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Iceclaw shares their opinion on Rainflower.

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Rainflower is a mean, abusive mother. That’s what I thought when I first read Crookedstar’s Promise. What kind of mother would do that to her kit? I know I can’t change your mind and I’m not trying to, but here’s my opinion on Rainflower.
Sure, Rainflower is not the best of cats. In fact, she was probably one of the worst mothers in the warrior series. I don’t think she’s exactly bad too.
(By the way, I got an some ideas from an article I read in a Warriors blog)
But I think we’re all so focused on the bad part of her that we don’t focus on the good part. There are signs where she showed her care and love to Crookedstar. Remember when Crookedstar (Crookedkit then) ran away? Rainflower came to him and welcomed him saying that she was glad that he was back. [pg. 112] Rainflower was not exactly disagreeable either. She did cheer when Crookedstar got his apprentice name. [pg. 126] Vicky ‘confirmed that she made amends with Crookedstar in StarClan.’ [Stated in Warriors Wiki] I think she is a proud cat. Maybe that is the reason why that drove her to be cruel to Crookedstar. She had pride in Crookedstar, happy that he was her ‘handsome warrior’. When Crookedstar broke his jaw, other than being upset, she was also surprised. There he was her ‘handsome warrior’. Suddenly, he had a broken jaw which might have been horrific to her. It must have hurt her pride. Put it this way. When people’s pride get hurt, it leads them to making choices. Bad ones.
She must have also blamed herself too. She had told Crookedkit and Oakkit to stay in camp but they didn’t out of curiosity. She might have felt guilty. She didn’t really intervene. Instead she kept on sleeping when Crookedkit and Oakkit ventured out into the forest.
In conclusion, Rainflower is a cat that made mistakes. But at least she made up with Crookedstar in the end. She did show acts of love once in a while. So I do think Rainflower was a cat with a heart. She does have flaws but I don’t want it to describe her.

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  • (I think this has been posted before. Article Tsars?)

    Nice article ^^
    Rainflower is still one of my least favourite cats, and while she did seem to love Crookedstar once in a while, she was still harsh to him, just because of his crooked jaw. Nobody should have to be subjected to that kind of treatment.

  • I think this has been published before. Tsars?


    Nice article! My opinion on Rainflower has been nuetral.

  • Having pride in your kid is fine, but your kid is a separate being than you. Rainflower reminded me of a pageant mom because of how much she stressed over her kit’s looks. When you say “Her pride was hurt when Crookedkit hit his jaw.” Rainflower’s “pride” shouldn’t matter first thing when her son has a broken jaw. If anything, Crookedstar should be the one embarrassed and angry at himself. Rainflower’s selfishly mad because Crookedstar hurt her pride, but that shouldn’t affect Crookedstar. A parent who is embarrassed by their kid is fine, but when they let it show and make a big deal of it is when it goes too far. These are the actions of pageant moms for the most part.

    Another thing, when you say “Rainflower welcomed Crookedstar by saying she was glad he was back.” If I remember correctly, she was keeping up a facade. According to the wiki, “She had unreadable eyes.” And “She walked away before Crookedkit could look up.” To me, that shows Rainflower was just trying to get on good terms with the clan, not to welcome her son home. Also, when Crookedpaw got his apprentice name, Rainflower hesitated before cheering, unsure of what to do. I don’t know about you, but to me it seemed like she thought the clan would think her rude if she didn’t cheer. The reason I think this is because she didn’t start showing him respect until he was an apprentice, so why do something nice now? Just my opinion though.

  • oh by the way, i posted it three times, i think. there will probably be another article that’s the same… sorry. i just had to wait for a long time so after a while, i posted it again. sorry again!

  • Rainflower may not have been the best mother, but she wasn’t the worst cat. She was just, as you said, upset, surprised, and confused, after Stormkit’s accident, and, (for absolutely no reason at all) re-named him Crookedkit, about the worst name you can have, but still, she wasn’t’ THAT bad…

    • She literally called her own son an ugly mess, said he would never be as good as his brother, kicked him out of his nest with her when he desperately needed her comfort, named him after his disability and was all-around emotionally abusive. She was absolutely that bad.

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