Happy Clanniversary, Stoatpaw!

Stoatpaw! It’s your Clanniversary! 😀 Two whole years, huh? Time flies, as they say! 😉

You’ve been a wonderful part of BlogClan, Stoat, and we’re so very happy to have you here! 😀 I couldn’t imagine a BlogClan without you!

You get all the pancakes today. 😉 (These are brownie pancakes! Weird, huh? 😀 )

Oh! And look what we have here! Could it be. . .

A gift from the ever wonderful Fawnberry? Yes! 😀

We love you, Stoat! 😀 You’re a wonderful addition to BlogClan and you bring so much to our little corner of the internet! I hope you have many more Clanniversaries to come! 🙂

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)


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