Possible Reasons Why Micah Loved Moth Flight by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw lists possible reasons as to why Micah loved Mothflight.

Art by Wayne McLoughlin

“you were always braver and smarter than you thought. It’s one of the reasons i loved you, and why i still miss you.” –Micah (moth flight’s vision, page 470)

indeed, what Micah said is true. Moth Flight, who regarded herself at first as a harebrained WindClan apprentice, was chosen by StarClan to pass on their message to the five clan leaders and all the other cats. And she did. Moth flight, regarded as a dumb, dreamy apprentice who could not catch even the slowest mouse, dared to speak in front of all the leaders and tried to make them understand and agree with the term of ‘medicine cats’.

She knew about the moth, and she followed it to Highstones. She went into hostile territory to fetch the sap that could cure redcough for Slate. She was clever and undoubtedly courageous. But as Micah said, this was only one of the reasons why he loved her.

So what could be the other reasons?

In my first article, I will share with you what other reasons Micah had to love Moth Flight. If you agree with them, then yay, truce established. If not, please don’t send insulting comments about this article.

The first reason is that Moth Flight was exceptionally innocent and carefree. She often liked to spot patterns in the clouds, an action that no serious warrior would have done. She was curious, and full of fantasies and surprises. She seemed so innocent; always wondering and being dreamy. This may have caused Micah to grow fond of her.

Another possible reason is that Moth Flight had appeared in Micah’s dreams. Seeing Moth Flight in his dreams may have caused him to believe that this she-cat (Moth Flight) was part of his life. Seeing Moth Flight in his dreams may also have caused Micah to feel closer to her, because he knew more about her, for example how she brought plants back to the camp instead of prey.

Thirdly, he was probably attracted to Moth Flight by the important part she played. Finding the Moonstone, announcing StarClan’s message at the Gathering, scattering the petals of the Blazing Star… All these, and others, may have caused Micah to consider her as special and important, making him admire her and thus loving her even more.

The last, and most important reason, is that unexplainable, mysterious feeling: love. Enough said.

That’s all. The four reasons that may have caused Micah to love Moth Flight! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, because I’ve enjoyed writing this!

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