(SPOILERS) ShadowClan leaders (SPOILERS) By Lionpaw

Lionpaw shares their opinions of the leaders of ShadowClan.

Artwork by Lithestep

So i know I just made an article about ThunderClan medicine cats but I really want to do ShadowClan leaders!
She was pretty cool.I liked her.She wasn’t evil or bad she was a good leader.
Okay, she was a pretty cat.Like having a BIG ORANGE PATCH ON THE OTHER SIDE OF HER FACE is sooo cool. But, yeah, she was a decent leader.
She was also a very pretty cat!Just look at her description! Brindlestar is a black she-cat with white legs and green eyes. She has a ginger tail, chest, and belly, which have a brindle pattern running through them.
But she was also a good leader.
She was very wise.We don’t know much about her but from what is on the wiki she was a very good leader.
He was a very good leader.I like how he listened to the queens who tried to convince him to not send their kits to battle.I also like how ShadowClan’s fist four leaders were she-cat.
I think that he really cared about his clan.He wanted RedScar,his medicine cat,to choose the next leader since SnowStar was dying in that moment.
She had to receive her nine lives when SnowStar died but RedScar did not approve it because BrightWhisker was dying of greencough too.She was too weak to go so RedScar decided the new leader of ShadowClan.
She was so kind and nice.She was also very brave.
He deserves to be in The Dark Forest.He attacked other three clans when they came to gather in peace!What kind of a leader does that!I like how he died,he was PUSHED BY A LIGHTING OFF THE GREAT ROCK!
I know he was the next leader, but there are no stories about his leadership so I can’t tell you my opinion on him.
I couldn’t find anything that said something about her personality and leadership but I have a feeling that she was a decent leader.
I think he was intelligent, a very nice cat.
I do not like the decision she made when SkyClan asked for more territory but I understand her. She couldn’t give any of her territory to SkyClan because ShadowClan was the biggest clan and they needed a lot of prey to survive. I think that she loved ShadowClan. I also think that she hated to see her clan falling apart when BrokenStar ruined ShadowClan.
I don’t know much about him so I can’t say anything about him.
I think he loved ShadowClan but respected the warrior code way more.He was a very good leader and one of my favorites.
Umm…No.He was not a very bad leader but he was just so blinded by his son he appointed BrokenTail (star) to be his deputy.He wasn’t as bad as the leaders after him but no.He was bad.
I just…don’t like him so much.I mean WHO KILLS BABIES!!!????Because of him, ShadowClan became very weak.
He was bad too.He wasn’t as bad as BrokenStar or TigerStar but he was more like RaggedStar, did nothing much.
Well i don’t really think i need to rant about him.I do understand why StarClan gave him his lives.ShadowClan just needed someone who is strong.
He was a nice leader.I hated him at first but he showed that he could lead ShadowClan
He really is a good leader.I didn’t read Thunder and Shadow or Shattered Sky because freaking Croatia doesn’t even have enough money to even translate a book!*DEEP SIGH*But i think he is a very good leader.

So there you go!These are all the ShadowClan leaders!My favorite leaders are HollyStar, SnowStar, FlowerStar, DawnStar, and CedarStar!

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  • I have been reading some of these comments and I have been seeing hatred and non hatred on raggedstar, but I think think that he was very nice and kinda abusive to yellowfang and made foxheart his deputy just to make his mate jealous like who does that and her son didn’t care about her, and she had to kill him just to save everyone and this is in my opinion so don’t get mad at me.