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  • ~Starting this off~
    Starlight Tracked through the Forest happy to be there she purred as a butterfly landed on her nose. batting at it she let it fly off.

    • “STARLIGHT!!!!” Winterpaw runs after Starlight. She jumps and digs her claws into her back.

      • Starlight felt Winterpaw jump on her back and let a small smile cross her muzzle she had been training the kit since she was 3 moons old and now they where best friends. her legs buckled and she fell down “Whaaa did you eat a badger…” Flipping over she crushed the she-cat under her weight feeling the claws let go she sprung off her friend and sat in front of her “Winter you should really stop trampling through the forest like a fox in a fit” She purred out trying to hide her amusement.

          • Panting, Winterpaw said, “Twolegs!! Caught me!! I scratched one!! They kept saying a word over and over!”

            • Starlight’s green eyes filled with worry. “Winty are you okay? did they hurt you?” Starlight began to fuss over the little She-cat checking her over for wounds

            • “Where were these twolegs?” Fireflame asked. He needed to know so that he could make sure there were extra patrols there.

              • -Twolegs-
                The woman winced in pain. She looks in the direction that the cat ran in. “Curse you, Cat!” She yells. Her wife sits beside her pooring water over the wound. “Zena, I swear to the gods, you need to calm down.” Zena looks down at her wife, Alex. “I’m sorry, its just. . .” She sighs. Zena and Alex watchs as the water heals the wound. Zena laughs. “Being a Daughter of Poseidon sometimes helps.” Alex says, “Yeah, and being married to a Daughter of Hades is great right?” Zena laughs. “Yes it is.” She kisses her wifes checks ever so sweetly. Alex jumps up. “Ok, we are here to have a good day. Now lets go.” They both get up and walk after the cat.

                • (How dare you use my bootiful humans XD) Starlight heard the twolegs and froze pushing her clanmates to their feet she pushed them forward “GO BACK TO CAMP I WILL DISTRACT THEM”

  • -Bloompaw-
    “Crowpaw!” Bloompaw poked Crowpaw, not hardly.
    “Whoah- what?” Crowpaw dragged himself from sleep.
    Bloompaw sighed. “Don’t you remember? We’ve got our assessment!”
    “Oh, no…”
    Bloompaw turned away. Seconds later, her paws gave way and she fell to the ground. Crowpaw was on top of her.
    “Ha! You never saw me coming!” Crowpaw purred. He nudged Bloompaw’s neck with his throat.
    “Okay… can you get off me?” Bloompaw muttered. “Oh, no, look at our nests!”
    “I wish us joy of cleaning these up…”

    • Starlight paced outside the den and called inside “Crowpaw hurry up and get out here” she heard a thud in the den and smirked “You have a assessment to do or are you never gonna be a warrior” She teased waiting for him

      • -Fireflame-

        “I wanna be a warrior!” Crowpaw yowled. He dashed out of the nursery he was being chased by wolves.
        Fireflame purred, amused. His apprentice Bloompaw followed Crowpaw.
        “Don’t start without me!” She yowled. Fireflame began to give them hunting instructions.

        • Starlight sighed in amusement remembering when she had been an overexcited apprentice “Soo Fireflame we got a job to do..” She looked at Crowpaw with a Proud look “I Believe our Apprentices will do well” Starlight smiled “I know you will”

  • Zena looks down at the cat that scratched her arm. Winterpaw got into her stance and lunged after her face. Zena pulled out current (Her sword) and sliced a paw off of the cat. When Winterpaw landed, more liked stumbled, her paw was cut off. She started to rage.

