Summer Gathering: A Special Inauguration

Flowerstream, on behalf of the BlogTeam, presents a special announcement.

The Gathering is over and I hope you all had great fun. Good job to everyone who participated; everyone did brilliantly! Now, I have a special announcement to end the day.

We appreciate each and every single member of BlogClan- you display kindness, passion, are a welcomed member of this community, and you all bring about new, clever ideas.

The BlogTeam is always searching for creative ideas, to freshen up the Blog and to keep everyone involved. This is why we’re excited to announce that a new addition will be made to the BlogTeam. We hope that this person, a longtime member who constantly shows compassion and creativity, will use their position to implement new ideas and develop the Blog into a better place.

Congratulations Sundance! We’re proud to have you as a member of BlogClan, and we have full confidence that you’ll use your position well.

Stay tuned for the new and exciting things, run by Sundance, that you will soon see.



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