to Emb for confirmation.

    She nodded. “It’s all true.”

    “What are they talking about?” Cyp unsheathed her claws. “A second chance? Look at what they did to the four Clans! What if that happened to us? We won’t be able to fight back!”

    Embix sighed softly. “They actually seemed like truly kind cats.”

    “Well, we won’t know until we actually talk to them,” Russetfeather pointed out in an attempt to lighten the mood. She stood up and stretched, yawning. “Come on, guys. We can do this for the sake of BlogClan!”

    “For the sake of BlogClan,” the other mods echoed simultaneously like a cheer, also standing up. In that moment I realized how devoted the mods were to BlogClan, protecting and making it a better place. For the sake of BlogClan, I echoed in my mind.

    “Gather in the clearing for a Clan meeting!” A resonant yowl rang through the camp and my ears pricked up with interest.

    “Time to go see what the mods are up to now!” Foxpaw exclaimed brightly, leaping to her paws excitedly. “Come on, everyone!”

    “Okay, Steppy,” all of the apprentices answered in a chorus. We all scrambled over each other in a race to exit the den. As we flooded out, I realized that the Dark Forest cats were sitting with us. What… what are they doing here? I thought. As I was engrossed in my mind, the mods poured out of their den, looking rather pleased.

    “Hurry up, apprentices!” Flowerstream barked playfully from the medicine cat den. “Don’t lag!”

    “Fine,” we called, picking up the pace to the clearing where Cakestar, Jayie and the mods stood. “We’re coming!”

    I jogged into the center of the camp, the events of the previous night still imprinted in my head. As I realized the cat next to me was in fact a shadowy, slightly transparent figure, I tried to scoot away as obscurely as I possibly could.

    “Hi,” A soft voice whispered to me. I jumped and glanced over to my left, spotting Fallenpaw beside me.

    “Hi, Fallen,” I whispered back, feeling the Dark Forest warrior’s eyes scorching the back of my head. I shrank.

    “Who’s that?” She murmured quietly, gesturing lightly with her tail-tip at my next door neighbor. Also known as a very creepy cat that I didn’t want to be next to at all.

    “Uh…” I started, being the antisocial creature I was. “A… that’s a Dark Forest warrior you’re looking at.”

    Fallenpaw’s eyes widened to the size of moons. She sucked in a breath and stared at me unblinkingly, neck fur bristling. “But I thought they were defeated! Why are they back?”

    “I don’t know,” I told her in a hushed voice, holding on to a futile hope the dark warrior wasn’t eavesdropping on our conversation. “But I don’t think they’re here for a good purpose.”

    “We’ll just wait and see,” Fallenpaw responded brightly, looking ahead proudly at the mods. “If they prove to be evil, the mods will protect us. Right?”

    I nodded numbly. I hope the mods will protect us, but why in the name of StarClan am I even HOPING? Just last night I placed complete trust in the mods to keep BlogClan safe, but I don’t know where that confidence went in me. It’s just… disappeared, and I don’t know why!

    I shook my head, attempting to rid my mind of such treacherous thoughts. How ungracious this was!

    Sighing, I took a deep breath. Time to end the mental rant and actually pay attention to the real world. By now, everyone had gathered and all ears were pricked.

    Iceflower took the stage, eyes shining. “So you may have heard that Dark Forest cats have entered our camp.” Several cats gasped. “But they mean no harm! They have come here for shelter and a second chance, so we shall treat them with the utmost respect and dignity.”
    Shooting a glance at a tortoiseshell beside her, she yowled, “Let Mapleshade talk to you. She’ll explain everything.” Everything. Huh.

    Putting on what looked like a forced smile to me, Mapleshade padded into the center. “Greetings, BlogClan. You may already know who I am. Mapleshade. You may also already know terrifying stories about the Dark Forest. We know we’re in nursery tales and elders’ stories, but you shouldn’t trust everything you hear.” The mods, Jayfrost, and Cakestar all mewed in agreement. “I am here to tell you that you are mistaken. We, the Dark Forest, are not actually dark. We are misunderstood. We are treated unfairly. We are wrongly portrayed as black-hearted cats. But you’ll see that we’re just simply warriors who have made mistakes and want redemption.” Cypresswind nodded approvingly, and I frowned. Hadn’t Cyp been the most aggressive against the Dark Forest?

    Mapleshade beckoned to an oddly familiar she-cat, and she limped forward. The Clan leaned closer. “Look at poor Lilywhisker!” The ragged warrior meowed, her voice ringing through the camp. “She was sent to the Dark Forest just for a permanently twisted leg. You should say how twisted that is!” Lilywhisker nodded and backed away. A cat I recognized easily as Brightflower, Yellowfang’s mother, padded forward.

    “I am Brightflower,” the queen said softly, standing straighter. “And look at what my only fault was: grieving for my kits whose lives were taken away at such a young age! Is that worse than attempting to murder four cats?” BlogClan murmured quietly among themselves, and I mumbled, “Ashfur,” the same time many other cats did. It was clear as daylight who she was talking about.
    “No,” Flame that Shines Like Sun answered proudly, rising to the makeshift podium. “And that’s why they deserve a second chance.”

    I felt completely confused. Not only were the mods talking like moonstruck lovers about Dark Forest warriors, half of the cats in BlogClan were nodding along with them. What is coming over the world? I wanted to scream to BlogClan. This is pure insanity! Looking over my shoulder, I saw Fallenpaw grinning, along with Owlwater, Willowlight, Stoatpaw, Jetclaw, Breeze that Glides Through Summer, Daisyfrost, Stoatpaw, and many more.

    “Fally!” I shouted as quietly as I could into her ear. “What do you think about this?”

    “I think it’s great news!” She shouted back, looking overly joyful. “A chance to make cats better!”

    “Wait, wait, are you even serious?” I hissed in shock, feeling my heart twist uncomfortably. “You actually think Dark Forest cats don’t deserve their stupid swamp?”

    Fallenpaw snarled. “I thought you were better than this, Willowpaw.” I realized she hadn’t called me by my nickname, which she always did. “I didn’t know you were this stone-hearted. I thought you were a good cat. You’re not my friend; you’re a monster!”

    Wide-eyed and heartbroken, I watched her storm away from me with a hateful look on her face. “What?” I whispered. “I’m not a monster, right? They are.”

    Not wanting to do anything else other than to cry, I slid into the apprentices’ den and collapsed in my nest, salty tears slipping down my face. Curling into a ball, I hid my face and stared into the mossy darkness of my nest. “I-I don’t know what’s going on with the Clan!” I choked out to no one in particular. “It’s just- I feel something wrong, but no one else seems to notice! Is BlogClan going to fall apart? Is the Dark Forest going to corrupt every single warrior until the whole Clan is corrupted?”