    • Starlight saw red running forward she darted between Zena’s leg raking her claws across her ankle then she paused she had recognized these Twolegs. she stared wide eyed at them these where her old Twolegs! She looked at the Other twoleg that was crouched in front of her. the twolegs dark pelt like straw things covered half her face
      Alex stared at the cat with confusion “Zena put your sword away and look at this cat” she held her hand out and the black cat rubbed her muzzle across her thumb “I think i found Star”

      • “Starlight!” Winterpaw meowed. “My paw! It’s cut off!” She starts to sob as blood is coming out of the paw. She looks at Starlight. “You were a kittypet!? A kittypet raised me and trained me to be a warrior!?” With the loss of blood, she starts going loopy.

        • Starlight flinched when Winterpaw said Kittypet but as always she was scared for her little kit she ran over and looked at it running off she came back with cobwebs wrapping up the wound “Shhh Winterpaw yes i was a Kittypet once but that does not mean i am any less a warrior your my best friend and i taught you how to be a warrior…..” She sighed “Just don’t call me a Kittypet ever again i left for a good reason i loved my housefolks….Twolegs i meant twolegs” She said shaking her head “But i was meant for the wild not some cramped up den” She looked at the two Twolegs with concern the one who had let her rub her paw came forward and gently petted Starlight’s head. Stifling a purr she meowed a distress call at the Girl hoping they could help Winterpaw *I’m sorry Winterpaw but this is for your own good* she thought
          Alex gave Zena a warning look “See what you did” She looked at the little cat then at Star “Here kitty let me help” She slowly reached her hand forward and Star licked the kits fur “Zena when we get home i am gonna let Kitkat eat your arm” She growled giving her wife a Fiery look. (How you like that XD)

          • (HOW DAR YOU!!! :^) ~Twoleg~ Zena flinchs at the comment. “I swear to the gods, Alex. Keep Kitkat away from me and the cat launched at me first!” She watchs as Alex reachs down to grab the kit. Zena starts to relax. She walks over and finds a stream with sunlight shining down creating a small rainbow. She takes out a darcma. “Will Solace-Di Angelo, Camp Half-Blood.” In frount of her, a 29 year old man is tending to a wound on a 11 year olds hand. “This is why you don’t play with swords. Especally, Papa Nicos, Ok?” Will tells the little boy. “Good, now go play.” He pushes the child slightly out the door. When Will turns around her jumps, “DI IMMORTALES! Oh, it’s just you Zena. What is the problem?” Will asks. Zena laughs. “Well, I kind of hurt a little baby, -” Will cuts in before she can finish. “YOU HURT A BABY!? Gods, Zena why would you do that!?” “-Cat. It was a cat! Jez, plus how is William?” “He is doing fine, Lee-Ann is with Sam and Dean down at the Lake with Percy and Tilly.” She nodds. “Thanks Will. We are coming back with Star.” Will perks up to the name. “Star? You mean you found her? Out there!?” Zena nodds. “Plus, how are you with animals?”
            She watchs at Starlight wraps the cobwebs over her leg and watchs as Starlight turned to the Twolegs and meow. One of them walked off and Winterpaw can hear yelling as the other one picks her up and walks in the direction of the yelling. “ZENA! Lets go!” The Twolegs named Zena said, “Well, see ya’ later Will!” And slashs her hand through something. “COMING!” She walks over and pets Winters head. Starlight looked at her with worry writen all over her face. Over the past few months she learned how to read her friend/mother. Zena looks at the Twoleg holding her. “Motorcycle, Alex?” Alex nodds her head ‘yes’.

            • Starlight Purred as Zena lifted her up and put her in her lap on the motorcycle she looked back at Winterpaw with worry then she realized she had heard a familiar voice it was her favorite Twoleg. As the Monster started up Starlight relaxed she felt at home with her old Twolegs
              Alex gently cuddled Winterpaw with gentle hands knowing that the cat was gonna freak. “Zena go slow i don’t want the cat hurt” She looked at Star “Welcome home girl” She gently reach forward and petted her.

