A Vision of Shadows: Theory Edition (SPOILERS FOR AVOS) by Fallenpaw

Fallenpaw discusses their theories for upcoming books in the Warriors series.

Hey! This is my third article, and yes, you read correctly, it’s about A Vision of Shadows theories. 🙂 Also, disclaimer: I wrote this before the release of Darkest Night and Tigerheart’s Shadow, so if these are proven wrong in those books, please don’t tell me to re-read the books. 😛

To start with, SkyClan: Where in StarClan are they gonna live? The lake is full, so they can’t settle there. Or can they? One thing I thought could happen is depending on ShadowClan’s numbers, SkyClan and ShadowClan could fuse together, and become one Clan. If this were to happen, I would guess they would live in ShadowClan’s territory, of course. My other guess is they could live slightly outside the other four Clan’s territory. Unless, for whatever reason, they choose to go back where they came from. (Although I doubt this)

Let’s continue: SkyClan has no medicine cat, unless Frecklewish comes back. So, there are a few cats I think are good candidates. The first one is Alderheart. ThunderClan has an abundance of Medicine Cats, and since Alderheart is the most recent one, I think he would be a good choice. I also think either Twigpaw or Violetpaw could become the medicine cat, especially since their father lives in SkyClan. It would be a win for both their father and for SkyClan. I also think that if one of them were to be medicine cat, Alderheart would likely train them.

And now: What happens next? SkyClan has returned to the lake, Darktail is dead, so now what? I think that now, they might have to deal with the remnants of the rouges. This might be a little far-fetched, but what if Sleekwhisker and her friends were lying about wanting to come back? They might try to take command and try to fight back. Or, perhaps the next three books could be about ShadowClan recovering and SkyClan settling in to the Clans’ territories. Maybe ShadowClan could try to keep SkyClan from settling in their territory, so a war could arise. (Although, ShadowClan isn’t really in a state to do that)

Now, onto death predictions:
Mistystar (Before you stab me, hear me out! She’s old, possibly the oldest living cat in the territories. According to the Warriors Wiki, she’s 12.6 years old. That’s pretty old for a wild cat. )
Tawnypelt or Bramblestar, maybe both
There’s more, but those are the biggest I have.

And that’s it! Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think in the comments. 🙂

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  • I’d say NO to Leafpool dying, it’s just as likely for Squirrelflight to die and she’s not on your list… also I agree with Flashtail, Bramblestar still has nine lives, so unless we get a descendants rematch of Scourge VS Tigerstar and Bramblestar loses all nine lives at once, it’s not going to happen.
    Other than that, pretty cool.

  • Very interesting article, Fallen. I do doubt that Bramblestar would die, however, because he still has all of his lives and it would just be unfair because Firestar lived so long. It’s probable that Mistystar will die. I’m not so sure about Leafpool. It seems the Erins have kept her alive so long because there’s something important she has to do, perhaps? I don’t think they’ll kill off Mothwing, but that’s possible. Maybe Tawnypelt. The deaths are all iffy, except for Mistystar, who has a large chance of dying.


    In Hawkwing’s Journey, didn’t StarClan send them a sign saying that the have to be near the lake in the Clan territories? If they were just going to remove themselves from the Clans or go back where they came from, then what was the point of sending them away from the gorge, StarClan? Hmm? HMM?

    But all of your theories are interesting. 😀 Great article.

    • Oh SHOOT, I did a spoiler, I’m not supposed to do that.. 😮 People who haven’t read Hawkwing’s Journey, do NOT READ MY COMMENT ABOVE!