    “Willow, everything’s going to be all right.” Someone spoke above me quietly. I remained tightly curled up. It’s probably a Dark Forest warrior, I thought bitterly. They’re trying to corrupt me. ME.

    “Please, Willow.” It has to be a BlogClan cat. They know my name. “I promise I’m definitely no Dark Forest cat.”

    Blinking open one eye, I realized through the dim light of the den that the figure was, in fact, Winterpaw, the former medicine cat apprentice of BlogClan.

    “What?” I mumbled, still occasionally sniffling. “Are you here to tell me how awesome the Dark Forest is?”

    Winterpaw let out a sarcastic laugh. “Do you really think that’s what I came to talk to you about?” He asked, snorting.

    “Who knows?” I growled, pouring out all of my bottled up anger and frustration into those two words. “Even all of the mods are convinced the Dark Forest warriors are good now!”

    “Hey, hey, calm down,” Winterpaw mewed. “My point was that was not what I was going to talk about.”

    “Alright,” I muttered, deflating immediately. “So what?”

    “You can speak out if you want to,” Winterpaw said quietly. “Just do what your heart tells you to do, not your brain.”

    “Okay,” I replied.

    “If you want to argue your point that the Dark Forest is, in fact, not a good group of cats, you can argue.”

    “Sure,” I agreed, starting to feel a bit better.

    “Don’t rely your actions on what you think other cats would approve of, rely your actions on what you approve of,” the black-and-white tom murmured earnestly.

    Realization dawned on me. “You’re telling me to… to follow my heart.”

    “Yes, exactly,” Winterpaw told me. “Let your feelings lead your actions. Because in the end, that might be what is right. Use your opinion to help other cats, and perhaps BlogClan will be saved. Anything is possible, and you’ll only know what to do if you try. Take a chance, and you may be a hero.”

    “Anything is possible if I try,” I whispered as I was under a spell. “Follow my heart, and that may be what is truly right, not the future affected by that choice.”

    Eyes shining, Winterpaw smiled warmly. “Good job.”

    Fueled by determination, I shot out of the apprentices’ den at the speed of a hawk. Bunching up my muscles to leap, I sprung onto the tallest rock in the clearing and yowled, “Everyone gather in front of the tallest rock for a Clan meeting!”

    I watched as cats stumbled out of their respective dens, staring at me in confusion. Soon enough, the Dark Forest cats joined BlogClan to my disliking and everyone was present.

    “What are you doing up there, Willowpaw?”Cakestar asked, giving me a strange look.

    “About to give a talk,” I replied calmly, feeling as if all of StarClan was with me. “About the Dark Forest cats.”

    Fallenpaw narrowed her eyes at me. Go ahead, she mouthed at me.

    I pried my green gaze away from her and scanned the Clan with steely eyes. There were so many different expressions: confusion, anger, shock, happiness, and so many more. I couldn’t possibly name them all.

    “I don’t think the Dark Forest should be here.” Shocked silence greeted my words as eyes widened. “They may be kinder, but don’t believe that. Don’t believe everything you hear,” I repeated, pinning down Mapleshade with my gaze.

    “They say not to believe the four Clans. They say it’s a lie. But if that’s a lie, then are we a lie?” I asked.

    “No,” some cats muttered while looking down shamefully at their paws.

    “Don’t believe the Dark Forest. Don’t ever. Look at Mapleshade. She was overridden with grief, and decided to murder three cats in order to satisfy her vengeful heart. Is that called a chance for redemption?”

    “No,” more cats mumbled.

    “We must fight back!” I yowled. “We are BlogClan!” And we will not be taken over by the Dark Forest under the cover of poisoned kindness! Attack!”

    With many yowls, BlogClan charged down on the Dark Forest cats. Claws and teeth clawed at fur and wails of agony rang through the air. I flinched at the sound but kept my claws whirling through flesh and pelts. This is for my Clan, I thought. I would not let the Dark Forest win. Ever.

    Owlwater and Willowlight worked together to drive off a Dark Forest warrior before snapping at another. Proud, I darted in to fight with them, rhythmically slashing and biting everywhere.

    This wasn’t about the fight; it was about working together as one united Clan. We are BlogClan, and nothing will stand in our way.

    I let out a joyful yowl as Mapleshade staggered out of our camp, bloodied with her injuries. When she was completely concealed from sight, the whole of BlogClan cheered.

    We did this. BlogClan did this.

    We are BlogClan, and we are one unified Clan.

