Can You Blame Mapleshade? by Adderstripe

Adderstripe thought back to the corrupted she-cat, a pain of sorrow entering her mind.

Art by Nightbird

Ever tell yourself, “Mapleshade is so evil.” Well, stop telling yourself that, and I’m going to throw all of my reasoning at you to explain why.
WARNING: Contains spoilers for “Mapleshade’s Vengance.”

Mapleshade lived among the felines of Thunderclan. She was a very sweet she-cat, known throughout Thunderclan with her good friend Frecklewish. The only secret she ever kept from them was her relationship with the Riverclan tom, Appledusk. You couldn’t her blame her though, she was the happiest she-cat alive with him, and became even happier when she gave birth to his kit’s. Petalkit, Larchkit, and Patchkit. After a few moons Ravenwing, the medicine cat, tells Mapleshade of a prophecy he had, revealing he knew the truth about her relationship with Appledusk. Mapleshade pleaded he kept it a secret, afraid of her future that lay ahead for her and her kits. Ravenwing ignores her, insisting he shall keep no lie from his clan. She returns to camp, awaiting Oakstar’s opinion.

Mapleshade was ordered by Oakstar into exile, along with her kits after being struck in the face by her once closest friend, Frecklewish. Losing her home, and being sent into pain from her closest friend would already be enough for me, but for Mapleshade, it keeps going. She left Thunderclan, immediately planned to join Riverclan with Appledusk. Rushing off Thunderclan territory during a quite dangerous storm, she must swim across the river with her kits. After the water becomes very violent from the storm, a wave crashed down on top of her, in which caused her to lose her kits. She frantically looked for them, but failed. The next morning her kit’s were all found dead by Appledusk’s patrol, who takes Mapleshade and her dead kits to the Riverclan camp. Now she lost the most greatest that ever happened to her.

When she arrived at the camp, Appledusk coldly blames Mapleshade for the death of “their” kits, and admits to the Riverclan leader he was mates with Mapleshade, but explains to her how badly he regrets it and how wrong he was. Reedshine then sets off affectionate actions towards Appledusk right in front of Mapleshade’s face. She then discovers Appledusk has been with Reedshine this entire time. Mapleshade begs the Riverclan leader to take her in, and to allow her to stay with her dead kit’s who have been buried among their land. The Riverclan leader heartlessly denies Mapleshade requests to seek refuge within Riverclan, even for just a night. Before she is forced to leave, Appledusk says directly to her face that he denies loving her and to leave.

Mapleshade and her kits were exiled from their home.
Her best friend turned on her in a very furious manner.
She lost all of her kits.
Her mate has been cheating on her for who knows how long, and to her face denied he loved her. Also was coldly rejected by him.
She was denied any refuge in Riverclan, and to leave, to leave her kits be buried with Riverclan and not her.

No wonder she killed Frecklewish, Appledusk, Ravenwing, and Crookedjaw/star’s ancestors. It was all for her kit’s, her revenge. You can’t expect for this to happen someone, and not have them go crazy or evil.
Do you agree she has reason to be how she is? Or do you disagree?

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  • her kits don’t deserve to die for there mothers mistakes also mapleshade doesn’t get to see her kits in starclan. it’s so sad

  • I mean… She has the right to be grief-stricken and sad, but I also think ThunderClan shouldn’t have exiled her, and that her kits died and no cat feels sympathy for her so… It seems that ending up in the Dark Forest wasn’t entirely her fault, and although ThunderClan said she lied when her mate was believed to be Birchface, she actually never stated that her mate was Birchface, she just kept silent.

  • I agree. If it was Ashfur or Mapleshade to let into Starclan, I would pick Mapleshade in a heartbeat.

  • Yes! Mapleshade SO deserves StarClan! There’s no reason for her to be in the Dark Forest. She did kill cats, but it was for her kits. Also, Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk were all kinda jerks to her and her kits.
    I’ve always believed that Mapleshade deserved better than what she got, and I think that StarClan is a good place for her.
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