Relating the Cars Movies to Warrior Cats (Arbitrary Warning) By Sleetfall

Sleetfall finds similarities in two seemingly opposite franchises.

This is the most arbitrary thing since toilet paper was invented but bear with me.
First of all, Lightning Mcqueen is Firestar. Both are the main character, a male, young, and a reddish-orange ginger color.
Mater is Graystripe. The first character to meet the main character. After Mcqueen accidentally falls out of Mack the truck, he panics and wreaks havoc in Radiator Springs, a small town. Then Mcqueen gets arrested, and Mater comes and befriends him.
Strip Weathers aka The King is Bluestar, First, they are both blue. (Ha! Ha!) No really. They are both characters that Mcqueen/Firestar looked up to. And they retired/died early on. By the way, blue car rhymes with Bluestar. (teehee!)
Chick Hicks is Tigerstar. Living in the shadow of The King/Bluestar, and causing damage to them.
Professor Z is Scourge, small but dangerous. His group of lemons (old cars) and Scourge’s rogue clan are similar, as both follow their leader’s words without question.
Doc Hudson aka Fabulous Hudson Hornet is Whitestorm. An old character that the main character looked up to, eventually died. Doc died sometime between the 1st and 2nd movies, and Whitestorm died in battle.

Now onto the Three, who defeat Miles Axelrod/Dark Forest cats.
Axelrod is like Tigerstar of the Dark Forest. Hidden and dangerous, he created the World Grand Prix to attract the top racers and show off his seemingly great fuel. Axelrod’s seemingly harmless fuel expands and explodes, potentially fatal if enough radiation happens. This radiation is triggered by Professor Z’s electromagnetic pulse generator, disguised as a camera.

First car/cat of the ‘Three’: Finn Mcmissile/Lionblaze. I think of him as the leader of the Three, with the most experience.

Second, comes Holley Shiftwell/Jayfeather. I really don’t know. Not as physical as the first car/cat, but not like one that wasn’t supposed to be there. (I’ll show you later.) And doesn’t the name Holley kinda sound like Hollyleaf?

Third is Rod Redline & Mater/Hollyleaf & Dovewing. Hollyleaf and Redline seem to be part of the Three, but because of a certain event are not. Redline is that blue car that Prof. Z’s lemons capture, torture, and kill. Before Redline gets captured though, he plants his information on a nearby Mater. Then Mater meets Holley. Holley tells him a code phrase (dang, I forgot it), which Mater replies correctly. This supposedly tells Holley that Mater was the ‘American agent’ that Holley and Finn were due to meet. It was actually Redline.
Redline/Hollyleaf both die.

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