5 of my Favorite Warrior Cats

Nightflower lists their 5 favourite characters from the series.

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Hello Everybody! Nightflower here with her first blog post! Today I will be talking about 5 of my favorite warrior cats! I know that a lot of people do this kind of blog, but I want you guys to know my opinions! So let’s begin…
5) Bluestar
Bluestar made many poor decisions in her life, but she also had sacrifices because of them. She knew that she couldn’t let Thistleclaw become deputy because there would be great destruction if he becomes leader, so she gave up her kits to become leader.
4) Alderheart
Alderheart, the quiet and thoughtful kit of Squirrelflight. I always preferred him over Sparkpelt. First of all, he followed his heart, and took charge. He listens to other cats, and is helpful. Alderheart always follows the right path, even though when he may be late. He knew that he had to bring SkyClan back to the lake. He may have been a little late on that though, because the Darktail had already taken over the camp. Even though that happened, Alderheart and Needletail took two SkyClan kits, Twigpaw and Violetpaw, to the 4 clans. Knowing that Twigpaw was missing Violetpaw after they were separated, he took Twigpaw to visit her sister. He was gentle and kind.
3) Hawkwing
Hawkwing has been a little arrogant since the death of his brother, but he has remained a great cat. He may have let Darktail into SkyClan camp, but at least when he noticed that something was wrong, he talked about it. Eventually, when Darktail took over SkyClan camp, he helped lead his cats out of the camp, and to the lake, where SkyClan was destined to be.
2) Hollyleaf
Hollyleaf always just wanted to do the write thing. I know you’re thinking, “But she murdered Ashfur!” Just chill. She only killed him because she didn’t want the secret of not being Squirrelflight’s kits being leaked out. Like, have you ever, on accident, revealed a secret? I bet she felt guilty for killing Ashfur though. In The Last Hope, she saved Ivypool from her death, leading to her own death. I respect her for that, because she put her clanmates before herself.
1) Ivypool
I like Ivypool for a lot of reasons. First of all, she is brave, and willing to do what is right. For example, in the Omen of the Stars, at first she did not know that the Dark Forest was evil. When she found out, she decided to spy on them. When the battle started, she decided to fight for the clans, knowing that she would be killed if the df found out. Ivypool is a true hero, and I respect her and like her as my favorite warrior cat.

That’s it for my article. Tell me about your fav cats in the comments below. Cya

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  • Great article ^^

    Personally, I think Hollyleaf and Ivypool are the best from those you listed. Alderheart is meh (I haven’t seen much of him, I’m not up to date) and I don’t have opinions on Bluestar and Hawkwing 🙂

    • If I were to arrange her top five while still using the top five, I’d do….

      5 or 4: Alderheart(I’m meh on him, he’s okay I guess)
      5 or 4: Hawkwing(he’s alright, meh on him)
      3: Bluestar(Favorite leader of ThunderClan)
      2: Hollyleaf
      1: Ivypool

  • Yeah. She got redemption for killing a cat by saving a cat. Plus, the secret was worse off being said by Ashfur than being said by Hollyleaf. For Ashfur, it would be revenge, for Hollyleaf, it was a declaration.

    Ivypool really is a hero!

    Ivypool is my favprite character, but Hollyleaf comes close second

  • Good article!
    My favorite cat is Tigerheart, seeing as he started out as a mischievous kit/apprentice in Power of Three, growing into a warrior who could be a little immature at times and had feelings for Dovewing in Omen of the Stars, eventually becoming an amazing cat in A Vision of Shadows! He’s really developed a lot, and we’ll see more of his development in his Super Edition!

    • Yeah, I guess…. I’m okay on him.

      The sample of Tigerheart’s Shadow portrayed a side of him we haven’t really seen yet – and we get insight in ShadowClan! Woah!

  • Great article! I don’t know much about Alderheart or Hawkwing so I have no opinion yet on them. Bluestar, Ivypool and Hollyleaf are awesome though!! My top 5 would probably be:
    5. Mothwing/Tigerheart/Mapleshade
    4. Firestar
    3. Squirrelflight
    2. Cinderpelt
    1. Hollyleaf

    I haven’t read many super editions so that’s why I haven’t listed cats from them yet

  • Great article! Here are my top 5 (I’ve only read ‘The Prophecies begin,’ the first 4 books of ‘The New Prophecy,’ half of the first book of ‘Dawn of the Clans,’ and half of the first book of ‘Omen of the Stars,’ so, my opinions are interesting and crooked. I haven’t met Hollyleaf yet.)

    5. Gray Wing
    4. Yellowfang
    3. Dovepaw
    2. Sandstorm
    1. Squirrelflight

  • For a second there, when you said “Hawkwing” I was reading it like “Hawkfrost” and I was like, “Isen’t Hawkfrost already dead?? Isen’t he evil?” Then I saw it said Hawkwing I and I calmed down.

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