  • Corruption 101, otherwise known as Kinkpaw Breaks the Fourth Wall
    WARNING: Will seem very rushed. My weekend’s been busy. I haven’t had that much time to write.
    A rush of excitement made its way through Kinkpaw as she opened her brown eyes. The Gathering is today! she realized, and leapt out of her bed. She quickly grabbed her laptop and opened it to the Google homepage. Entering the BlogClan address, she waited for the page to load.
    And waited.
    And waited.
    And waited…
    Oh no.
    This was not good.
    On the day of the Gathering, the internet was down! How would she ever submit her fan fiction, or see if she got a booth, or play games-
    Kinkpaw shook her brown-haired head. No. This would be fine. The page would load eventually. It wasn’t as if the Dark Forest could take over her WiFi server or anything.
    A while later, the apprentice was beginning to grow impatient. She had managed to get through about 50 pages of Trailing Stars while she waited, and the page still hadn’t loaded! She looked over at her laptop-
    Sorry, took too long to respond. The page has stopped loading.
    Kinkpaw suppressed a groan.
    She leaned over to her window and pushed the blinds up, planning to just stare out the window until the internet decided to cooperate. But what as soon as she did, she felt something- a force of some sort- take hold of her, and she couldn’t move. She watched haplessly as all her surroundings changed, the walls melting into trees, the ceiling changing to sky, until she herself began to shrink.
    Kinkpaw let out a yell and flailed at the air around her. What in BlogClan was happening?
    She felt herself grow smaller and smaller by the second, and her panicked yells turned to panicked yowls. Her hands morphed into paws, her ears became pointed, and her brown hair turned a blueish gray.
    Eventually Kinkpaw fell and hit the carpet-turned-soil with a thud. Moaning, she then opened her now yellow eyes and blinked. She wasn’t sure that her vision was working properly because she appeared to be laying in a strange forest. Half of it was murky and dark, with fog crawling around like a badger about to spring. The other half was bright with tantalizing scents and shimmering trees.
    And, she quickly realized, she was laying right on the border between light and darkness.
    She attempted to stand, staggered, and instinctively landed on four feet. Her eyes went wide when she looked down at them, turned into somewhat large blue tabby paws.
    Screeching and springing backwards the former human’s mind crowded with thoughts. I’m a cat, she realized. More than a cat- I’m Kinkpaw!
    She looked around frantically. And if I’m Kinkpaw, and today’s the Gathering… this must be the border between-
    As if on cue, a menacing yowl echoed through the forest. “Dark Forest, attack!”
    Well, that was quick. According to all laws of fiction don’t I have to stand here for a mew moments and try to figure out exactly what happened?
    Kinkpaw’s head turned just in time to see a large patrol of cats leaping out of the darker side of the forest, a mass of hissing, screeching fur. At their head was a black-and-white she-cat Kinkpaw could recognize anywhere. “Iceflower!”
    Iceflower’s eyes flicked toward Kinkpaw momentarily. She snarled and turned away, causing Kinkpaw to flinch. A wild light had glowed in Icy’s eyes- perhaps if could only be described as the light of the Dark Forest.
    Just then another yowl ripped through the sound of pounding paws.
    “StarClan! Defend yourselves!”
    It was then that another patrol of cats ran from the light side of the forest. Their pelts glowed with a thousand twinkling stars, and their eyes were ablaze with courage to defend themselves
    The head of the StarClan patrol was one that Kinkpaw was extremely relieved to see. “Waveplash!” she cried, sprinting to the she-cat’s side. Wavey stopped in her tracks. “Kinkpaw?” she asked, her expression one of confusion. “How’d you get here?”
    “I have no idea,” Kinkpaw replied honestly.
    Wavey regarded her for a moment before shrugging. “Oh well. Just do your best to not get killed, okay?”
    Kinkpaw gave the senior warrior a confident nod. “Okay.”
    The blue tabby’s eyes followed the silver she-cat as she hurled herself, yowling, at a Dark Forest cat a few fox-lengths away. Kinkpaw didn’t know how they were fox-lenghts. She just did.
    The voice jolted the apprentice out of her thoughts. She turned to see Icy staring at her with battle in her eyes. A deep-looking would on Icy’s chest dripped blood, and her face was twisted in a snarl. This was not how Icy usually looked.
    “Evilburrow put you on the Dark Forest team for a reason!” she spat.
    Kinkpaw was confused. “Who?”
    “Evilburrow, Cakestar’s son!” Icy snapped. “For the Gathering, you’re SUPPOSED to be on MY side! But I’m sure you’re not aware that… plans for the Gathering have changed. Her lips curled up into a smile.
    However, Kinkpaw was still only confused. “Why is he called Evil-”
    “We all have Dark Forest nicknames,” the tuxedo cat explained with an eye roll. “I’m Iceglower, Flo is Flowerscream, et cetera.”
    “Okay,” Kinkpaw mewed. “But I can’t be evil. I don’t have a nickname.”
    “You can be…” Icy appeared to be racking her head for ideas. “Darkkink.”
    Kinkpaw grinned. That sounded cool. “Yay! Thanks, Icy!”
    “It’s Iceglower-
    “That’s cool, okay, bye!”
    Kinkpaw dashed off into the StarClan forest. Invited to be evil by Icef- er, Iceglower… That was the opportunity of two lifetimes! She could fight with the Dark Forest just like she had always dreamed! After all, she had been rooting for the Dark Forest in The Last Hope… and Starkit’s Prophecy, too, but that didn’t really count.
    Wavey had seemed to really need Kinkpaw. The older warrior’s eyes had shone with despration when Kinkpaw had spoken to her. We need you, Kinkpaw! Only you can save us from the Dark Forest! That’s what Wavey had said, right?
    Stopping, the blue tabby shrugged, figuring it was close enough, and began to call out. “Heeeeeeeeeeeey Wavvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeey!!!!” she yowled. Repeatedly.
    Eventually Wavey popped her head out from behind a nearby glittery tree. “Kinkpaw? What’s up?”
    “Well-” Kinkpaw began, bouncing up and down toward Wavey, “you said I was the only cat who could save StarClan from the Dark Forest, right?”
    “Yeah, I guess,” Wavey replied. “But in all seriousness, no, I didn’t say that.”
    “Alright,” Kinkpaw mewed. “Can I fight for the Dark Forest then?”
    “If you want too…”
    The depths of the Dark Forest were just as murky and disgusting as Kinkpaw had predicted. She couldn’t see the tops of the trees, either, and fog shrouded her view. It may have been a trick of the light (or lack of light) but she could almost swear she saw cats’ eyes glowing in the shadows.
    Just then, there was a long, menacing hiss.
    The apprentice’s ears flattened and her fur bushed out. But, contrary to what usually happens in books, she did not call out. She stayed silent. Maybe this was wise, maybe not.
    “Kinkpaw… it’s me, your favorite Dark Forest cat. “
    Instinctively, breaking-the-fourth-wall-ingly, Kinkpaw knew that voice. “Wait- Mapleshade? How’d you know you were my favorite?”
    “Because you posted on BlogClan that My Vengeance was your favorite novella. I know everything that goes on at BlogClan,” the voice continued.
    “Well, alright,” Kinkpaw meowed. Fair enough.
    “Or perhaps, young cat, I should call you Darkkink. Or maybe Kinksaw? Kinkmaw? Kinknaw?” Mapleshade asked.
    “I like Darkkink,” Kinkpaw confirmed.
    “Can I trust you to fight on the Dark Forest’s side?” Mapleshade asked.
    Then, the tortoiseshell stepped forward slightly so that Kinkpaw could see her. Mapleshade bared her teeth. “Can I?” she repeated.
    Kinkpaw grinned back. “Of course.”
    Mapleshade merely sighed. “Wow. You’ve had a chaotic night.”
    Why is she acting so non-Maplehadey?
    “Oh really?”
    “Yes, Darkkink. It was crazy. You woke up, fought StarClan, and fell asleep. Pretty crazy, huh?”
    Shuffling her paws, Kinkpaw muttered, “I guess so.”
    “Just one thing.”
    “You actually did all those things backwards.”
    Kinkpaw opened her eyes.

  • Summer Gathering 2017 Fanfiction
    The Good In Evil

    I woke up to the sound of a bird chirping somewhere above me. I yawned and stretched, then froze as I realized that I was supposed to be on the dawn patrol. I scrambled out of my nest and ran outside, only to bump into Flowerstream, who had clearly been waiting for me.

