Defending Spottedleaf by Sky

Sky shares their opinion of Spottedleaf.

Art by Rainingskittles

Now, everyone knows the famous, beautiful medicine cat. Some of you call her Spottedstalker. I call her Spottedleaf.

Too many times, people focus on her relationship with Firestar, as they focus on Crowfeather’s relationships too much. They don’t see how great of a medicine cat she was, nor do they see how real she was.

Let’s start with her overall. Why do people instantly go to FireXSpotted? It makes zero sense why they would skip her awesomeness as a medicine cat.

She is known through history as a great medicine cat, with a special connection to the stars. She is wise, kind, and compassionate, and will be remembered through history. She’s had her bumps, but she’s recovered. She sacrificed so much for her Clan, but still stayed true to her heart.

See? There’s more to her than Firestar’s medicine cat fling cat, which is what people see her as.

She is often portrayed as some sassy and disgusting Mary-sue……what??? I don’ t think you understand what a Mary-sue is. They are creatures who are perfect. They have powers, never die, and are part of countless prophecies. They become automatic high-rankers, get everything they want, etc. Spottedleaf was none of these. Sure, she was a good character, but she had flaws. She was overprotective, worried too much, and couldn’t ever let go fully.

She’s not a Mary-she or a terrible stalker cat. She had personality and a role, and her story too often skimmed until it talks about her love for a Firestar.

Now we move on to Spottedleaf and Firestar.

To be honest, I’ve always been meh on the Firestar ships. I’m rather neutral, but I hate how people are like, “Spottedleaf was how grandma,” and “She stalked him for like, forever!”

First off, consider SorrelXBracken, a well loved ship. Now……

Brackenfur – about nine and a half years when Sorreltail died.
Sorreltail – six years at death.

Who are you complaining about now? Still, consider WillowXTansy, WhiteXWillow, and even FeatherXCrow. Or even NightXCrow.


It’s terrible how people say, “she was his granny!” when talking about SpottedXFire, and then, “Soooo cute!” when it comes to SorrelXBracken.


Also, Spottedstalker = cross it out. End it. Erase it. She does not deserve it, and I’ll explain why.

Put yourself into her personality and her paws. You are overcaring and can be a bit protective of the one cat you’ve truly loved in your life.

Okay, you can get out, but keep that in your subconscious.

Spottedleaf was CONCERNED AND WORRIED ABOUT FIRESTAR. She loved him, and couldn’t fully let him go. She realized that Firestar truly loved Sandstorm, and decided that if she couldn’t be by his side as his mate, she’s be with him as a guardian, protecting and speaking to him in dreams.

If you died and left someone you loved and was watching over them, wouldn’t you want to protect and guide them? Yes, even if you wouldn’t pretend you have Spottedleaf’s personality.

All she wanted to do was help ThunderClan and help Firestar. Is there something in there that signals, “stalker?”

She does form a good bond with Leafpool, showing that she does not resent her just because her mother was Sandstorm. Quoting Frozen, “Love is putting someone else before you.” Spottedleaf showed this. She wanted Firestar to be happy without having a dead-alive relationship and without breaking the code. She even sacrificed herself for him.

Is that not enough proof that she is a good cat? She is no stalker and is not a Mary-sue. If you look at her personality closer, don’t skim through her backstory, and start thinking about her as something other than Firemate, you can see that she was just a protective cat, not a stalker.

Please don’t flame me – I like SpottedXFire and SandXFire. CinderXFire is no. The two ships have flaws and beauties, and most people don’t delve deep into FireXSand to find it’s flaws, and they don’t delve deep enough into FireXSpotted to find it’s beauties.

I will be happy to respond to questions and/or challenges.

See you!

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