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Hey, BlogClan, it’s Kinkpaw, and today I’m sharing with you what I think warrior names REALLY mean. I’ll be looking at the names of 3 famous cats and deciding if their name really meant something or if their leader was just being random! (Names like Crookedjaw, Deadfoot, Talltail, and Brokentail will be excluded.)

1- Bluestar. Bluestar’s warrior name was Bluefur, which, to me, seems a bit generic and boring. Sure, her fur was blue, but if Pinestar was really thinking, he probably could have been a bit more original. Maybe he could have named her Blueflame or Bluefire after her prophecy (or just after her temperament!) Plus, Snowfur had the same suffix, and she was given her warrior name at the same ceremony, so that solidifies my opinion.
CONCLUSION: Bluestar’s warrior name did not mean anything. Pinestar was being unoriginal.

2- Firestar. Everybody knew Firestar’s warrior name was Fireheart and that Bluestar chose his name because he “had a heart like fire.” But did he really? Bluestar may have figured out by the end of Into the Wild that Firepaw was the subject of Spottedleaf’s prophecy. But in all honesty, Firepaw was just like any warrior- fiercely loyal to his Clan and eager to help defend it. Firestar deserved the name Firefur just as much as Bluestar deserved to be named Bluefur.
CONCLUSION: Bluestar was only thinking of the prophecy when she named Fireheart, therefore his name did not mean anything.

3- Yellowfang. Yellowfang did not actually have yellow fangs, as far as we readers know. Of course, Yellowfang’s first appearance was Into the Wild where she appeared as an old, cranky medicine cat with messy fur and a bad leg but I think her warrior name was given to her for a reason. Yellowfang heard her name spoken at the Moonstone during her apprenticeship journey which probably means that Cedarstar was actually considering her name, and didn’t give her a spur-of-the-moment name like Pinestar did for Bluestar. Yellowfang was named after her sharp tongue and occasional grumpiness, as well as her hunting talent.
CONCLUSION- Yellowfang’s name does actually have a meaning. Cedarstar was not being unoriginal.

Thanks for reading my article! I know I probably thought a little too deeply on this one but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!
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