    “Oh- um- sorry I’ll just go now!” I mewed, ducking past the she-cat. “They haven’t left yet I’ll just-”

    I had overslept before, and usually, Flowerstream let me off with just a warning. Today, however, was different. “Come back.” she snapped, sticking out a paw to catch me across the chest. “That’s the second time in a moon you’ve been late to dawn patrol.”

    I thought quickly, trying to find another loophole or some other technicality that would prevent me from getting into trouble. Technically I wasn’t late because the patrol hadn’t left yet. “Well… the patrol hasn’t left yet, so I can’t be late.” I told Flowerstream. “I’m just the last one there.”

    At this point Flowerstream would have let me go, not wanting to hold back the patrols any longer. But again, today was different. “You say that every time you oversleep.” she hissed. “You need to be taught a lesson and I-”

    At that moment, another one of our senior warriors, Wavesplash, called me over. “Hurry up Dewpaw, would you?”

    I slipped away from Flowerstream, thinking that I saw her sheathe her claws as I hurried away. Wondering who had made dirt in her fresh-kill, I found Wavesplash and the rest of the patrol. “Do you think there’s something up with Flowerstream today?” I asked the silver-and-white she-cat as we left the camp.

    “Flowerstream?” Wavesplash replied, looking confused. “No, but I didn’t talk to her at all this morning. What happened?”

    “Oh, nothing.” I meowed quickly. “I was just- it’s nothing.”

    I told myself I was just overreacting. Flowerstream must have just been tired or stressed about something, and I had been technically-not-technically late for patrol. Still, the fact that she had unsheathed her claws made me wonder if there was something else going on.

    The dawn patrol went by as smoothly as it always did, and we were back in camp just as the sun had risen over the horizon. As I headed back to the apprentices’ den (hoping to catch up on some sleep), I ran into Mintpaw, who looked worried. “Hey, Dewpaw. I was wondering if you noticed anything… odd about some of the senior warriors.” she meowed.

    “As a matter of fact, I have,” I responded, the incident with Flowerstream still fresh in my mind. “We can talk about it over here.” I led Mintpaw to a spot behind the den, and we both sat down.

    Mintpaw told me that she had overheard Iceflower, Hazelburrow, and Goldenfawn arguing about something. She said that Hazelburrow and Iceflower both seemed very hostile, which was strange. She hadn’t heard much, but the words “corrupted”, “evil”, and “Dark Forest” had stood out to her as being particularly worrisome. I agreed.

    “We should go to Jayfrost,” I suggested. “Maybe she could-”

    “What could I do?” came a voice from behind us. We froze and slowly turned around to stare into our deputy’s cold amber eyes. She stood there silently as Mintpaw and I frantically exchanged glances to figure out what we should say.

    “We just… uh… we noticed…” I stammered. “We noticed some of the warriors acting… strange… and Mintpaw overheard something about corrupting and the Dark Forest and we were wondering…”

    “I highly doubt that it was anything you two should be concerning yourselves with.” Jayfrost meowed sternly. “I would suggest that you stop gossiping about things that don’t involve you and start doing something productive. I believe that the elders need fresh moss, so you can start there.”

    “Now that isn’t like Jayfrost at all.” I muttered, staring at the retreating deputy.

    “And she was lying about the elders needing new moss.” Mintpaw mewed indignantly. “I did it yesterday with Stoatpaw.”

    “Wow.” I meowed. “What in StarClan’s name could be going on?”

    The next day, Darkpaw said that she had seen Russetfeather and Flameshine nearly claw each other after they had an argument about where to hunt. “I don’t know if it’s anything to be worried about,” she confessed. “I just had a feeling that something wasn’t right at all with the situation.”

    “Trust your instincts,” I told Darkpaw, repeating my favorite piece of advice. “If you have a feeling that something is wrong, listen to it.”

    When I thought about it, a lot of the senior warriors seemed to be on edge and irritable. I decided to go to the two cats I knew hadn’t been acting strangely: Wavesplash and Sundance.

    “So you’re sure that you heard Iceflower say something about the Dark Forest?” Sundance asked, looking skeptical. We were sitting in the same spot behind the apprentices’ den that Jayfrost had found Mintpaw and me in the previous day.

    “I’m positive!” Mintpaw mewed defensively. “And I heard something about corruption as well.”

    “Maybe they were talking about how the Dark Forest is corrupt,” Wavesplash suggested. “You might just be overthinking things.”

    “We’re not.” I insisted. “Haven’t you noticed some of the warriors acting hostile? They aren’t themselves.”

    Suddenly, Sundance stood up. “Hold on a moment.” she meowed. “I need to do something really quickly. Don’t go anywhere.”

    We waited in silence for Sundance to return. A few moments later, she came back and sat down. “I just went to ask Rainpaw if she had seen Jayfrost,” she told us.

    “And?” Wavesplash mewed.

    “She said that Jayfrost left camp a while ago with Iceflower, Flowerstream, Hazelburrow, and ShiveringRose.”

    An idea popped into my head. “We could follow them!” I meowed excitedly. “We could figure out what they’re doing or maybe more about that conversation they had or-”

    “Wait, wait, wait.” Wavesplash meowed. “We can’t just go spy on them. They’ll scent us or see us, not to mention that it’s just plain rude!”

    “But if they’re up to no good we don’t have any other options.” Darkpaw pointed out.

    “Let’s do it.” Sundance’s eyes were gleaming. “It’ll be an adventure!”

    “Fine.” Wavesplash rolled her eyes, exasperated. “But don’t say I didn’t warn you when we end up of tick duty for the next moon.”

    “You in, Mintpaw?” I asked, glancing at the other apprentice.

    Mintpaw flexed her claws. “Oh, I’m in,” she growled. “We’re going to get to the bottom of this.”

    We snuck out of the camp and followed a scent trail to a small hollow sheltered by some oak trees. Cats’ voices drifted up from inside. We crouched in some ferns a few fox-lengths away. “Okay, I have a plan,” I whispered.

    I sent Mintpaw and Darkpaw to hide in some bushes right on the edge of the hollow. Sundance would be in the same ferns we were hidden in now just in case we had to make a run for it. Wavesplash and I would listen from the trees, where we would also be able to see down into the hollow.

    I got into position. I climbed one of the trees and hid in some leaves. I could just see the five warriors in the hollow, and I could hear them surprisingly well. I couldn’t make out every word, but I heard enough to make a pit of dread form in my stomach. “Cakestar… Dark Forest… killed… wouldn’t want…”

    Suddenly, their murmuring voices died away. ShiveringRose looked directly at a bush. It was the bush that Darkpaw was hidden in. I felt a jolt of fear. Then Jayfrost yowled, “We smell you. Get out here, now.”

