When Wild Kratts and Warriors Meet…… by Forestshine

Forestshine shares what might happen if warriors met characters from the hit kids show, Wild Kratts.

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Hello people reading this post…Today, we will find out what happens when Wild Kratts meets the Clans. So, if you don’t know who the Wild Kratts are, I like watching their show on PBS kids, they are a cartoon show that helps you learn about animals. They have these special creature power suit vest and lets say they put a power disk of a peregrine falcon and activated their suit by touching a falcon feather. They would then be peregrine falcons with all the powers of the falcon. The Wild Kratts names are Chris and Martin (and they are real brothers) Let’s just imagine if they had a cat power disk and were by the lake. (btw they would be Martin would be a blue cat and Chris a green cat. It’s just how the show works) Sorry if I accidentally use a dead cat in this, it’s hard to remember who is alive if it’s not a main character.

Martin (M)- Hey Chris! Check it out! I’m doing the catty paddle! I loooovvveee swimming!
Chris (C)- Yeah and I can climb the trees! I looovvee climbing!
*Thunderclan patrol appears on the border with Riverclan*
Ivpool (Ivy)- Who are you?! Why is your fur blue?!
M- I’m Martin and that’s my brother Chris (Chris appears above Ivypool) and my fur is blue because…I don’t think you would understand. Who are you though????
Ivy- My name is Ivypool and your on Thunderclan land!
Dustpelt( Dust)- Don’t you know about the Clans around the lake????
M-No we don’t
Cherryfall (Cherry)- Well then we’ll give you something to remember us by. *Attacks Martin*
*Ivypool darts up the tree and goes after Chris*
C-MARTIN RUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Martin and Chris run to the Thunderclan camp while Sparkpaw (Spark) turns on them while running for help*
Spark-Not so fast!!!
Bramblestar (Bramble)- Whats going on?? Who are you?
Ivy- Bramble (out of breath) Bramblestar, we found these two cats on Riverclan’s border. We tried chasing them, they ran this way instead.
Bramble- Okay… and what are your names?
M- I’m Martin
C- I’m Chris
Bramble- Kittypets, their names are always weird.
Spark-Cats who live with and are fed by twolegs.
Cherry-They walk on their hind legs.
*Martin and Chris exchange a glance*
Dust- They must be loners then, and a loner doesn’t live with twolegs or clans.
Ivy-Bramblestar? Are they ever going to leave?
Bramble- I agree they’ve been here long enough and can look after themselves. Do you want something to eat?
Bramble- Sparkpaw will you fetch a mouse please?
*Sparkpaw disappears into camp*
Alderheart (Alder)- Sparkpaw where you going?
Spark-I have to take this mouse for two loners who will be leaving shortly.
Hawkwing (Hawk)-Loners? What loners and why didn’t you just drive them off?
Spark- Well THEY’RE the ones that ran towards camp instead. I’d better go.
Hawk- Weird loners, they must’ve gotten the message wrong.
Alder- I guess they did.
*Sparkpaw goes back*
Bramble- Ah! Sparkpaw you’re here! Give the mouse to Martin and Chris.
M-Uh…no thanks I’d rather have pizza.
C-Me too.
The patrol+ Bramble- Pizza?
C-It’s not meant for cats I’ll tell you that.
M- Let’s go bro.
Ivy-Don’t come here again though.
Cherry-Next time our claws will be out when you run deeper into our territory.
Dust-Yeah so don’t come back.
M-Okay, We’ll leave you in peace.
M+C- Deactivate
*Martin and Chris are now twolegs*
*Martin and Chris go out of the forest*
Bramble- I can’t believe what just happened.
Ivy- This HAS to be a dream!!!!
Cherry-It’s real life though…I know because I had a dream about being in a forest filled with the best prey and it all just ran to your paws.
Dust-That sounds like the best dream ever.
Cherry-It was.
Bramble- All of us get no more patrols for the rest of the day.. we need time to rest………and recover.
Ivy-I agree, just WHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT???????????
*Then they all head back to camp and Thunderclan and Skyclan are now confused when the word spreads*
Sparrowpelt- THE WORLD IS WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed that. It’s my first article and I love articles like these. I just have one thing to say…. Your Welcome Thunderclan. Now it’s only border patrols that day because everyone is to confused to hunt and the kits get out of camp 10 times in one day. 🙂

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