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Dark Forest or Starclan? by Snowpaw

Snowpaw discusses whether some cats should’ve gone to StarClan or the Dark Forest.

Art by Falconstreaker

Hello my fellow Blogclanners! Today I am writing about… The Place Of No Stars or Starclan? What I mean is, did some of our beloved warrior cats go to the wrong afterlife home? Here are my theories:
1. Thistleclaw
Thistleclaw went to the Dark Forest, but should he have? Thistleclaw sure had his flaws, but where they enough to forbid him from Starclan? In Crookedstars Promise, Crookedpaw sees a Dark Forest warrior training Thistleclaw in deadly battle moves, and Thistleclaw is enjoying it. Welp, that’s one point gone to the Dark Forest. Let’s see… Thistleclaw isn’t heartless, he has love for his mate, Snowfur, and his kit, Whitestorm. I believe that he was just too overprotective with Whitekit. That’s one point to Starclan. Now, when he was training Tigerclaw in Bluestar’s Prophecy, he told Tigerpaw to attack the defensless young kit Tiny (later Scourge). That’s another point to the Dark Forest. Finally, he himself didn’t kill any cats, he just felt hatred towards them. That’s… Half a point to Starclan. Looks like he was supposed to go to the Dark Forest, although I still believe there is a little bit of love in his heart, and if he went to Starclan that love would only grow stronger.
2. Ashfur
Ashfur went to Starclan, but should he have?
Ashfur loved Squirrelflight, but when she chose Brambleclaw over him, his fury went WILD. Sure Yellowfang says “Oh he just loved to much!” But he tried to kill JAYFEATHER, LIONBLAZE AND HOLLYLEAF!!!!!!! Without them, the clans would of been beaten by the Dark Forest. I know Hollyleaf actually wasn’t part of the three, but she saved Ivypool’s LIFE. So I think all of that equals… 100 points to the Dark Forest and… 10 points to Starclan. But, that’s just my opinion. (Probably because I LOVE Jayfeather!!)
She went to the Dark Forest, but should she have?
Mapleshade fell in love with a cat from another clan, Riverclan (she was Thunderclan). The Thunderclan medicine cat got an omen, that Mapleshades three kits were half-clan. When the clan leader discovered this, he threw her out of Thunderclan. (How come this didn’t happen to Leafpool?) She tried to cross the river to Riverclan territory with her kits, but her kits drowned. Her Rjverclan mate, Appledusk, blamed her, he had a new mate now. She got cast out of Riverclan, becoming a rogue. Her kits voices wouldn’t leave her head, so she decided to kill the Thunderclan medicine cat, because, if he didn’t get the omen, she never would of been cast out. She killed him, leaving Thunderclan without a medicine cat. Still, two of her kits voices where stuck in her head, so she decided to kill Frecklewish, a cat in Thunderclan, because she watched her kits drown secretly and didn’t save them. So Mapleshade blinded her with an Adder, so she would never be able to see again. Her last kits voice still range in her head, so she killed Appledusk. I personally think she deserved to go to Starclan, all of those cats played a part in her turning evil. That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed!

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  • I totally agree with you about Ashfur! He went INSANE! But I have to disagree with you on Mapleshade, I think she deserved to go to the Dark Forest. But anyway great article! 😀

  • Thistle claw – Dark Forest. I believe this really strongly. Thistleclaw was, well, horrible. Evil, is another word I could use. Sorry but that’s how I feel.
    Ashfur – Dark Forest. Yes, Ashfur belongs in the Dark Firest. You’re right on this one.
    Mapleshade – Dark Forest. This cat is Rotten to the Core. (Haha 😉 ) she belongs in the Dark Forest. True, the kits may have had some part in it, but even after she died, the kits weren’t there and she ruined Crookedstar’s life.

    Good job, Snowpaw. This article really made me think!

    • I think the DF made her go mad, especially because she didn’t have her kits. The reason why she killed with a straight mind is because she really believed her kits wanted that. When she realized the truth, she went insane.

  • I think all three cats should be in StarClan. Thistleclaw was just grieving and overprotecting his Clan. Ashfur,like Yellowfang said he loves to much. And Mapleshade was grieving and “saving” her kits.

  • I think that Mapleshade should be able to walk in the Dark Forest and StarClan because Appledusk, Frecklewish and Ravenwing made her evil and Appledusk CHEATED on her so Appledusk should be in the Dark Forest instead of Mapleshade. Just what I think. 💕

  • I have always thought that Mapleshade should have gine to StarClan because even though she killed it was because she was heavily grieving over her kits and her grief was so strong it caused her to have hallucinations about her kits crying for help and she believed they could never be free until she had avenged each of them. Also, i hate Appledusk he CHEATED on her and blamed HER for her kits’ deaths but really she there was nothing else she could do to bring them to RiverClan! Appledusk should have gone to the Dark Forest and Mapleshade to StarClan. And i totally agree about Ashfur, he went totally insane and tried to KILL 3 INNOCENT CATS JUST BECAUSE SQUIRRELFLIGHT DIDN’T CHOOSE HIM AS HER MATE! THAT IS JUST EVIL! The only reason Ashfur went to StarClan is because Hollyleaf killed him before his hatred could turn into him wanting to destroy the Clans. I hate Ashfur hes just a grade A jerk alongside Appledusk. Thistleclaw? I haven’t read his book yet, so i can’t rant about him.

  • Ashfur deserves to go to the dark forest, Mapleshade deserved to go to starclan, and I do think Thistleclaw deserves the dark forest

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