    I didn’t move. I could tell that we were all going to stay hidden for as long as possible. Coming out was basically a confession. “Now,” growled Flowerstream. “Or we’ll make you.”

    I noticed they had unsheathed their claws. Fearing for my Clanmates’ and my own safety, I scrambled out of the tree and stood in the hollow. Mintpaw and Darkpaw had already come out, and Wavesplash quickly followed. The only one who wasn’t there was Sundance, but she was too far away to have heard what happened.

    “We’ve had enough of you meddling in things that aren’t yours to meddle in.” Jayfrost meowed. “This is one time too many. You will leave BlogClan forever, or be killed. The choice is yours.”

    I gasped. She couldn’t do that! Only Cakestar could banish cats, and what we were doing wasn’t against the warrior code! Still, it was three apprentices and a warrior against the deputy and four other battle-hungry warriors. Where was Sundance?

    Wavesplash stepped forward. “We’ll leave.” she meowed, her voice quiet but steady. “But believe me, you can’t get away with this. You will face your punishment for conspiring with the Dark Forest.”

    So that was it. We were leaving the Clan. We found Sundance and left BlogClan territory. But the story doesn’t end there. No, we still had a job to do and I was going to make sure we did it. We had to save Cakestar.

    One morning, I snuck away from our makeshift camp. I suggested to Sundance that we go back to the Clan, and we had tried once. It didn’t go well. All of the Dark Forest cats were on guard, clearly expecting us to try something. We got away, but with a few more claw marks on out pelts than we would have liked. Ever since then, every time I suggested we go back the idea was shot down. That was why I decided to go by myself.

    About halfway to the camp, I heard footsteps in the leaves. I froze, not want to make any noise by ducking for cover. I shut my eyes and waited, but instead of a hostile mew, I only got a surprised one. “Dewpaw? But you’re… you’re supposed to be…”

    I opened my eyes to find myself face to face with Swanpaw. I let out a sigh of relief. “Swanpaw! Hi, you scared me. Hey, can you help us.” my words tumbled out, and before long I had spilled everything.

    “Wow.” Swanpaw meowed, her eyes wide. “I’d love to help, but I can’t do it on my own. I’ll get help. Meet me right here at moonhigh.”

    I ran back and told the other four cats what had happened. They weren’t happy I had snuck away, but what’s done is done. We would meet Swanpaw at moonhigh.

    At moonhigh, we left and entered back into BlogClan territory. I was nervous to run into the Dark Forest cats again, but I was also excited. I had gotten us into this crazy idea, so I better get it to work. We met Swanpaw, who was with Winterpaw, Stoatpaw, and Rainpaw. They were all acting a bit strange like they didn’t want to be doing this, but I didn’t give it much thought. We snuck into the camp, with the four apprentices distracting the guards.

    “What now?” Darkpaw whispered.

    “Let’s find Cakestar,” I replied. “And quickly.”

    Wavesplash went into Cakestar’s den first. She woke the leader, who came out to see us sitting there. “I must admit that I’m surprised to see you five.” she meowed, not looking surprised at all. “Jayfrost told us that you all had been killed. She found fur and blood along with dog scent.”

    “She… she said what?” Mintpaw spluttered. “I don’t believe it!”

    “We can’t do anything about that now,” I growled. “Cakestar, we heard Jayfrost, Flowerstream and some of the other warriors talking. We think that they’ve been corrupted by the Dark Forest. They’re going to take over the Clan and kill you! We have to stop them!”

    Cakestar stared at me for a moment, then let out a purr. “Oh, Dewpaw.” she meowed. “Do you honestly think I wasn’t in on this? The Dark Forest will soon corrupt every cat in this Clan. We will become the Dark Forest. We are BlogClan. We are evil.”

    I felt my mind turning black, filled with images of the Dark Forest. Power surged through my claws. It felt good. No, it felt great. How could I have not seen things this way before? I should have known that Cakestar was in on this. We’re BlogClan and we love being evil. I just had no idea how good it felt until now. After all, there is good in evil…

    That went well 😛

    • I̵̸̛’̴̕͟m̵̕ ̸̴̀ģ̶̸͜o͡͏̶n̴̨ņ̛́͝͡à̵̡͜͞ ̴́́͠͞b̡͘͜҉é̴͜͟ ҉̶̛̀͟ư͘̕͞s̴̵̀́͡i͡͝͞͏ņ͠g͝҉̷̢̕ ̷̴͜t̴̸̴́̕h҉̢̢͝e̷̸̸͠ ̷̀̕͟͟z̷̡̧͠a̸͠͠ĺ͝g̴͝ơ̧ ̢͘͘͢f̨̧̛̕͠ò͏̸͠n̴̨̨͜t̷̛͏́ ̶͏̡a͞ļ́͏l̷̴̷̨̕ ̶̨́́͜t̡͢ḩ͠e͏̧ ͞͡t͢҉i̴̸̕͜͝m̴e̷̢,̶̛҉́ ҉́́͜n̨̨o̴͜͞w̵̶̛҉̕

  • Skypaw yawned, waking from her slumber. A paw was prodding her….

    “Birchfoot! Get off!” she snapped, sitting up.

    “I’m not Birchfoot……..I am Mapleshade….” an eerie voice boomed from what seemed like the inside of her sister.

    “H-Hey, stop that.” Skypaw mewed, shuddering a bit, “Just because you’re medicine cat apprentice doesn’t mean you get to play these stupid jokes on me!”

    Another figure approached. A black paw slowly set foot in the den.

    “Hey mom…..can you get Birchfoot to stop doing -” Skypaw pleaded, before she was cut off again. An eerie voice boomed from inside Iceflower.

    “Call me TIGERSTAR.” it hissed. Skypaw backed away.

    “W-What’s going on? Are you pulling a double prank?”

    Suddely, fire erupted from the two cats’ pelts. Their eyes were alight with identical rage.

    A sudden lunge from a cat, Skypaw couldn’t tell which, made her pelt burn. She fel her claws being slowly ripped off, one by one….she screamed in utter agony.

    “Have fun in your petty little StarClan! But then again, StarClan won’t be lasting much longer, will it?” One voice laughed. Skypaw felt claws raking against her throat…..

    And all was black.

    “Skypaw…..I’m so sorry.” A voice sighed. It sounded like….the real Birchfoot!

    “What happened?” Skypaw asked, her eyes demanding an answer.

