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Iceclaw dives into one of the most controversial characters of Warriors.

Artwork by FrostedKat

Rainflower is a mean, abusive mother. That’s what I thought when I first read Crookedstar’s Promise. What kind of mother would do that to her kit? I know I can’t change your mind and I’m not trying to, but here’s my opinion on Rainflower.
Sure, Rainflower is not the best of cats. In fact, she was probably one of the worst mothers in the warrior series. I don’t think she’s exactly bad too.
(By the way, I got an some ideas from an article I read in a Warriors blog)
But I think we’re all so focused on the bad part of her that we don’t focus on the good part. There are signs where she showed her care and love to Crookedstar. Remember when Crookedstar (Crookedkit then) ran away? Rainflower came to him and welcomed him saying that she was glad that he was back. [pg. 112] Rainflower was not exactly disagreeable either. She did cheer when Crookedstar got his apprentice name. [pg. 126] Vicky ‘confirmed that she made amends with Crookedstar in StarClan.’ [Stated in Warriors Wiki] I think she is a proud cat. Maybe that is the reason why that drove her to be cruel to Crookedstar. She had pride in Crookedstar, happy that he was her ‘handsome warrior’. When Crookedstar broke his jaw, other than being upset, she was also surprised. There he was her ‘handsome warrior’. Suddenly, he had a broken jaw which might have been horrific to her. It must have hurt her pride. Put it this way. When people’s pride get hurt, it leads them to making choices. Bad ones.
She must have also blamed herself too. She had told Crookedkit and Oakkit to stay in camp but they didn’t out of curiosity. She might have felt guilty. She didn’t really intervene. Instead she kept on sleeping when Crookedkit and Oakkit ventured out into the forest.
In conclusion, Rainflower is a cat that made mistakes. But at least she made up with Crookedstar in the end. She did show acts of love once in a while. So I do think Rainflower was a cat with a heart. She does have flaws but I don’t want it to describe her.

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  • Great article Iceclaw! Besides, Crookedkit didn’t listen and stay in camp. All kits to that but I’m wondering if Crookedkit hadn’t gone out, if he had ended up breaking his jaw anyway. But kits are kits. I admired Oakkit for “behaving” kind of back then. But ya Rainflower isn’t the worse. She’s not in the Dark Forest which is good.
    Great article again! 👍🏽

  • This article is great! I’ve been trying to convince my friends that Rainflower isn’t totally and completely evil for years. 🙂

  • Oh. Cool article, Iceclaw!
    I don’t agree with you, though.

    And Rainflower probably cheered for Crookedstar when he got his apprentice name because she’d gotten her wish and the name Stormkit had changed to Crookedpaw. 😛

    • Actually, the name Stormkit changed to Crookedkit before he ran away, and some time after he came back he became Crookedpaw 🙂 (I wonder what his warrior name would have been if his prefix was still Storm… I would guess Stormheart (Wait, I think that’s actually canon 😛 Uummm… Stormshine? Stormclaw? Stormleap?))

        • I just looked it up, and it turns out, she’s actually a SkyClan cat! She was in Hawkwing’s Journey, and apparently she’s the daughter of Leafstar and Billystorm. I thought it was just a cat from a long time ago. The name just sounded canon, and I had seen it on other warriors sites, but I had no idea she was in Hawkwing’s Journey! XD

  • Great Article! Although I have to admit that I’ve always thought Rainflower was kind of a jerk (this is my opinion). Rainflower’s actions in Crookedstar’s Promise seemed almost unforgivable. She showed her affection for him and called him her ‘handsome warrior.’ Then when he breaks his jaw, she doesn’t even try to comfort him. She just screams, “His face! His handsome face!” Which made me so mad. She made him feel like looks only mattered. Then she made Hailstar change his name to Crookedkit, as if he wasn’t already sad enough. Not to mention Rainflower made him have his own nest! Crookedkit felt so unwanted! His ambition to please his mother is probably one of the reasons he agreed to train with Mapleshade.

  • Nice article ^^

    Your article makes Rainflower sound like someone I know irl. I won’t say any more than that, except that the connection makes me slightly uncomfortable…

  • I just thought Rainflower was a jerk, you convinced me to love her a bit more now. 🙂

    Great job.

  • Nope, she’s still an awful cat. I don’t care if her pride was hurt or if she was feeling a little guilty for Crookedstar’s injury, that doesn’t excuse how she treated her son. First she clearly favors Crookedkit, then Stormkit, for being her “handsome” warrior. Sure, it’s not like she treats Oakkit how she later treats Crookedkit, but it’s clear she favors Stormkit over his brother. When Oakkit and Stormkit were doing something in camp they shouldn’t have(Or maybe it was just Stormkit I don’t remember), Rainflower just excuses the behavior, claiming they’re only playing when her Clanmates tell them to stop. Then Stormkit breaks his jaw, Rainflower outright abandons him. And if that’s not enough, she neglected and emotionally abused him as well. She forces him to sleep in a separate nest because he’s “ugly” now, she forces him to take the name Crookedkit, she puts all her attention in Oakkit, she has harmed his self-esteem and has done many other things to her kit. As a mother, Rainflower’s duty is to protect and love her kits no matter what happens. Mothers are supposed to support their kits, not emotionally abuse them or hurt them in any way.

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