My opinion on: Leafstar of SkyClan by Mintytail

Mintytail shares their opinion on Leafstar.

Art by TheMoonfall

When I talk with my friends about warrior cats, we always get to one topic. Who is one of your least favorite warrior cats from SkyClan? I always say Darktail even though he wasn’t in SkyClan. Well, Darktail played a major role in Hawkwing’s Journey, ect. Anyways, that’s off topic! So, I say Darktail and they scream Leafstar. One time, I was curios and looked up, “I hate Leafstar of SkyClan!” And there were lots of results of, “She’s weak!”, “I hate her!”, ect. I know why people hate her. And this is because of:
#1 So bad at warrior naming ceremonies
Okay, hear me when I say this, but I kind of like some of the names. I mean wasn’t Blossomheart, Firefern, and Pebbleshine good? Yeah, I know a few names like Harrybrook and a few more. But, she also made some really cool names like Bouncefire. Anyways, onto the next reason!
#2 Her mate
*Cough* Okay, I don’t like Billystorm at all but why do some people blame her for her mate? I mean, that is not part of her personality. No one can really blame her for her mate, can they? I don’t have much too say…… So, let’s get to the final one!
#3 Her personality….
She…. She well. She has gone crazy at some point in the books. Bluestar did too. I mean, well…… She was stressed, like any leader when they have all that weight on their paws.
In my opinion, Leafstar is okay. She is not the best leader and she is definitely not the worst. I mean, I like her. She is not Brokenstar, Mapleshade, or any of the warrior cat villains! It’s okay if you disagree with me. But, just don’t go flaming down on me. Anyways, I wouldn’t choose Leafstar to be in my “Top 5 leaders” list. She would probably be in a top ten. Or, if she was in my least favorite warrior cat leaders it will probably be a 9 or 10 not 1. Anyways, that’s enough for now!
Mintytail almost out!
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Okay, seriously, Mintytail out!

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