    “All the mods of BlogClan are dead. The Dark Forest cats killed us and possessed our bodies.” her sister mewed quietly.

    “But how? Why?” Skypaw wailed, “What’s going to happen?”

    “I don’t know, because they need power, and I don’t know.” Birchfoot replied, before stepping to the side.

    “Welcome to StarClan.”

    “I-I’m dead, then.” Skypaw mewed. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

    “Yes. But StarClan is rising as well….and we’re fighting back. Are you in?” A voice purred.

    “Iceflower!” Skypaw exclaimed, running to her mother and nuzzling her.

    “It wasn’t your time, Skypaw….” Iceflower mewed sadly.

    “It’s okay….I’ll help you. We’ll defeat the Dark Forest….and guide our Clan through seasons to come.” Skypaw mewed, her voice growing with each word,

    “And BlogClan will remain strong again!”

  • Spreading

    Wavey’s Gatheringfic Summer 2017

    It was a dark and stormy night. Lightning flashed overhead and heavy drops of rain began to fall, colored dark gray by the gloomy and [scary] sky. BlogClan huddled in their dens, casting anxious glances at the sky and just outside in general. Strange shadows began to slide around camp. It was the perfect night for a…

    “GHOST STORY CAMPFIRE NIGHT!!!!!” Owlwater yelled, popping out of the warriors’ den with brightly colored balloons. “Who’s in?”

    “Me, definitely!” the rest of BlogClan chimed in, crowding around Owlwater excitedly. But a few cats didn’t seem to be joining in on the excitement.

    “Ugh, I thought I’d finally get a good night’s sleep,” Flameshine grumbled, pulling the moss of her nest over her ears.

    Wavesplash peered back into the den, surprised. Flameshine was usually a good-natured and open-minded cat who loved Owl’s fun and games – not a sleep grump! But she realized that the nests still filled with grumbling, sleeping cats were a certain kind. Mods. She spotted Flowerstream, Emberdawn, Cypresswind, Jayfrost… only Iceflower was out of her nest, trying to nudge Cypresswind awake. After a few moments she gave up, whispering something in ShiveringRose’s ear as she passed, and trotted out of the den. ShiveringRose groaned and heaved herself out, trotting after Iceflower. Flowerstream hissed quietly as they left – so quietly that Wavesplash wasn’t sure if she’d heard it at all.

    Well, maybe they’re just having a secret moddity mod meeting. I’m sure it’ll be over soon and they’ll be able to join us. Mods are so speedy! Wavesplash flicked her tail, trying to quell the odd, nervous feeling in her stomach as she followed Iceflower.

    As Wavesplash sat through campfire, she dug her claws into the stone she was sitting on in order not to spring out of her seat and check on the mods, and also read all the second series of Wings of Fire to figure out what Qibli would do. Qibli was one of the smartest and most observative characters there was. Maybe I should ask Cakestar to ask Tui to make a “What Would Qibli Do?” guide. Lots of people would buy that!

    “Wavey!” Sapphireheart nudged her in the side, making her jump. “Didn’t you hear Eagleclaw’s suuuuuuuper scary story? It’s like he was actually there! Good thing he wasn’t though. Training in the Dark Forest would be terrible!”

    Wavesplash shook her head as if to clear it. “Yeah,” she replied.

    Rosefur leaned in, pricking her ears. “But… they’d teach you to be such a great warrior,” she mused, ears lowered. “StarClan knows, we might need it some day.”

    Sapphireheart snorted. “Are you crazy?! They’d make you fight your own Clanmates and kill for their own evil causes! If you think we should train more, you should take it up with Cakestar.”

    Rosefur nodded, forcing a smile, but there was clear worry and fear in her eyes. “Yes. Of course. I’ll do that.”

    Wavesplash frowned. Everyone’s acting so odd today! Good thing Sapphireheart’s at least a little sane. Maybe she actually got a good amount of sleep through the rain.

    “Flameshine! Take Rainpaw, Hazelpaw, and Daisyfrost to patrol the border with GlitchClan. Keep your eyes and ears open – they seem to have been trying to glitch the border into our territory.” Jayfrost called. “Flowerstream, I want you to lead a second expedition along their border. Start at opposite sides and come to each others’ aid if needed. Take Streampaw, Flashtail, and Bramblefire. Emberdawn, take Juniperpool, Lionpaw, and Wavesplash on a hunting patrol near the Digital Tree. Cypresswind, take Mintpaw…”

    Wavesplash padded to the camp entrance to stand with her patrol, frowning. Two patrols on the GitchClan border?? And the Digital Tree is around there too! They haven’t been that hostile lately. I hope Jayfrost isn’t trying to start a fight! But that’s so unlike her… But she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off about this strange mission. Just hunting for my Clan. That’s all I’m going to do. Peaceful, peaceful hunting. With all the mods leading patrols… odd… no, hunting, Wavey! Focus! It’s all in your head! She took a deep breath and followed Emberdawn out of camp.

    Wavesplash lowered into a hunting crouch, her ears pricked up high for any sign of prey – or anything suspicious, but she wouldn’t let herself know it. But all seemed to be quiet… until…


    Is that… Embix? Aaaaand… Lion?

    Pricking her ears, Wavesplash creeped through a conveniently placed raspberry bush, making a mental note to let Kat and Winterpaw know. She poked her nose through the leaves and stared at the two cats. Emberdawn towered over Lionpaw, but she was crouched down to the apprentice’s height and whispering something, her ears twitching tantalizingly. Lionpaw crept backward, ears flattened, but then Emberdawn rose to her full height and said one more thing. Lionpaw nodded, her stance relaxing and her eyes glowing, before both cats returned to normal.

    Wavesplash flattened her ears. What just happened? What did Embix say to Lion? Why did it make her eyes glow?

    But she didn’t have time to wonder, because just then, the last member of their patrol burst through the bushes, carrying three mice. “Embix! Lion!” Juniperpool called. “There’s a fight at the border! GlitchClan attacked!”

    Emberdawn didn’t look surprised, and nodded. “Go and help them. I’ll find Wavey.”

    Panicking, Wavesplash darted out of the bush and hurried in the opposite direction. She didn’t know where her paws were taking her, just away from the terrible battle and whatever weird thing Emberdawn had done to Lionpaw. I just want my normal, peaceful Clan back! What happened to that?!


    Startled, Wavesplash skidded to a halt. She’d been so caught up in her worries that she’d nearly slammed into Jayfrost, Kinkpaw, and Flameshine! Rearing backwards, she unsheathed her claws to catch herself and skidded to a stop in front of them, panting. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! There’s a fight!” she blurted. “And weird stuff happening!”

