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Favorite Characters of Warriors by Wafflepaw

Wafflepaw shares their favorite characters!

Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Hai! Waffle here, with an article about my favorite characters of warriors. Hope you enjoy it! ^w^


Hollyleaf is the best. She didn’t know who she was until she ran away. It defined her as a character. I feel so bad for her. Both her brothers were part of a prophecy, and she wasn’t. To make up for killing Ashfur, she saved Molewhisker and Cherryfall from a fox, she gave Jayfeather herbs when half the Clan was sick, then in the Great Battle, she died saved the life of Ivypool. Hollyleaf is a good and noble cat, she wouldn’t have spared Sol, a cat that ruined her and her Clan’s life, if she wasn’t.

Okay, Ivypool deserves to be treated better. She sacrificed her life in the Place of No Stars every single night, watching her friends get attacked and tortured. Meanwhile, she has to listen to her sister whine about a prophecy and meaningless relationships. Ivypool is one of the greatest fighters in ThunderClan! Twigpaw is happy to have her as her mentor, because she always has her back!

I really, really like Blossomfall. She felt neglected by her mother, and therefor joined Hawkfrost, who seemed like a nice cat, on what seemed like a rewarding “journey”. She often gets called immature, but I don’t understand that. Wouldn’t you be a little whiny if your mom neglects your for your sister? Wouldn’t you? She has gone through a lot in the Dark Forest, and she doesn’t deserve to be called immature.

Jayfeather is the best. I feel so bad for him! His biggest dream was to become a warrior, but his dreams were crushed when Spottedleaf told him he had to be a medicine cat. But he was still a great medicine cat! One of the greatest! Jayfeather was happy with his powers. When he lost them, he was no longer whole. Poor little Jayfeather!

Now, you might see this and think “Well that’s random…” And yeah, it sort of is, sort of not. Brightheart has gone through more than all of the Clan cats all together. She watched her crush and good friend get killed by dogs, and has been called ugly a lot of times. Still, she wakes up every morning with a smile and does what she should do. She has given the Clan many great warriors, like Ivypool, Dovewing and Whitewing. I love her.


That’s it! Next time I’ll do my least favorite characters of warriors. Stay tuned! ^w^

Waffle out *drops the mic*

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