How Appearances Work Part 1 by Hailpaw

Hailpaw discusses how some characters got their colorings.

Art by serenitywhitewolf

Hello, all! I am back with another article! This one is about how warriors appearances work, and it’s sort of based on that article Kindheart did. Let’s start with Firestar’s family tree, shall we?

1: FIRESTAR. Jake is a plump, flame-colored ginger tom, and his mate Nutmeg is a brown and white tabby she-cat. So Firestar, being a tom, should have at least a tabby coat. His description? A dark, flame-colored tabby tom with a pale orange belly.

2: PRINCESS. As shown above, her parents are this and this. Being a she-cat, she could have any combination of the tabby and the flame-colored appearance. Her description? A fluffy, light brown tabby she-cat with distinctive white chest and paws.

3: SANDSTORM. Brindleface is a pale gray tabby she-cat with darker flecks. Redtail is a small, dark, dappled tortoiseshell tom with a distinctive, bushy ginger tail as red as fox fur. Now it gets complicated; how did this pale ginger kit spring out of a tortoiseshell and a pale gray tabby? A possibility is they took some ginger from Redtail’s tail, paled it with Brindleface’s pale gray tabby coat, and boom! Pale ginger she-cat!

4: CLOUDTAIL. Princess, as of above, is a fluffy, light brown tabby she-cat with distinctive white chest and paws. Her mate is unknown, but as Cloudtail being a tom, we can tell he possibly got his white coat from his mother’s white chest and paws.

5: BRIGHTHEART. Frostfur is a pure, snow-white she-cat. Brightheart’s father is not listed on wiki, so that is just states unknown I guess. Anyway, being a she-cat, Brightheart probably got her white from her mother, and her ginger from her father, being white and ginger patched.

6: SQUIRRELFLIGHT. Squirrelflight is a dark, flame-colored she-cat with one white paw. Being a she-cat, this little kit probably got her dark, flame-colored coat from her beloved father, Firestar. Though there are lots of theories where she got her white paw, my personal opinion is that it went from Scourge to Squirrelflight, just through decendant stuff.

7: LEAFPOOL. Leafpool is a small pale brown tabby she-cat with a white chest and paws. Where did she get this appearance? I’m thinking her aunt Princess, since their coats are so similar. Oh, Princess is a light tabby and Leafpool is pale? Look at Sandstorm. Easily paling the brown.

8: WHITEWING. Whitewing is a small snowy white she-cat. She’s a she-cat, and both of her parents have some white. Case closed

9: BRAMBLESTAR. Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby tom. Tigerstar is a dark brown tabby tom, and Goldenflower is a pale ginger tabby the color of ripe barley. Again, Bramblestar is a tom, so he should have a similar appearance to Goldenflower, but nope. He looks almost exactly like his father.

10: CROWFEATHER. Crowfeather is a smoky gray almost black tom. Ashfoot is a gray she-cat, and Deadfoot is a black tom. Crowfeather is a tom, so he should have a resemblance to his mother. Deadfoot’s black coat darkens Ashfoot’s gray one, and bam! We get Crowfeather.


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