    Jayfrost and Flameshine exchanged a glance over Kinkpaw’s head. “Well, why aren’t you helping?” Jayfrost demanded. “We need all the warriors we can get. You’re a senior warrior, Wavesplash. Not a runaway apprentice.” For some reason, Kinkpaw didn’t seem set off by the insult, just mad at Wavesplash. Just like Jayfrost and Flameshine.

    Wavesplash’s eyes widened and she took a step back. “I- I just panicked, that’s all. There’s so much weird stuff going on and Embix told the only apprentice in our patrol to go fight!”

    Flameshine flattened her ears. “You’re a senior warrior too. You could have told Lionpaw to run back to camp and get reinforcements. Instead you ran like a frightened kit! I can’t believe you.”

    Wavesplash’s next step brushed the back of a thornbush and she stiffened. “I’m sorry, okay? I’ll go back and fight. GlitchClan won’t get past me. I swear!”

    Jayfrost flicked her tail condescendingly. “We can’t trust you anymore, Wavesplash. How do we know you won’t panic?”

    Fear jolted through Wavesplash. My own Clanmates! “I won’t! I promise!”

    Flameshine sniffed and flicked her tail in the direction of camp. “Go back to camp and think about what you’ve done. Now!”

    Pelt spiking and burning, Wavesplash turned on her heel and bolted through the thornbush, fighting her way frantically through the thorns as Jayfrost’s and Flameshine’s hauty meows and laughs echoed behind her. Kinkpaw’s were in there too! By the time she arrived back at camp, a few patrols had returned and most of her fur had been left in the thornbush. Wavesplash flattened her ears and lowered her tail, hoping no one would notice. But of course, they did.

    “What happened to you?” Brightstorm gasped.

    “Fought a thornbush, huh?” Softpaw snorted. “Too bad it wasn’t GlitchClan.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry Wavey!” Sundance gasped. “But I thought there weren’t any thornbushes near the GlitchClan border.”

    “Did a GlitchClan warrior glitch a thornbush in your path?” Streampaw growled. “I’ll rip their pelt off!”

    “I’ll rip all of their pelts off!” Fallenpaw exclaimed. “You should join me, Wavey! As revenge for your thornbush!”

    “Too bad you weren’t near the GlitchClan border,” Emberdawn scoffed meaningfully as she passed with Lionpaw. “You could’ve actually fought for your Clan. I’d send you to the medicine den, but there are warriors who need it more.” She gestured with her tail as Rainpaw, Daisyfrost, Flashtail, and Hazelpaw limped along, soon followed by Mintpaw. Rainpaw cast Wavesplash a spite-filled glare as she passed along, and she could hear Sky and Mossfluff whispering anxiously. Wavesplash’s pelt burned. The news is spreading. What is happening to me?

    She turned and found Iceflower behind her, tail bristling. Wavesplash bowed her head. Icy’ll understand. She’s one of my best friends. “Icy, I’m sorry. It was just a simple mistake!”

    Shock jolted through her pelt as Iceflower whacked Wavesplash in the side with her tail. “A simple mistake?!” she growled. “Juni and Rainy were nearly killed because of your simple mistake!”

    Wavesplash gasped. “That bad?!”

    Iceflower snorted. “I hope you’re creative enough to think of a way to redeem yourself. Cause I sure can’t.”

    Ears and tail drooping, Wavesplash headed for her nest. She just wanted to be away, away from everything…


    The voice was soft and comforting, but at the same time hard as steel.


    The voice was oddly familiar, but she couldn’t place it.


    The voice seemed to lull her to sleep, but keep her awake.

    “Wavesplash! Wavesplash, I can help you.”

    Wavesplash jerked awake, blinking in shock. She was lying on a pile of moss at the foot of a giant oak tree. Before her stood a pale gray tom, his ragged fur nearly brushing her outstretched paws, his ice-blue eyes boring into her. She flattened her ears. She remembered those eyes… kind of. She’d written about them. About their owner.

    But she’d never expected to actually meet him.

    “…Silverhawk?” she breathed, shocked.

    The tom’s face stretched into a smile. “Oh, Wavesplash, you’re such a lovely young warrior. You wrote such a beautiful one-shot about me, and you actually recognize me! You made my day!”

    Wavesplash smiled warily. “Well, I’m glad to have made you happy. But…” She glanced around the forest, ears pricked. She could hear shouts and meows from all over, yet they seemed far away.

    Silverhawk followed her gaze and flicked his tail dismissively. “Never mind my… Clanmates. It’s just us. I just want to talk.”

    Wavesplash pricked her ears, surprised. “Talk?”

    Silverhawk nodded. “I noticed how you fled the battle. I thought I could help.”

    Wavesplash shook her head. “I don’t know… there’s so much weird stuff going on right now. Maybe later.”

    Silverhawk leaned a little closer, making Wavesplash flinch back. “You might not have time. Your Clanmates long to defeat GlitchClan and have peace return to the forest once more. You ruined their chance at victory today. They won’t be happy with you. The only way to regain their favor is to beat GlitchClan on your own.”

    Wavesplash stared at him. “I can’t do that! I’m just a senior warrior. If I can’t even face a GlitchClan patrol with my Clanmates, how will I be able to fight them alone, let alone win?”

    Silverhawk smiled winningly. “That’s where I come in. I’ll train you, help you to fight better and have more confidence in yourself and your Clanmates.”

    Wavesplash frowned hesitantly. “What do I have to do for you?”


    Wavesplash pricked her ears. The word seemed to echo throughout the forest, and it seemed to be spoken by multiple voices. Harmony.

    “There has to be a catch,” she whispered.

    Multiple voices.


    Dark Forest.

    No catch,

    Wavesplash turned and bolted through the forest.

    “Wait!” Silverhawk yelled after her. “Don’t go! We’re not done!”

    She ignored him, plunging through the eerie forest with its terrible smell and rotting plants, before coming to a muddy river where Mapleshade and Jetclaw were sparring lightly. She slammed into Jetclaw and threw her into the river, screaming “Wake up! BlogClan’s in danger!” Jetclaw shook her head in shock and slowly faded away.

