(SPOILERS) ThunderClan Medicine Cats (SPOILERS) by Lionpaw

Lionpaw shares their opinion of the ThunderClan medicine cats. 

Artwork by Arlowa

So it has been a long time. A year to be exact and I am finally making a part two! first were ThunderClan leaders and now finally medicine cat!So let’s start.
I love him.He was a very nice cat.He was intelligent and he sort of reminded me of RavenPaw.
He had a temper that matched his face.I actually liked him.He was a good medicine cat.Nothing bad and nothing so awesome.
As wiki describes him he reminds me of PineStar and OakStar…just saying.
He was kind and intelligent.I really appreciate him accepting BirdFlight and her kits.
She was very nice and a good mentor to RavenWing.I don’t really know why i like her so much (because she wasn’t around much) but she was chill.She was cool.
So i don’t hate him.But i don’t like him too.He was okay i guess.
She was wise and a very good cat.I love her because she really took care of GooseFeather when he was little.She took care of him and taught him everything she knew.She isn’t such a special character but i like her personality.
I think he didn’t respect StarClan so much as other cats did.Maybe he was just used to seeing StarClan cats, because he saw them every day.Like GooseFeather wakes up and Starclan is like next to him like ”hey bro”.But he was a very good medicine cat.I understand why he went crazy.He probably thought he killed MoonFlower.I would go crazy too if my sister dies because God sent me a vision and i told my whole town that God is telling us we have to kill all medicine to the town next to us.
He was nice and intelligent.I liked him from the start.
She was a very good medicine cat.I am very neutral about her character and personality.But she was a great medicine cat.Nothing special.
I am going to talk about her in my article about ShadowClan medicine cats.
She was great.She was so intelligent and kind and sweet and perfect!I love her.Even though she went through so much she always stayed cheerful and kept on going!I love how she kept calm when StarClan told her she is going to die soon.She did deserve to be reincarnated.
I don’t know why people hate her so much.I don’t hate her but i don’t like her either.She did stay loyal to her clan.She was also a great medicine cat.I do think it was unfair of StarClan to have her kits be saviors of the forest while YellowFang’s kits didn’t get a chance to live and were one of the main antagonists in the books but i think that YellowFang didn’t want to punish LeafPool because it is not a sin to love.Even in our religion nobody ever got punished by God or Gods because they fell in love.She was a great medicine cat.She was CinderPelt’s apprentice for God’s sake!She was great!
He is a great medicine cat.I personally don’t think much about his personality.
He wasn’t a medicine cat for a long time so i am not going to comment so much on his medicine cat skills.

Thank you for reading!My favorite medicine cats from ThunderClan are:CloudSpots,CloudBerry,GooseFeather,CinderPelt and LeafPool. What medicine cats are your favorite?Tell me in the comments!

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