Summer Gathering: Fawnpaw’s BlogClan Booth!

Welcome to the third BlogClan Booth of the Summer Gathering! This time we’re looking at Fawnpaw’s work, which consists of some pretty top notch pixel art!

Hello! Fawnpaw here, and I’m going to talk a little bit about my booth. I made all of my drawings on this pixel-drawing app called ‘Dottable’, which is very simple and easy to learn how to use. So if you’re looking for an app to do pixel drawing on, it’s one of the best. (Trust me, I downloaded a LOT of those apps). What actually made me want to draw was the Warriors community. When I started reading Warriors, I would go on a bunch of Warriors-themed sites, and there was always this amazing artist on the site, and I decided I wanted to start drawing cats. I was actually (and still am) really bad at drawing cats, so I decided to try doing them in pixel version. To tell you the truth, drawing on this app is a lot harder then drawing with just some pencil and paper, but the pixel drawings I have made look a lot better then the ones I’ve drawn with a pencil. All of these drawings took about a little less then an hour to create (except for the cat by the fireplace, that one took about fifteen minutes).

Use the arrows on the left and right to scroll between pictures, and click on the pictures to see high quality versions (it’s worth it!)

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