The Mystery of Redstar by Hibiscuspaw

Hibiscuspaw takes a closer look at Redstar.

Art by DayLight13

For anyone who’s read Firestar’s Quest, you probably noticed the ThunderClan leader, Redstar, the main antagonist in the prologue. I mean, he was the main reason why SkyClan got kicked out of the forest. He is also mentioned in the Battles of the Clans book. ThunderClan had won a victorious battle over Darkstar, but he refuses to have his wounds tended to. After him and his medicine cat, Kestrelwing, fight for a bit, Krestrelwing shows Redstar the stars. Redstar believes he and his clan have won a great victory and StarClan is proud of him.

So, Redstar seems very awful in Firestar’s quest, but we get a very different impression of him in battles of the clans. He seems stern, but can be humble if he feels like it. He is very mysterious and I would like to know more about him. I have found some info from the Warriors Wiki and re-reading the books to try to find some theories about Redstar. I hope you all enjoy!

#1- He had strong and successful parents/siblings
Although nothing I have read confirms it, Redstar may have had successful parents and/or siblings and other family members. He might have desperately tried during his kithood and apprenticeship to prove himself. And being leader definitely could have impacted his family. But Redstar proceeded to kick an ENTIRE clan out of the forest. He might have been going a bit off hand, but that would’ve made a significant impact on family.

#2- The loss of family members
Like Crookedstar, Redstar might have witnessed his entire family die before his eyes. Almost definitely the loss of his parents and/or grandparents and other kin of his would have broken Redstar to his breaking point to kick out SkyClan. In Battles of the Clans, we notice his relationship with his brother, Amberclaw. They seem to have had a very close bond. And if Redstar ever witnessed his death, he would be pushed to his limits.

#3- Preceding leader
According to the Warriors Wiki, it seems that Redstar’s preceding leader, Morningstar, was much like Redstar. He accuses WindClan of thievery, but is hopeful not for battle. He than realizes that to be strong, a clan must not be shown as weak, but strong, so he goes for battle. Redstar might have looked up to Morningstar his entire life and desperately wanted to be like him. This might have lewd to all the courage and ignorance in Firestar’s quest and kicks out SkyClan.

So, what do you all think? Was Redstar really the way he was because of my theories, or something else? To me, he sounds a lot like Clear Sky. He was really rocking his boat from side to side likes the SkyClan founder did. But that’s just me. Tell me what you think!

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