    Mapleshade lunged, furious, but Wavesplash bolted away again. She grabbed Brokenstar and pulled him off Streampaw, stopped the negotiations between Tigerstar and Darkpaw, threw Hawkfrost into a tree to get him away from Bramblefire, pulled Sundance behind a tree to talk without Maggottail seeing them, jumped down on Ripplestar for Emberpaw, hid Freespirit under some roots to get away from One Eye, slammed Thistleclaw in the head for Rainpaw, bashed Blizzardwing and Brightflower’s heads together with the reluctant help of Swanpaw and Dewpaw, bit Batear’s ear while Stoatpaw chased a bat, slammed Fenneldust into some fennel (crushing it to dust) with Amberstorm, turned the willow Lupinepaw climbed to get away from Redwillow red with blood, and and blew Bee and Lilywhisker away with Mossball and Gladepaw. But just after she knocked Marshcloud’s head on the ground while Icetail held him down, a yowl split the air. The remaining Dark Forest cats (minus Redwillow, Hawkfrost, and Marshcloud) charged into the clearing with some very familiar cats…

    “The mods!” Stoatpaw gasped. “Help us!”

    The mods strode toward the circle the Dark Forest cats were forming around the BlogClan cats, unsheathed their claws, and…

    Joined the circle.

    Wavesplash’s stomach turned cold. “No,” she breathed.

    “What are you doing?” Swanpaw yelped. “Help us!”

    Flowerstream showed her teeth. “You’re on the wrong side, Swany, don’t you realize? These cats are trying to help us, to make up for what they’ve done. But Wavesplash and your Clanmates ruined that!”

    Swanpaw’s eyes widened. “I… I see. But I can’t fight them!”

    Flowerstream padded up and wrapped her tail around Swanpaw’s shoulders. “They’re not our Clanmates anymore.” She raised her voice. “Any true BlogClan cats, come with me. We’lll destory the traitors!”

    “Gladepaw! Don’t leave me!” Dewpaw wailed as select BlogClan cats’ eyes began to glow. As if in a trance, they walked evenly to Flowerstream and Swanpaw, turned to face the rest of their Clanmates, and unsheathed their claws.

    Wavesplash glanced frantically around the circle. Dewpaw, Stoatpaw, Sundance, Amberstorm, Bramblefire, Lupinepaw, Icetail, Freespirit, and Rainpaw remained with her. Mossball, Gladepaw, Streampaw, and Darkpaw had left. Emberpaw had disappeared – hopefully he’d managed to wake up safely in his nest, like Jetclaw.

    “At least Jetclaw is safe,” she whispered softly to Sundance, who nodded grimly.

    “Hi guys!” Jetclaw exclaimed, popping out from behind a tree. Her eyes glowed and she joined the mods.

    Wavesplash and Sundance facepawed.

    Flameshine laughed. “Tempting fate, huh? Doesn’t work very well, doesn’t it?” She laid her tail across Jetclaw’s shoulders, who stood in the same battle stance with their controlled Clanmates, her eyes glowing and her expression indifferent.

    Then Mapleshade flicked her tail, and the mods joined them. “Attack!”

    She leaped for Wavesplash, who growled, and struggled to hold her down. As they fought back and forth, the Dark Forest seemed to slide away, slowly being replaced by her very own camp. Wavesplash jolted with shock. They’re taking the battle to the real world! They’re gonna take over BlogClan!

    Wavesplash cuffed Mapleshade one final time over the ears and stood up, staring at the battle in her moment of reprise. Cats were swarming out of their dens to join the fight. To Wavesplash’s relief, most of them were fighting the Dark Forest cats. But she spotted Shimmerfrost and Foxtail attacking Freespirit with the same blank stare, and Willowlight launching a surprise attack on Pantherheart as she tried to fight Antpelt.

    “BlogClan!” Cakestar yowled. “Attack these traitors!” She and Jayfrost launched themselves into an attack on Winterpaw.

    Wavesplash jerked in shock. Kat, Flowerstream, and Birchfoot were all fighting for the Dark Forest, their eyes glowing. But Winterpaw’s eyes were still their normal dark green. Wavesplash leaped into the fray, snarling. “Stop! Cakestar! Jayfrost! This is your medicine cat apprentice!” she screeched. “I’m one of your senior warriors! We’re your Clanmates! Stop this madness!”

    Cakestar spoke, but her voice wasn’t her own. It was Mapleshade’s. “You think we’ll just give up because you tell us to?” she growled. “When we win, we’ll finally be able to have control of an Erin and make the Dark Forest win! You’re so much easier to beat than those canon Clan cats!”

    Wavesplash scanned the clearing and spotted Mapleshade standing, curling her lip like Cakestar was doing right that second, a very un-Kate thing to do. “Oh no you won’t! Not if I have anything to say about it!” she growled. She nudged Foxshadow with her tail, who was nearby. “Can you make sure Win doesn’t die for a sec?” she asked. “I have something to do.”

    Foxshadow blinked and sent One Eye racing away with one last strike. “Sure.”

    “I don’t need protecting!” Winterpaw growled right as Jayfrost slashed him in the shoulder. “Oww!”

    Wavesplash snorted and leaped for the place Cakestar stood to make announcements. It felt weird standing up here, like it should feel wrong but it actually felt right. There was a calm, happy feeling in her gut, and Wavesplash knew that if Cakestar was in her right mind, she would be perfectly okay with what Wavesplash was doing right now.

    “Cats of BlogClan!” she yowled. “I have something to tell you! The Dark Forest is only trying to take control of Kate so they can win in the canon books! But that would mean no more Warriors! Do you really want no more Warriors!”

    Grumbling angrily, the BlogClan cats began to break out of the hold the Dark Forest warriors had on them, causing them to jump in shock and slowly back away, before running and fading away from their world altogether.

    “You haven’t seen the last of us!” Mapleshade hissed. “We’ll be back!”

    “Yeah, that’s right,” Russetfeather snorted, shaking out her pelt. “On April Fool’s.”

    “Nah, they wouldn’t do that again. It would be tacky,” Fawnpaw replied, wrinkling her nose.

    Aspenpaw nudged her friend. “The Dark Forest is tacky!”

    Feeling self-conscious, Wavesplash jumped down from the rock and padded over to Airwave and Cypresswind, bowing her head. “I’m really sorry for making us lose to GlitchClan.”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Airwave replied lightly. “Turns out it was the Dark Forest glitching us up, not GlitchClan!”

    “GlitchClan has got to fight them next. They’re stealing their thunder!” Wavesplash laughed.

    “Okay… now it’s time for a PAAAAR-TAAAAAYYYY!!!!!” Owlwater cheered.

    And they all cheered. All, happily Dark Forest-free BlogClan.

    For now…

    A/N: I tried to include everyone on the teams plus a few extras but I couldn’t fit everyone in so I’m really sorry 🙁

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