              • ~Twolegs~ Zena looks back and nodds at Alex. “Sure, Camp is just around the corner. Here, call, Lee-Ann and Will.” She hands back a phone that Leo fixed so they could have phones. Alex took the phone and dialed Lee-Ann, their daughter. She picked up, “Yeah, Maw?” “Lee, its me, Mom. Listen, go get Will and tell him to meet us at Thalias tree.” “Yeah, sure. Okay.” Alex hangs up and hands the phone back to Zena. “She is getting Will.” Zena takes the phone and keeps driving.
                She was starting to go very loopy. She started to meow like crazy and hiss.

                • Starlight gave her a scared look “This ain’t good…” They pulled up to Thalia’s tree and she jumped down and ran to Will’s side mewling an alarm call!

  • Starlight was busy, so Fireflame continued the assessment on his own.
    Bloompaw was hunting a mouse. She was in the perfect spring and crept forward slowly and smoothly.
    Bloompaw pounced, but instead of catching it another tortoiseshell cat rolled on top of her.
    “Crowpaw!” That was my kill!” Bloompaw snapped.
    “Sowy.” The dead mouse hung from Crowpaw’s mouth.
    “It’s alright, I saw what happened.” Fireflame intervened.

    • Cottonpaw/claw (Blogclan name) Cotton that sways in wind (Tribe name) (Queen of Uno and Playing Fnaf 4) says:

      Starlight jumped down from the tree where she had been watching them and looked at Fireflame in question

      • “Crowpaw stole-“ Fireflame began, only to realise that Crowpaw had already walked off.

        • Cottonpaw/claw (Blogclan name) Cotton that sways in wind (Tribe name) (Queen of Uno and Playing Fnaf 4) says:

          Starlight sighed “He is a pawfull” She mewed softly “i’m sorry Bloompaw about your prey”

  • ~Will Solace~ He looked down and reconized the cat instantly and looked at Zena and Alex. “Star?” Alex nodded her head. She was meowing and she looked her head in Zenas direction and he saw the wounded kitten. “That’s why you-.” He sighed, walked forward, and grabed the kit gingerly.
    She really wanted to claw the Twoleg that was grabbing her, but she decided to let it be. She passed out in it’s arms.

    • Cottonpaw/claw (Blogclan name) Cotton that sways in wind (Tribe name) (Queen of Uno and Playing Fnaf 4) says:

      ~Star (For now)~
      She made a fit then stopped and ran over the hill where a kid was sitting she bounded up to them questioningly
      ~William Jr.~
      William smiled at the cat and gently stuck his hand out petting the cats soft fur. “Hiya pretty kitty what are ya doin over here?” He asked picking her up and cudding her
      (EEE Will Jr. Has made an apperance!)

      • /Yay!/
        She felt something messing with her no-longer-there-paw. She opened her eyes and found that the paw was connected to her leg again. She gets up and walks on it. She laughs. ANd runs out of the room and into the grassy space.

        • Cottonpaw/claw (Blogclan name) Cotton that sways in wind (Tribe name) (Queen of Uno and Playing Fnaf 4) says:

          She looked up and saw Winterpaw and jumped from Willy’s grasp. She gently nuzzled Winter’s side “Oh my Starclan you had me worried sick”
          He smiled and gently patted Star’s side “Good Gods girl your gonna hurt her!”

          • Winterpaw looks at Starlight. “I got my foot back!” She ran around the quad in happyness. Tears of joy ran down her muzzle. Then she hit a tall building. “OW!” She hissed. She looked up and there was blue all over it. She walked forward and went inside.

            • Cottonpaw/claw (Blogclan name) Cotton that sways in wind (Tribe name) (Queen of Uno and Playing Fnaf 4) says:

              She held back a Purr of amusment and followed her inside.
              He watched them go sadly then perked up and ran to find Lee-Ann

              • -Lee-Ann-
                She heard meows and running inside Cabin #3. She turned to find Will. “What are you doing in here, Will?” Then she looked down and saw two cats. She was drawn to the white one. “Hi there! What is your name?” She squated down and booped the kits muzzle and she started loving on it.

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